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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Indian) One who shines
Abha, Abbha

(Hindu) One who is treasured; jewel
Abharan, Abharen,
Aabharen, Aabharon,

Aadesh (Indian) A message or command; to
make a statement
Adesh, Adhesh, Addesh

Aage (Norse) Representative of ancestors
Age, Ake, Aake

Aarif (Arabic) A learned man
Arif, Aareef, Areef, Aareaf,
Areaf, Aareif, Areif, Aarief

Aaron (Hebrew) One who is exalted; from the mountain
of strength
Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaro,
Aaronas, Aaronn, Aarron,
Aaryn, Eron

Abdi (Hebrew) My servant
Abdie, Abdy, Abdey, Abdee,

Abdul (Arabic) A servant of God
Abdal, Abdall, Abdalla,
Abdallah, Abdel, Abdell,
Abdella, Abdellah

Abedi (African) One who worships God
Abedie, Abedy, Abedey,
Abedee, Abedea

Abednago (Aramaic) Servant of the god of wisdom,

Abejundio (Spanish) Resembling a bee
Abejundo, Abejundeo,
Abedjundiyo, Abedjundeyo

Abiel (Hebrew) God is the father
Abiell, Ahbiell, Ahbiel,
Abyel, Aybell, Abyell, Aybel

Abraham (Hebrew) Father of a multitude; father of
Abarran, Avraham,
Aberham, Abrahamo,
Abrahan, Abrahim, Abram,
Abrami, Ibrahim

Absalom (Hebrew) The father of peace
Absalon, Abshalom,
Absolem, Absolom, Absolon,
Avshalom, Avsholom

Abu (African) A father
Abue, Aboo, Abou

Abundio (Spanish) A man of plenty
Abbondio, Abondio,
Aboundio, Abundo,
Abundeo, Aboundeo,

Adael (Hebrew) God witnesses
Adaele, Adayel, Adayele

Adam (Hebrew) Of the earth
Ad, Adamo, Adams, Adan,
Adao, Addam, Addams,

Adamson (English) The son of Adam
Adamsson, Addamson,
Adamsun, Adamssun,

Addy (Teutonic) One who is awe-inspiring
Addey, Addi, Addie, Addee,
Addea, Adi, Ady, Adie

Adelpho (Greek) A brotherly man
Aldelfo, Adelfus, Adelfio,

Adil (Arabic) A righteous man; one who is fair and
Adyl, Adiel, Adeil, Adeel,
Adeal, Adyeel

Aditya (Hindi) Of the sun
Adithya, Adithyan,
Adityah, Aditeya, Aditeyah

Adonis (Greek) In mythology,
a handsome young
man loved by Aphrodite
Addonia, Adohnes, Adonys,

Adrian (Latin) A man from Hadria
Ade, Adiran, Adrain,
Adrean, Adreean, Adreyan,
Adreeyan, Adriaan

Aekley (English) From the oak tree meadow
Aekly, Aekleigh, Aeklee,
Aeklea, Aekleah, Aekli,

Afif (Arabic) One who is chaste; pure
Afeef, Afief, Afeif, Affeef,
Affif, Afyf, Afeaf

Agamemnon (Greek) One who works slowly; in
mythology, the leader of
the Greeks at Troy
Agamemno, Agamenon

Aghy (Irish) A friend of the horse
Aghey, Aghi, Aghie, Aghee,
Aghea, Aghe

Aidan (Irish) A fiery young man
Aiden, Aedan, Aeden,
Aidano, Aidyn, Ayden,
Aydin, Aydan

Aiken (English) Constructed of oak; sturdy
Aikin, Aicken, Aickin, Ayken,
Aykin, Aycken, Ayckin

Ainsworth (English) From Ann’s estate
Answorth, Annsworth,
Ainsworthe, Answorthe,

Ajax (Greek) In mythology,a hero of the Trojan war
Aias, Aiastes, Ajaxx, Ajaxe

Ajit (Indian) One who is invincible
Ajeet, Ajeat, Ajeit, Ajiet, Ajyt

Akiko (Japanese) Surrounded by bright light

Akin (African) A brave man; a hero
Akeen, Akean, Akein,
Akien, Akyn

Akiva (Hebrew) One who protects or provides shelter
Akyva, Akeeva, Akeava,
Akieva, Akeiva, Akeyva

Akmal (Arabic) A perfect man
Aqmal, Akmall, Aqmall,
Acmal, Acmall, Ackmal,

Alaire (French) Filled with joy
Alair, Alaer, Alaere, Alare,
Alayr, Alayre

Alamar (Arabic) Covered with gold
Alamarr, Alemar, Alemarr,
Alomar, Alomarr

Alard (German) Of noble strength
Aliard, Allard, Alliard

Albert (German) One who is noble and bright
Alberto, Albertus, Alburt,
Albirt, Aubert, Albyrt,
Albertos, Albertino

Alcander (Greek) Having strength and power
Alcindor, Alcandor,
Alcinder, Alkander,
Alkender, Alcender,
Alkindor, Alkandor

Alden (English) An old friend
Aldan, Aldin, Aldyn, Aldon,

Aldo (German) Old or wise one; elder
Aldous, Aldis, Aldus, Alldo,

Aldred (English) An old advisor
Alldred, Aldraed, Alldraed,
Aldread, Alldread

Alejandro (Spanish) Form of Alexander, meaning
“a helper and defender
of mankind”
Alejandrino, Alejo

Alex (English) Form of Alexander, meaning “a
helper and defender of
Aleks, Alecks, Alecs, Allex,
Alleks, Allecks, Allecs

Alexander (Greek) A helper and defender of
Alex, Alec, Alejandro,
Alaxander, Aleksandar,
Aleksander, Aleksandr,
Alesandro, Iskander, Zander

Alfio (Italian) A whiteskinned man
Alfeo, Alfiyo, Alfeyo

Alfonso (Italian) Prepared for battle; eager and ready
Alphonso, Alphonse, Affonso,
Alfons, Alfonse, Alfonsin,
Alfonsino, Alfonz, Alfonzo,

Algis (German) One who wields a spear
Algiss, Algisse, Algys, Algyss,

Alon (Hebrew) Of the oak tree
Allona, Allon, Alonn

Alonzo (Spanish) Form of Alfonso, meaning “prepared
for battle; eager and ready”
Alonso, Alanso, Alanzo,
Allonso, Allonzo, Allohnso,
Allohnzo, Alohnso

Aloysius (German) A famous warrior
Ahlois, Aloess, Alois, Aloisio,
Aloisius, Aloisio, Aloj, Alojzy

Alpha (Greek) The firstborn child; the first letter
of the Greek alphabet
Alphah, Alfa, Alfah

Alter (Hebrew) One who is old
Allter, Altar, Alltar

Alton (English) From the old town
Aldon, Aldun, Altun, Alten,
Allton, Alltun, Allten

Alvern (Latin) Of the spring’s growth
Alverne, Alvarn, Alvarne,
Alvurn, Alvurne, Alvirn,

Alvis (Norse) In mythology, a dwarf who fell in love
with Thor’s daughter
Alvise, Alvisse, Alviss, Alvys,
Alvyss, Alvysse

Amani (African / Arabic) One who is peaceful / one with wishes and dreams
Amanie, Amany, Amaney,
Amanee, Amanye, Amanea,

Amari (African) Having great strength; a builder
Amarie, Amaree, Amarea,
Amary, Amarey

Amiel (Hebrew) The God of my people
Amyel, Amiell, Amyell

Amil (Hindi) One who is invaluable
Ameel, Ameal, Ameil,
Amiel, Amyl

Amit (Hindi) Without limit; endless
Ameet, Ameat, Ameit,
Amiet, Amyt

Amor (French) One who loves and is loved

Amory (German) Ruler and lover of one’s home
Aimory, Amery, Amorey,
Amry, Amori, Amorie,
Amoree, Amorea

Amos (Hebrew) To carry; hardworking
Amoss, Aymoss, Aymos

Andino (Italian) Form of Andrew, meaning “one who is manly; a warrior”
Andyno, Andeeno,
Andeano, Andieno,

Andrew (Greek) One who is manly; a warrior
Andy, Aindrea, Aindreas,
Andie, Andonia, Andor,
Andresj, Andrewes

Andrik (Slavic) Form of Andrew, meaning “one who is manly; a warrior”
Andric, Andrick, Andryk,
Andryck, Andryc

Angel (Greek) A messenger of God
Andjelko, Ange, Angelino,
Angell, Angelmo, Angelo,
Angie, Angy

Angus (Scottish) One force; one strength; one choice
Aengus, Anngus, Aonghus

Anicho (German) An ancestor
Anico, Anecho, Aneco,
Anycho, Anyco

Ankur (Indian) One who is blossoming; a sapling

Annan (Celtic) From the brook

Ansley (English) From the noble’s pastureland
Ansly, Anslie, Ansli, Anslee,
Ansleigh, Anslea, Ansleah,

Antenor (Spanish) One who antagonizes
Antener, Antenar, Antenir,
Antenyr, Antenur

Anthony (Latin) A flourishing man; of an ancient
Roman family
Antal, Anthone, Anthoney,
Anntoin, Antin, Anton,
Antone, Antonello, Antonio,

Antoine (French) Form of Anthony, meaning “a
flourishing man; of an
ancient Roman family”
Antione, Antjuan, Antuan,
Antuwain, Antuwaine,
Antuwayne, Antuwon,

Ara (Armenian / Latin) A legendary king / of the
altar; the name of a constellation
Araa, Aira, Arah, Arae,

Aram (Assyrian) One who is exalted

Arcadio (Greek) From an ideal country paradise
Alcadio, Alcado, Alcedio,
Arcadios, Arcadius, Arkadi,
Arkadios, Arkadius

Arcelio (Spanish) From the altar of heaven
Arcelios, Arcelius, Aricelio,
Aricelios, Aricelius

Archard (German) A powerful holy man
Archerd, Archird, Archyrd

Archelaus (Greek) The ruler of the people
Archelaios, Arkelaos,
Arkelaus, Arkelaios,

Ardal (Gaelic) Having the valor of a bear

Ardell (Latin) One who is eager
Ardel, Ardelle, Ardele

Arden (Latin / English) One who is passionate and enthusiastic / from the valley of the eagles
Ardan, Arrden, Arrdan,
Ardin, Arrdin, Ard, Ardyn,

Arduino (German) A valued friend
Ardwino, Arrduino, Ardueno

Ari (Hebrew) Resembling a lion or an eagle
Aree, Arie, Aristide, Aristides,
Arri, Ary, Arye, Arrie

Ariel (Hebrew) A lion of God
Arielle, Ariele, Ariell, Arriel,
Ahriel, Airial, Arieal, Arial

Aries (Latin) Resembling a ram; the first sign of the zodiac; a constellation
Arese, Ariese

Arion (Greek) A poet or musician
Arian, Arien, Aryon

Aristotle (Greek) Of high quality
Aristotelis, Aristotellis

Arius (Greek) Enduring life; everlasting; immortal
Areos, Areus, Arios

Arledge (English) From the hare’s lake
Arlidge, Arlledge, Arllidge

Arley (English) From the hare’s meadow
Arlea, Arleigh, Arlie, Arly,
Arleah, Arli, Arlee

Arliss (Hebrew) Of the pledge
Arlyss, Aryls, Arlis, Arlisse,

Arnold (German) The eagle ruler
Arnaldo, Arnaud, Arnauld,
Arnault, Arnd, Arndt,
Arnel, Arnell

Arthur (Celtic) As strong as a bear; a hero
Aart, Arrt, Art, Artair, Arte,
Arther, Arthor, Arthuro

Arvad (Hebrew) A wanderer; voyager

Arvin (English) A friend to everyone
Arvinn, Arvinne, Arven,
Arvenn, Arvenne, Arvyn,
Arvynn, Arvynne

Asaph (Hebrew) One who gathers or collects
Asaf, Asaphe, Asafe, Asiph,
Asiphe, Asif, Asife

Asgard (Norse) From the courtyard of the gods; in
mythology, the dwelling
place of the gods

Ash (English) From the ash tree

Ashley (English) From the meadow of ash trees
Ashely, Asheley, Ashelie,
Ashlan, Ashleigh, Ashlen,
Ashli, Ashlie

Ashton (English) From the ash-tree town
Asheton, Ashtun, Ashetun,
Ashtin, Ashetin, Ashtyn,
Ashetyn, Aston

Aslan (Turkish) Resembling a lion
Aslen, Azlan, Azlen

Athens (Greek) From the capital of Greece
Athenios, Athenius,
Atheneos, Atheneus

Atherton (English) From the town near the spring

Attila (Hungarian) One who is fatherly
Atila, Atilano, Atilo, Attilia,
Attilio, Attileo

Atwell (English) One who lives at the spring
Attwell, Atwel, Attwel

Atworth (English) One who lives at the farmstead
Attworth, Atworthe,

Aubrey (English) One who rules with elf-wisdom
Aubary, Aube, Aubery,
Aubry, Aubury, Aubrian,
Aubrien, Aubrion

Auburn (Latin) Having a reddish-brown color
Aubirn, Auburne, Aubyrn,
Abern, Abirn, Aburn,
Abyrn, Aubern

Audley (English) From the old meadow
Audly, Audleigh, Audlee,
Audlea, Audleah, Audli,

August (Irish) One who is venerable; majestic
Austin, Augustine, Agoston,
Aguistin, Agustin,
Augustin, Augustyn,
Avgustin, Augusteen,

Austin (English) Form of August, meaning “one who
is venerable; majestic”
Austen, Austyn, Austan,
Auston, Austun

Aviram (Hebrew) My Father is mighty
Avyram, Avirem, Avyrem

Axel (German / Latin / Hebrew) Source of life;small oak / axe / peace
Aksel, Ax, Axe, Axell, Axil,
Axill, Axl

Aya (Hebrew) Resembling a bird

Ayo (African) Filled with happiness
Ayoe, Ayow, Ayowe

Azamat (Arabic) A proud man; one who is majestic

Azi (African) One who is youthful
Azie, Azy, Azey, Azee, Azea

Azikiwe (African) One who is full of life
Azikiwi, Azikiwie, Azikiwy,
Azikiwey, Azikiwee,

Azmer (Islamic) Resembling a lion
Azmar, Azmir, Azmyr,
Azmor, Azmur

Azmera (African) The harvester

Boy names, and unique baby names