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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Hebrew) Feminine form of Labon; white; fair-skinned
Labanah, Labanna,
Labania, Labanea,
Labaniya, Labannah,
Labaniah, Labaneah

Labiba (Arabic) Having great wisdom; one who is intelligent
Labibah, Labeeba,
Labeebah, Labyba,
Labybah, Labieba,
Labiebah, Labeiba

Lacey (French) Woman from Normandy; as delicate as lace
Lace, Lacee, Lacene, Laci,
Laciann, Lacie, Lacina, Lacy

Lachesis (Greek) In mythology, one of the three Fates
Lachesiss, Lachesisse,
Lachesys, Lacheses

Lacole (American) A sly woman
Lakole, Lucole, Lukole

Lady (English) One who kneads bread; the head of the house
Lady, Ladee, Ladi, Ladie,
Laidy, Laydy, Laydi, Laydie

Lael (Hebrew) One who belongs to God
Laele, Laelle

Laima (Latvian) One who is fortunate; in mythology, goddess of luck
Layma, Laema

Lainil (American) A softhearted woman
Lainill, Lainyl, Lainyll,
Laenil, Laenill, Laenyl,
Laenyll, Laynil

Lais (Greek) A legendary courtesan
Laise, Lays, Layse, Laisa,
Laes, Laese

Lajita (Indian) A truthful woman
Lajyta, Lajeeta, Lajeata

Lake (American) From the still waters
Laken, Laiken, Layken, Layk,
Layke, Laik, Laike, Laeken

Lala (Slavic) Resembling a tulip
Lalah, Lalla, Lallah, Laleh

Lalaine (American) A hardworking woman
Lalain, Lalaina, Lalayn,
Lalayne, Lalayna, Lalaen,
Lalaene, Lalaena

Lalia (Greek) One who is well-spoken
Lali, Lallia, Lalya, Lalea,
Lalie, Lalee, Laly, Laley

Lalita (Indian) A playful and charming woman
Lalitah, Laleeta, Laleetah,
Lalyta, Lalytah, Laleita,
Laleitah, Lalieta

Lamarian (American) One who is conflicted
Lamariane, Lamarean,

Lamia (Greek) In mythology, a female vampire
Lamiah, Lamiya, Lamiyah,
Lamea, Lameah

Lamya (Arabic) Having lovely dark lips
Lamyah, Lamyia, Lama

Lanassa (Russian) A lighthearted woman; cheerful
Lanasa, Lanassia, Lanasia,
Lanassiya, Lanasiya

Lang (Scandinavian) Woman of great height

Lani (Hawaiian) From the sky; one who is heavenly

Lansing (English) Filled with hope
Lanseng, Lansyng

Lanza (Italian) One who is noble and willing
Lanzah, Lanzia, Lanziah,
Lanzea, Lanzeah

Lapis (Egyptian) Resembling the dark-blue gemstone
Lapiss, Lapisse, Lapys,
Lapyss, Lapysse

Laquinta (American) The fifth-born child

Laramie (French) Shedding tears of love
Larami, Laramy, Laramey,
Laramee, Laramea

Larby (American) Form of Darby, meaning “of the deer park”
Larbey, Larbi, Larbie,
Larbee, Larbea

Larch (American) One who is full of life

Lark (English) Resembling the songbird

Larue (American) Form of Rue, meaning “a medicinal herb”
LaRue, Laroo, Larou

Lashawna (American) Filled with happiness
Lashauna, Laseana,
Lashona, Lashawn, Lasean,
Lashone, Lashaun

Lata (Indian) Of the lovely vine

Latanya (American) Daughter of the fairy queen
Latanyah, Latonya,
Latania, Latanja, Latonia,

LaTeasa (Spanish) A flirtatious woman
Lateasa, Lateaza

Latona (Latin) In mythology, the Roman equivalent of Leto, the mother of Artemis and Apollo
Latonah, Latonia, Latonea,
Lantoniah, Latoneah

Latrelle (American) One who laughs a lot
Latrell, Latrel, Latrele,
Latrella, Latrela

Laudonia (Italian) Praises the house
Laudonea, Laudoniya,
Laudomia, Laudomea,

Laura (Latin) Crowned with laurel; from the laurel tree
Lauraine, Lauralee, Laralyn,
Laranca, Larea, Lari,
Lauralee, Lauren, Loretta

Lauren (French) Form of Laura, meaning “crowned with laurel; from the laurel tree”
Laren, Larentia, Larentina,
Larenzina, Larren, Laryn,
Larryn, Larrynn

Leah (Hebrew) One who is weary; in the Bible, Jacob’s first wife
Leia, Leigha, Lia, Liah,

Leanna (Gaelic) Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Leana, Leann, Leanne, Lee-
Ann, Leeann, Leeanne,
Leianne, Leyanne

Lecia (English) Form of Alice, meaning “woman of the nobility; truthful; having high moral character”
Licia, Lecea, Licea, Lisha,
Lysha, Lesha

Ledell (Greek) One who is queenly
Ledelle, Ledele, Ledella,
Ledela, Ledel

Leela (Indian) An accomplished actress

Legarre (Spanish) Refers to the Virgin Mary
Legare, Legarra, Legara,
Lera, Leira

Legend (American) One who is memorable
Legende, Legund, Legunde

Legia (Spanish) A bright woman
Legiah, Legea, Legeah,
Legiya, Legiyah, Legya,

Lenis (Latin) One who has soft and silky skin
Lene, Leneta, Lenice,
Lenita, Lennice, Lenos,
Lenys, Lenisse

Leona (Latin) Feminine form of Leon; having the strength of a lion
Leeona, Leeowna, Leoine,
Leola, Leone, Leonelle,
Leonia, Leonie

Lequoia (Native American) Form of Sequoia, meaning “of the giant redwood tree”
Lequoya, Lequoiya, Lekoya,

Lerola (Latin) Resembling a blackbird
Lerolla, Lerolah, Lerolia,

Leslie (Gaelic) From the holly garden; of the gray fortress
Leslea, Leslee, Lesleigh, Lesley,
Lesli, Lesly, Lezlee, Lezley

Leucippe (Greek) In mythology, a nymph
Lucippe, Leucipe, Lucipe

Leucothea (Greek) In mythology, a sea nymph
Leucothia, Leucothiah,

Levora (American) A home body
Levorah, Levorra, Levorrah,
Levoria, Levoriah, Levorea,
Levoreah, Levorya

Lewa (African) A very beautiful woman

Lewana (Hebrew) Of the white moon
Lewanah, Lewanna,

Liadan (Irish) An older woman; the gray lady
Leadan, Lyadan

Libby (English) Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful; God’s promise”
Libba, Libbee, Libbey, Libbie,
Libet, Liby, Lilibet, Lilibeth

Liberty (English) An independent woman; having freedom
Libertey, Libertee, Libertea,
Liberti, Libertie, Libertas,
Libera, Liber

Libra (Latin) One who is balanced; the seventh sign of the zodiac
Leebra, Leibra, Liebra,
Leabra, Leighbra, Lybra

Librada (Spanish) One who is free
Libradah, Lybrada, Lybradah

Lieu (Vietnamese) Of the willow tree

Ligia (Greek) One who is musically talented
Ligiah, Ligya, Ligiya, Lygia,
Ligea, Lygea, Lygya, Lygiya

Lila (Arabic / Greek) Born at night / resembling a lily
Lilah, Lyla, Lylah

Lilac (Latin) Resembling the bluish-purple flower
Lilack, Lilak, Lylac, Lylack,
Lylak, Lilach

Lilette (Latin) Resembling a budding lily
Lilett, Lilete, Lilet, Lileta,
Liletta, Lylette, Lylett, Lylete

Liliha (Hawaiian) One who holds rank as chief

Lilith (Babylonian) Woman of the night
Lilyth, Lillith, Lillyth, Lylith,
Lyllith, Lylyth, Lyllyth, Lilithe

Lillian (Latin) Resembling the lily
Lilian, Liliana, Liliane,
Lilianne, Lilias, Lilas, Lillas,

Lilo (Hawaiian) One who is generous
Lylo, Leelo, Lealo, Leylo,
Lielo, Leilo

Lily (English) Resembling the flower; one who is innocent and beautiful
Leelee, Lil, Lili, Lilie, Lilla,
Lilley, Lilli, Lillie

Limor (Hebrew) Refers to myrrh
Limora, Limoria, Limorea,
Leemor, Leemora, Leemoria,

Lin (Chinese) Resembling jade; from the woodland

Linda (Spanish) One who is soft and beautiful
Lindalee, Lindee, Lindey,
Lindi, Lindie, Lindira,
Lindka, Lindy, Lynn

Linden (English) From the hill of lime trees
Lindenn, Lindon, Lindynn,
Lynden, Lyndon, Lyndyn,
Lyndin, Lindin

Lindley (English) From the pastureland
Lindly, Lindlee, Lindleigh,
Lindli, Lindlie, Leland,

Lindsay (English) From the island of linden trees; from Lincoln’s wetland
Lind, Lindsea, Lindsee,
Lindseigh, Lindsey, Lindsy,
Linsay, Linsey

Lisa (English) Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful; God’s promise”
Leesa, Liesa, Lisebet, Lise,
Liseta, Lisette, Liszka, Lisebeth

Lishan (African) One who is awarded a medal
Lishana, Lishanna, Lyshan,
Lyshana, Lyshanna

Lissie (American) Resembling a flower
Lissi, Lissy, Lissey, Lissee,

Liv (Scandinavian / Latin) One who protects others /from the olive tree
Livia, Livea, Liviya, Livija,
Livvy, Livy, Livya, Lyvia

Liya (Hebrew) The Lord’s daughter
Liyah, Leeya, Leeyah,
Leaya, Leayah

Lo (American) A fiesty woman
Loe, Low, Lowe

Loicy (American) A delightful woman
Loicey, Loicee, Loicea, Loici,
Loicie, Loyce, Loice, Loyci

Lokelani (Hawaiian) Resembling a small red rose
Lokelanie, Lokelany,
Lokelaney, Lokelanee,

Loki (Norse) In mythology, a trickster god
Lokie, Lokee, Lokey, Loky,
Lokea, Lokeah, Lokia,

Lomita (Spanish) A good woman
Lomitah, Lomeeta,
Lomeetah, Lomieta,
Lomietah, Lomeita,
Lomeitah, Lomeata

London (English) From the capital of England

Lorelei (German) From the rocky cliff; in mythology, a siren who lured sailors to their deaths
Laurelei, Laurelie, Loralee,
Loralei, Loralie, Loralyn,
Lorilee, Lorilyn

Loretta (Italian) Form of Laura, meaning “crowned with laurel; from the laurel tree”
Laretta, Larretta, Lauretta,
Laurette, Leretta, Loreta,
Lorette, Lorretta

Lorraine (French) From the kingdom of Lothair
Laraine, Larayne, Laurraine,
Leraine, Lerayne, Lorain,
Loraina, Loraine

Lo-ruhamah (Hebrew) One who does not receive mercy

Louvain (English) From the city in Belgium
Leuven, Loovain

Love (English) One who is full of affection
Lovey, Loveday, Lovette,
Lovi, Lovie, Lov, Luv, Luvey

Lovella (Native American) Having a soft spirit
Lovell, Lovela, Lovele,
Lovelle, Lovel

Lovely (American) An attractive and pleasant woman
Loveli, Loveley, Lovelie,
Lovelee, Loveleigh, Lovelea

Luana (Hawaiian) One who is content and enjoys life
Lewanna, Lou-Ann, Louann,
Louanna, Louanne, Luanda,
Luane, Luann

Lucretia (Latin) A bringer of light; a successful woman; in mythology, a maiden who was raped by the prince of Rome
Lacretia, Loucrecia,
Loucresha, Loucretia,
Loucrezia, Lucrece,
Lucrecia, Lucreecia

Lucy (Latin) Feminine form of Lucius; one who is illuminated
Luce, Lucetta, Lucette, Luci,
Lucia, Luciana, Lucianna,

Lucylynn (American) A light-hearted woman
Lucylyn, Lucylynne,
Lucilynn, Lucilyn, Lucilynne

Ludmila (Slavic) Having the favor of the people
Ludmilah, Ludmilla,
Ludmillah, Ludmyla,
Ludmylla, Lyubochka,
Lyudmila, Lyuha

Luenetter (American) A self-centered woman
Luenette, Luenett, Luenete,
Luenet, Luenetta, Lueneta

Luned (Welsh) Form of Eiluned, meaning “an idol worshipper”
Luneda, Lunedia, Lunedea

Lunet (English) Of the crescent moon
Lunett, Lunette, Luneta,
Lunete, Lunetta

Lupita (Spanish) Form of Guadalupe, meaning “from the valley of wolves”
Lupe, Lupyta, Lupelina,
Lupeeta, Lupieta, Lupeita,

Lurissa (American) A beguiling woman
Lurisa, Luryssa, Lurysa,
Luressa, Luresa

Luvina (English) Little one who is dearly loved
Luvinah, Luvena, Luvyna,
Luveena, Luveina, Luviena,

Luyu (Native American) Resembling the dove

Lycoris (Greek) Born at twilight
Lycoriss, Lycorisse, Lycorys,
Lycorysse, Lycoryss

Lydia (Greek) A beautiful woman from Lydia
Lidia, Lidie, Lidija, Lyda,
Lydie, Lydea, Liddy, Lidiy

Lynn (English) Woman of the lake; form of Linda, meaning “one who is soft and beautiful”
Linell, Linnell, Lyn, Lynae,
Lyndel, Lyndell, Lynell,

Lyric (French) Of the lyre; the words of a song
Lyrica, Lyricia, Lyrik,
Lyrick, Lyrika, Lyricka

Lytanisha (American) A scintillating woman
Lytanesha, Lytaniesha,
Lytaneisha, Lytanysha,
Lytaneesha, Lytaneasha

Girl names, and unique baby names