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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Spanish) A savior
Xalvadorah, Xalbadora,
Xalbadorah, Xalvadoria,

Xanadu (African) From the exotic paradise

Xantara (American) Protector of the Earth
Xantarah, Xanterra,
Xantera, Xantarra,
Xantarrah, Xanterah,

Xaquelina (Galician) Form of Jacqueline, meaning “the supplanter”
Xaqueline, Xaqueleena,
Xaquelyna, Xaquelayna,

Xerena (Latin) Form of Serena, meaning “having a peaceful disposition”
Xerenah, Xerene, Xeren,
Xereena, Xeryna, Xereene,

Xhosa (African) Leader of a nation
Xosa, Xhose, Xhosia,
Xhosah, Xosah

Xiang (Chinese) Having a nice fragrance
Xyang, Xeang, Xhiang,
Xhyang, Xheang

Xiao Hong (Chinese) Of the morning rainbow

Xin Qian (Chinese) Happy and beautiful woman

Xinavane (African) A mother; to propagate
Xinavana, Xinavania,
Xinavain, Xinavaine,
Xinavaen, Xinavaene

Xirena (Greek) Form of Sirena, meaning “enchantress”
Xirenah, Xireena, Xirina,
Xirene, Xyrena, Xyreena,
Xyrina, Xyryna

Xi-Wang (Chinese) One with hope

Xochiquetzal (Aztec) Resembling a flowery feather;The goddess of love, flowers and the earth

Xola (African) Stay in peace
Xolah, Xolia, Xolla, Xollah

Xue (Chinese) Woman of snow
Xyza (Gothic) Of the sea

Girl names, and unique baby names