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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Arabic) A great ruler; an empress
Oaisarah, Oaisarra,

Oamra (Arabic) Daughter of the moon
Oamrah, Oamira, Oamyra,

Oba (African) In mythology, the goddess of rivers
Obah, Obba, Obbah

Obioma (African) A kind and caring woman
Obiomah, Obeoma,
Obeomah, Obyoma,

Octavia (Latin) Feminine form of Octavius; the eighth-born child
Octaviana, Octavianne,
Octavie, Octiana, Octoviana,
Ottavia, Octavi, Octavy

Odahingum (Native American) Of the rippling waters

Oddrun (Scandinavian) Our secret love

Oddveig (Scandinavian) One who wields a spear

Ode (Egyptian / Greek) Traveler of the road / a lyric poem

Odessa (Greek) Feminine form of Odysseus; one who wanders; an angry woman
Odissa, Odyssa, Odessia,
Odissia, Odyssia, Odysseia

Odina (Latin / Scandinavian) From the mountain / feminine form of Odin, the highest
of the gods
Odinah, Odeena, Odeene,
Odeen, Odyna, Odyne,
Odynn, Odeana

Ogenya (Hebrew) God provides assistance
Ogenyah, Ogeniya,

Ogin (Native American) Resembling the wild rose

Oheo (Native American) A beautiful woman

Oira (Latin) One who prays to God Oyra, Oirah, Oyrah

Okalani (Hawaiian) From the heavens
Okalanie, Okalany,
Okalaney, Okalanee,
Okaloni, Okalonie,
Okalonee, Okalony

Okei (Japanese) Woman of the ocean

Oksana (Russian) Hospitality Oksanah, Oksie, Aksana

Ola (Nigerian / Hawaiian /Norse) One who is precious / giver of life; wellbeing / a relic of one’s
Olah, Olla, Ollah

Olaide (American) A thoughtful woman
Olaid, Olaida, Olayd,
Olayde, Olayda, Olaed,
Olaede, Olaeda

Olathe (Native American) A lovely young woman

Olaug (Scandinavian) A loyal woman

Olayinka (Yoruban) Surrounded by wealth and honor
Olayenka, Olayanka

Oldriska (Czech) A noble ruler
Oldryska, Oldri, Oldrie,
Oldry, Oldrey, Oldree, Oldrea

Oleda (English) Resembling a winged creature
Oldedah, Oleta, Olita,
Olida, Oletah, Olitah,

Olethea (Latin) Form of Alethea, meaning “one who is truthful”
Oletheia, Olethia, Oletha,
Oletea, Olthaia, Olithea,
Olathea, Oletia

Olina (Hawaiian) One who is joyous
Oline, Oleen, Oleene,
Olyne, Oleena, Olyna, Olin

Olivia (Latin) Feminine form of Oliver; of the olive tree; one who is peaceful
Oliviah, Oliva, Olive,
Oliveea, Olivet, Olivetta,
Olivette, Olivija

Olwen (Welsh) One who leaves a white footprint
Olwynn, Olvyen, Olvyin

Olympia (Greek) From Mount Olympus; a goddess
Olympiah, Olimpe,
Olimpia, Olimpiada,
Olimpiana, Olypme,
Olympie, Olympi

Omri (Arabic) A red-haired woman
Omrie, Omree, Omrea,
Omry, Omrey

Omusa (African) One who is adored
Omusah, Omousa, Omousah

Ona (Hebrew) Filled with grace
Onit, Onat, Onah

Ondine (Latin) Resembling a small wave
Ondina, Ondyne, Ondinia,

Ondrea (Slavic) Form of Andrea, meaning “courageous and strong / womanly”
Ondria, Ondrianna,
Ondreia, Ondreina,
Ondreya, Ondriana,
Ondreana, Ondera

Oneida (Native American) Our long-awaited daughter
Onieda, Oneyda, Onida,

Onida (Native American) The one who has been expected
Onidah, Onyda, Onydah

Ontibile (African) Protected by God
Ontibyle, Ontybile,

Ontina (American) An open-minded woman
Ontinah, Onteena,
Onteenah, Onteana,
Onteanah, Ontiena,
Ontienah, Onteina

Oona (Gaelic) Form of Agnes, meaning “one who
is pure; chaste”
Oonaugh, Oonagh, Oonah,
Ouna, Ounah, Ounagh,

Opal (Sanskrit) A treasured jewel; resembling the iridescent gemstone
Opall, Opalle, Opale,
Opalla, Opala, Opalina,
Opaline, Opaleena

Ophelia (Greek) One who offers help to others
Ofelia, Ofilia, OphÈlie,
Ophelya, Ophilia, Ovalia,
Ovelia, Opheliah

Ophrah (Hebrew) Resembling a fawn; from the place of dust
Ofra, Ofrit, Ophra, Oprah,
Orpa, Orpah, Ofrat, Ofrah

Oraleyda (Spanish) Born with the light of dawn
Oraleydah, Oraleida,
Oraleidah, Oralida,
Oralidah, Oralyda,
Oralydah, Oraleda

Orange (Latin) Resembling the sweet fruit
Orangetta, Orangia,
Orangina, Orangea

Orbelina (American) One who brings excitement
Orbelinah, Orbeleena,
Orbeleenah, Orbeleana,
Orbeleanah, Orbelyna,
Orbelynah, Orbie

Orea (Greek) From the mountains

Orenda (Iroquois Indian) A woman with magical powers

Oriana (Latin) Born at sunrise
Oreana, Orianna, Oriane,
Oriann, Orianne

Oribel (Latin) A beautiful golden child
Orabel, Orabelle, Orabell,
Orabela, Orabella, Oribell,
Oribelle, Oribele

Orin (Irish) A dark-haired beauty
Orine, Orina, Oryna, Oryn,

Orinthia (Hebrew /Gaelic) Of the pine tree /a fair lady
Orrinthia, Orenthia, Orna,
Ornina, Orinthea,
Orenthea, Orynthia,

Oriole (Latin) Resembling the gold-speckled bird
Oreolle, Oriolle, Oreole,
Oriola, Oriolla, Oriol,
Oreola, Oreolla

Orion (Greek) The huntress; a constellation

Orithna (Greek) One who is natural
Orithne, Orythna, Orythne,
Orithnia, Orythnia,
Orithnea, Orythnea,

Orla (Gaelic) The golden queen
Orlah, Orrla, Orrlah,
Orlagh, Orlaith, Orlaithe,
Orghlaith, Orghlaithe

Orna (Irish / Hebrew) One who is pale-skinned / of the cedar tree
Ornah, Ornette, Ornetta,
Ornete, Orneta, Obharnait,

Ornella (Italian) Of the flowering ash tree
Ornelle, Ornell, Ornela,
Ornele, Ornel

Ornice (Irish) A paleskinned woman
Ornyce, Ornise, Orynse,
Orneice, Orneise, Orniece,
Orniese, Orneece

Ortygia (Greek) In mythology, an island where Artemis and Apollo were born
Ortegia, Ortigia

Orva (Anglo-Saxon /French) A courageous friend / as precious as gold

Orynko (Ukrainian) A peaceful woman
Orinko, Orynka, Orinka

Osaka (Japanese) From the city of industry
Osaki, Osakie, Osakee,
Osaky, Osakey, Osakea

Osma (English) Feminine form of Osmond; protected by God
Osmah, Ozma, Ozmah

Otina (American) A fortunate woman
Otinah, Otyna, Otynah,
Oteena, Oteenah, Oteana,
Oteanah, Otiena

Ourania (Greek) A heavenly woman
Ouraniah, Ouranea,
Ouraneah, Ouraniya,

Overton (English) From the upper side of town

Owena (Welsh) A highborn woman
Owenah, Owenna,
Owennah, Owenia, Owenea

Ozora (Hebrew) One who is wealthy
Ozorah, Ozorra, Ozorrah

Girl names, and unique baby names