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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(French) One who makes rope
Cabel, Caibel, Caible,
Caybel, Cayble, Caebel,
Caeble, Cabe

(English) Resembling a worsted fabric
Caddys, Caddiss, Caddice,

Cade (English / French) One who is round / of the cask
Caid, Caide, Cayd, Cayde,
Caed, Caede, Caden,

Cadell (Welsh) Having the spirit of battle
Cadel, Caddell, Caddel

Cadmus (Greek) A man from the east; in mythology, the man who founded
Cadmar, Cadmo, Cadmos,

Cadogan (Welsh) Having glory and honor during battle
Cadogawn, Cadwgan,
Cadwgawn, Cadogaun,

Caduceus (Greek) The symbol of the medical profession; in mythology, Hermes’s insignia
Caduseus, Caducius,
Cadusius, Caducios,

Cahir (Irish) A mighty warrior Caheer, Cahear, Cahier,
Caheir, Cahyr

Cain (Hebrew) One who wields a spear; something acquired; in the Bible,
Adam and Eve’s first son
who killed his brother Abel
Cayn, Caen, Cane, Caine,
Cayne, Caene

Caird (Scottish) A traveling metal worker
Cairde, Cayrd, Cayrde,
Caerd, Caerde

Cairn (Gaelic) From the mound of rocks
Cairne, Cairns, Caern,
Caerne, Caernes

Caith (Irish) Of the battlefield Caithe, Cayth, Caythe,
Cathe, Caeth, Caethe

Cajetan (English) A man from Gaeta
Cajetano, Cajetanio,

Calbert (English) A cowboy
Calberte, Calburt, Calburte,
Calbirt, Calbirte, Calbyrt,

Cale (English) Form of Charles, meaning “one who is manly and strong /a free man”
Cail, Caile, Cayl, Cayle,
Cael, Caele

Caleb (Hebrew) Resembling a dog
Cayleb, Caileb, Caeleb, Calob,
Cailob, Caylob, Caelob, Kaleb

Calian (Native American) A warrior of life
Calien, Calyan, Calyen

Calix (Greek) A handsome man
Calyx, Calex, Calax, Calox,

Camara (African) One who teaches others

Camden (Gaelic) From the winding valley
Camdene, Camdin,
Camdyn, Camdan,
Camdon, Camdun

Cameo (English) A small, perfect child

Cameron (Scottish) Having a crooked nose
Cameren, Cameran,
Camerin, Cameryn,
Camerun, Camron,
Camren, Camran, Tameron

Campbell (Scottish) Having a crooked mouth
Campbel, Cambell, Cambel,
Camp, Campe, Cambeul,
Cambeull, Campbeul

Candan (Turkish) A sincere man
Canden, Candin, Candyn,
Candon, Candun

Canute (Scandinavian) A knot
Cnute, Cnut

Canyon (Spanish / English) From the footpath / from the deep ravine
Caniyon, Canyun, Caniyun

Capricorn (Latin) The tenth sign of the zodiac; the goat

Cargan (Gaelic) From the small rock
Cargen, Cargon, Cargun,
Cargin, Cargyn

Carl (German) Form of Karl, meaning “a free man”
Carel, Carlan, Carle,
Carlens, Carlitis, Carlin,
Carlo, Carlos

Carlsen (Scandinavian) The son of Carl
Carlssen, Carlson, Carlsson,
Carlsun, Carllsun, Carlsin,
Carllsin, Carlsyn

Carlton (English) From the free man’s town
Carltun, Carltown, Carston,
Carstun, Carstown,
Carleton, Carletun, Carlten

Carmichael (Scottish) A follower of Michael

Carmine (Latin / Aramaic) A beautiful song / the color crimson
Carman, Carmen, Carmin,
Carmino, Carmyne,
Carmon, Carmun, Carmyn

Carnig (Armenian) Resembling a lamb
Carnigg, Carnyg, Carnygg

Carson (Scottish) The son of a marsh dweller
Carsen, Carsun, Carsan,
Carsin, Carsyn

Carter (English) One who transports goods; one
who drives a cart
Cartar, Cartir, Cartyr,
Cartor, Cartur, Cartere,
Cartier, Cartrell

Cartland (English) From Carter’s land
Carteland, Cartlan,
Cartlend, Cartelend, Cartlen

Cary (Celtic / Welsh /Gaelic) From the river / from the fort on the hill / having dark features
Carey, Cari, Carie, Caree,
Carea, Carry, Carrey, Carri

Casimir (Slavic) One who demands peace
Casimeer, Casmire,
Casimiro, Casmir,
Casimear, Casimyr,
Casimeir, Casimier

Cassander (Spanish) A brother of heroes
Casander, Casandro,
Cassandro, Casandero,

Cassius (Latin) One who is empty; hollow; vain
Cassios, Cassio, Cach,
Cache, Cashus, Cashos,
Cassian, Cassien

Castel (Spanish) From the castle
Castell, Castal, Castall,
Castol, Castoll, Castul,
Castull, Castil

Castor (Greek) Resembling a beaver; in mythology, one
of the Dioscuri
Castur, Caster, Castar,
Castir, Castyr, Castorio,
Castoreo, Castoro

Cat (American) Resembling the animal
Catt, Chait, Chaite

Cathal (Gaelic) The ruler of the battle
Cathel, Cathol, Cathul,
Cathil, Cathyl

Cathmore (Irish) A renowned fighter
Cathmor, Cathemore,

Cato (Latin) One who is all-knowing
Cayto, Caito, Caeto

Caton (Spanish) One who is knowledgable
Caten, Catun, Catan,
Catin, Catyn

Cavell (Teutonic) One who is bold
Cavel, Cavele, Cavelle

Caxton (English) From the lump settlement
Caxtun, Caxten

Ceallach (Irish) A brightheaded man

Celesto (Latin) From heaven
CĂ©lestine, Celestino,
Celindo, Celestyne,

Cephas (Hebrew) As solid as a rock

Cermak (Czech) Resembling a robin
Cermac, Cermack

Chad (English) One who is warlike
Chaddie, Chadd, Chadric,
Chadrick, Chadrik,
Chadryck, Chadryc, Chadryk

Chadwick (English) From Chad’s dairy farm
Chadwik, Chadwic,
Chadwyck, Chadwyk,

Chai (Hebrew) A giver of life
Chaika, Chaim, Cahyim,

Chalkley (English) From the chalk meadow
Chalkly, Chalkleigh,
Chalklee, Chalkleah,
Chalkli, Chalklie, Chalklea

Champion (English) A warrior; the victor
Champeon, Champiun,
Champeun, Champ

Chan (Spanish / Sanskrit) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious” / a shining man
Chayo, Chano, Chawn,

Chanan (Hebrew) God is compassionate
Chanen, Chanin, Chanyn,
Chanun, Chanon

Chaniel (Hebrew) The grace of God
Chanyel, Chaniell, Chanyell

Channing (French /English) An official of the church / resembling a young wolf
Channyng, Canning,

Chantry (French) One who sings
Chantrey, Chantri, Chantrie,
Chantree, Chantrea

Chao (Chinese) The great one

Chappel (English) One who works in the chapel
Capel, Capell, Capello,
Cappel, Chappell

Charles (English /German) One who is manly and strong / a free man
Charls, Chas, Charli,
Charlie, Charley, Charly,
Charlee, Charleigh, Cale,
Chuck, Chick

Charleson (English) The son of Charles
Charlesen, Charlesin,
Charlesyn, Charlesan,

Charlton (English) From the free man’s town
Charleton, Charltun,
Charletun, Charleston,

Charro (Spanish) A cowboy Charo

Chase (English) A huntsman
Chace, Chasen, Chayce,
Chayse, Chaise, Chaice,
Chaece, Chaese

Chatwin (English) A warring friend
Chatwine, Chatwinn,
Chatwinne, Chatwen,
Chatwenn, Chatwenne,
Chatwyn, Chatwynn

Chaviv (Hebrew) One who is dearly loved
Chaveev, Chaveav, Chaviev,
Chaveiv, Chavyv, Chavivi,
Chavivie, Chavivy

Chay (Gaelic) From the fairy place
Chaye, Chae

Chelsey (English) From the landing place for chalk
Chelsee, Chelseigh, Chelsea,
Chelsi, Chelsie, Chelsy,
Chelcey, Chelcy

Cheslav (Russian) From the fortified camp

Chester (Latin) From the camp of the soldiers
Chet, Chess, Cheston,
Chestar, Chestor, Chestur,
Chestir, Chestyr

Cheveyo (Native American) A spirit warrior

Chick (English) Form of Charles, meaning “one who is manly and strong /a free man”
Chik, Chicki, Chickie,
Chicky, Chickey, Chickee,
Chickea, Chic

Chico (Spanish) A boy; a lad Chien (Vietnamese) A combative man

Chiron (Greek) A wise tutor
Chyron, Chirun, Chyrun

Chogan (Native American) Resembling a blackbird
Chogen, Chogon, Chogun,
Chogin, Chogyn

Choni (Hebrew) A gracious man
Chonie, Chony, Choney,
Chonee, Chonea

Christian (Greek) A follower of Christ
Chrestien, Chretien, Chris,
Christan, Christer,
Christiano, Christie, Christo

Christopher (Greek) One who bears Christ inside
Chris, Kit, Christof,
Christofer, Christoffer,
Christoforo, Christoforus,
Christoph, Christophe,

Chuchip (Native American) A deer spirit

Chuck (English) Form of Charles, meaning “one who is manly and strong / a free man”
Chucke, Chucki, Chuckie,
Chucky, Chuckey, Chuckee,

Chul (Korean) One who stands firm

Chun (Chinese) Born during the spring

Cid (Spanish) A lord Cyd

Cillian (Gaelic) One who suffers strife

Ciqala (Native American) The little one

Cirrus (Latin) A lock of hair; resembling the cloud

Clair (Latin) One who is bright
Clare, Clayr, Claer, Clairo,
Claro, Claero

Clancy (Celtic) Son of the red-haired warrior
Clancey, Clanci, Clancie,
Clancee, Clancea, Clansey,
Clansy, Clansi

Clark (English) A cleric; a clerk
Clarke, Clerk, Clerke, Clerc

Claude (English) One who is lame
Claud, Claudan, Claudell,
Claidianus, Claudicio,
Claudien, Claudino, Claudio

Clay (English) Of the earth’s clay

Clayton (English) From the town settled on clay
Claytun, Clayten, Claytin,
Claytyn, Claytan, Cleyton,
Cleytun, Cleytan

Cleon (Greek) A wellknown man
Cleone, Clion, Clione,
Clyon, Clyone

Clifford (English) From the ford near the cliff
Cliff, Clyfford, Cliford, Clyford

Cliffton (English) From the town near the cliff
Cliff, Cliffe, Clyff, Clyffe,
Clifft, Clift, Clyfft, Clyft

Clinton (English) From the town on the hill
Clynton, Clintun, Clyntun,
Clint, Clynt, Clinte, Clynte

Clive (English) One who lives near the cliff
Clyve, Cleve

Cluny (Irish) From the meadow
Cluney, Cluni, Clunie,
Clunee, Clunea, Cluneah

Cobden (English) From the cottage in the valley
Cobdenn, Cobdale, Cobdail,
Cobdaile, Cobdell, Cobdel,
Cobdayl, Cobdayle

Cockrell (French) Resembling a young rooster
Cockrel, Cokrell, Cokrel,
Cockrill, Cockril, Cockerel,

Cody (Irish / English) One who is helpful; a wealthy man / acting as a cushion
Codi, Codie, Codey, Codee,
Codeah, Codea, Codier,

Colbert (French) A famous and bright man
Colvert, Culbert, Colburt,
Colbirt, Colbyrt, Colbart,
Culburt, Culbirt

Colby (English) From the coal town
Colbey, Colbi, Colbie,
Colbee, Collby, Coalby,
Colbea, Colbeah

Cole (English) Having dark features; having coalblack hair
Coley, Coli, Coly, Colie,
Colee, Coleigh, Colea,

Coleridge (English) From the dark ridge
Colerige, Colridge, Colrige

Colgate (English) From the dark gate
Colegate, Colgait, Colegait,
Colgayt, Colegayt, Colgaet,

Colin (Scottish) A young man; a form of Nicholas, meaning “of the victorious people”
Cailean, Colan, Colyn,
Colon, Colun, Colen, Collin,

Colt (English) A young horse; from the coal town
Colte, Colten, Colton,
Coltun, Coltan, Coltin,
Coltyn, Coltrain

Colter (English) A horse herdsman
Coltere, Coltar, Coltor,
Coltir, Coltyr, Coulter,
Coultar, Coultir

Comanche (Native American) A tribal name
Comanchi, Comanchie,
Comanchee, Comanchea,
Comanchy, Comanchey

Comhghall (Irish) A fellow hostage
Cowall, Cowal

Comus (Latin) In mythology, the god of mirth and revelry
Comos, Comes, Comas,
Comis, Comys

Conan (English / Gaelic) Resembling a wolf / one who is high and mighty

Condon (Celtic) A dark, wise man
Condun, Condan, Conden,
Condin, Condyn

Cong (Chinese) A clever man

Conn (Irish) The chief Con

Connecticut (Native American) From the place beside the long river / from the state of

Connery (Scottish) A daring man
Connary, Connerie,
Conneri, Connerey,
Connarie, Connari,
Connarey, Conary

Connor (Gaelic) A wolf lover
Conor, Conner, Coner,
Connar, Conar, Connur,
Conur, Connir, Conir

Conroy (Irish) A wise advisor Conroye, Conroi

Constantine (Latin) One who is steadfast; firm Dinos

Consuelo (Spanish) One who offers consolation
Consuel, Consuelio,
Consueleo, Consueliyo,

Conway (Gaelic) The hound of the plain; from
the sacred river
Conwaye, Conwai, Conwae,

Cook (English) One who prepares meals for others

Cooney (Irish) A handsome man
Coony, Cooni, Coonie,
Coonee, Coonea

Cooper (English) One who makes barrels
Coop, Coopar, Coopir,
Coopyr, Coopor, Coopur,
Coopersmith, Cupere

Corbett (French) Resembling a young raven
Corbet, Corbete, Corbette,
Corbit, Corbitt, Corbite,

Corcoran (Gaelic) Having a ruddy complexion

Cordero (Spanish) Resembling a lamb
Corderio, Corderiyo,
Cordereo, Cordereyo

Corey (Irish) From the hollow; of the churning waters
Cory, Cori, Corie, Coree,
Corea, Correy, Corry, Corri

Coriander (Greek) A romantic man; resembling the spice
Coryander, Coriender,

Corlan (Irish) One who wields a spear
Corlen, Corlin, Corlyn,
Corlon, Corlun

Corrado (German) A bold counselor
Corrade, Corradeo,

Corridon (Irish) One who wields a spear
Corridan, Corridun,
Corriden, Corridin,

Cortez (Spanish) A courteous man

Cosmo (Greek) The order of the universe
Cosimo, Cosmé, Cosmos,
Cosmas, Cozmo, Cozmos,

Cotton (American) Resembling or farmer of the plant
Cottin, Cotten, Cottyn,
Cottun, Cottan

Courtney (English) A courteous man; courtly
Cordney, Cordni, Cortenay,
Corteney, Cortni, Cortnee,
Cortneigh, Cortney

Covert (English) One who provides shelter

Covey (English) A brood of birds
Covy, Covi, Covie, Covee,
Covea, Covvey, Covvy, Covvi

Covington (English) From the town near the cave
Covyngton, Covingtun,

Cox (English) A coxswain
Coxe, Coxi, Coxie, Coxey,
Coxy, Coxee, Coxea

Coyle (Irish) A leader during battle
Coyl, Coil, Coile
Craig (Gaelic) From the
rocks; from the crag
Crayg, Craeg, Craige,
Crayge, Craege, Crage, Crag

Crandell (English) From the valley of cranes
Crandel, Crandale,
Crandail, Crandaile,
Crandayl, Crandayle,
Crandael, Crandaele

Crawford (English) From the crow’s ford
Crawforde, Crawferd,
Crawferde, Crawfurd,

Creed (Latin) A guiding principle; a belief
Creede, Cread, Creade,
Creedon, Creadon, Creedun,
Creadun, Creedin

Creek (English) From the small stream
Creeke, Creak, Creake,
Creik, Creike

Creighton (Scottish) From the border town
Creightun, Crayton,
Craytun, Craiton, Craitun,
Craeton, Craetun, Crichton

Creketun (English) From the town near the creek
Creketon, Creketen,
Creekton, Creektun,

Crescent (French) One who creates; increasing; growing
Creissant, Crescence,
Cressant, Cressent, Crescant

Crogher (Irish) One who loves hounds
Crohoore, Crohoor

Cuarto (Spanish) The fourth-born child
Cuartio, Cuartiyo, Cuarteo,

Cuetzpalli (Nahuatl) Resembling a lizard
Cuetzpallie, Cuetzpally,
Cuetzpalley, Cuetzpallee,

Cunningham (Gaelic) From the village of milk
Conyngham, Cuningham,
Cunnyngham, Cunyngham

Cuong (Vietnamese) One who is healthy and prosperous

Curcio (French) One who is courteous

Curley (English) Having great strength
Curly, Curlie, Curli,
Curleigh, Curlee, Curlea

Cuthbert (English) One who is bright and famous
Cuthbeorht, Cuthburt,
Cuthbirt, Cuthbyrt

Cyneley (English) From the royal meadow
Cynely, Cyneli, Cynelie,
Cynelee, Cynelea, Cyneleah,

Czar (Russian) An emperor

Boy names, and unique baby names