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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(French) Man from Normandy; as delicate as lace
Lacy, Laci, Lacie, Lacee, Lacea

Lachlan (Gaelic) From the land of lakes
Lachlen, Lachlin, Lachlyn,
Locklan, Locklen, Locklin,
Locklyn, Loklan

Lachman (Gaelic) A man from the lake
Lachmann, Lockman,
Lockmann, Lokman,
Lokmann, Lakman,

Ladan (Hebrew) One who is alert and aware
Laden, Ladin, Ladyn,
Ladon, Ladun

Ladd (English) A servant; a young man
Lad, Laddey, Laddie, Laddy,
Laddi, Laddee, Laddea,

Ladislas (Slavic) A glorious ruler
Lacko, Ladislaus, Laslo,
Laszlo, Lazlo, Ladislav,
Ladislauv, Ladislao

Lagrand (American) A majestic man

Laibrook (English) One who lives on the road near the brook
Laebrook, Laybrook,
Laibroc, Laebroc, Laybroc,
Laibrok, Laebrok, Laybrok

Laird (Scottish) The lord of the manor
Layrd, Laerd, Lairde,
Layrde, Laerde

Laken (American) Man from the lake
Laike, Laiken, Laikin,
Lakin, Lakyn, Lakan,
Laikyn, Laeken

Lalam (Indian) The best
Lallam, Lalaam, Lallaam

Lam (Vietnamese) Having a full understanding

Laman (Arabic) A bright and happy man
Lamaan, Lamann,

Lamar (German / French) From the renowned land /of the sea
Lamarr, Lamarre, Lemar,

Lambert (Scandinavian) The light of the land
Lambart, Lamberto,
Lambirt, Landbert,
Lambirto, Lambrecht,
Lambret, Lambrett

Lambi (Norse) In mythology, the son of Thorbjorn
Lambie, Lamby, Lambey,
Lambe, Lambee

Lameh (Arabic) A shining man

Lamorak (English) In Arthurian legend, the brother of Percival
Lamerak, Lamurak,
Lamorac, Lamerac,
Lamurac, Lamorack,
Lamerack, Lamurack

Lander (English) One who owns land
Land, Landers, Landis,
Landiss, Landor, Lande,
Landry, Landri

Landon (English) From the long hill
Landyn, Landan, Landen,
Landin, Lando, Langdon,
Langden, Langdan

Lane (English) One who takes the narrow path
Laine, Lain, Laen, Laene,
Layne, Layn

Langhorn (English) Of the long horn
Langhorne, Lanhorn,

Langilea (Polynesian) Having a booming voice, like thunder
Langileah, Langilia,

Langston (English) From the tall man’s town
Langsten, Langstun,
Langstown, Langstin,
Langstyn, Langstan,
Langton, Langtun

Langundo (Native American / Polynesian) A peaceful man / one who is graceful

Langworth (English) One who lives near the long paddock
Langworthe, Lanworth,

Lanier (French) One who works with wool

Lantos (Hungarian) One who plays the lute

Laochailan (Scottish) One who is waning

Lapidos (Hebrew) One who carries a torch
Lapydos, Lapidot, Lapydot,
Lapidoth, Lapydoth,
Lapidus, Lapydus

Laquinton (American) Form of Quinton, meaning “from the queen’s town or settlement”
Laquinntan, Laquinnten,
Laquinntin, Laquinnton,
Laquintain, Laquintan,
Laquintyn, Laquintynn

Lar (Anglo-Saxon) One who teaches others

Larson (Scandinavian) The son of Lawrence
Larsan, Larsen, Larsun,
Larsin, Larsyn

Lasalle (French) From the hall
Lasall, Lasal, Lasale

Lashaun (American) An enthusiastic man
Lashawn, Lasean, Lashon,

Lassit (American) One who is open-minded
Lassyt, Lasset

Lathan (American) Form of Nathan, meaning “a gift from God”
Lathen, Lathun, Lathon,
Lathin, Lathyn, Latan,
Laten, Latun

Latimer (English) One who serves as an interpreter
Latymer, Latimor, Latymor,
Latimore, Latymore,
Lattemore, Lattimore

Latty (English) A generous man
Lattey, Latti, Lattie, Lattee,

Laurian (English) One who lives near the laurel trees
Laurien, Lauriano, Laurieno,
Lawrian, Lawrien,
Lawriano, Lawrieno

Lave (Italian) Of the burning rock

Lawford (English) From the ford near the hill
Lawforde, Lawferd,
Lawferde, Lawfurd,

Lawler (Gaelic) A softspoken man; one who mutters
Lauler, Lawlor, Loller,
Lawlar, Lollar, Loller,
Laular, Laulor

Lawley (English) From the meadow near the hill
Lawly, Lawli, Lawlie,
Lawleigh, Lawlee, Lawlea,

Lawrence (Latin) Man from Laurentum; crowned with laurel
Larance, Laranz, Larenz,
Larrance, Larrence, Larrens,
Larrey, Larry

Laziz (Arabic) One who is pleasant
Lazeez, Lazeaz, Laziez,
Lazeiz, Lazyz

Leaman (American) A powerful man
Leeman, Leamon, Leemon,
Leamond, Leamand

Lear (Greek) Of the royalty
Leare, Leer, Leere

Leather (American) As tough as hide

Leavitt (English) A baker
Leavit, Leavytt, Leavyt,
Leavett, Leavet

Leben (English) Filled with hope

Lech (Slavic) In mythology, the founder of the Polish people

Ledyard (Teutonic) The protector of the nation
Ledyarde, Ledyerd, Ledyerde

Lee (English) From the meadow
Leigh, Lea, Leah, Ley

Leeto (African) One who embarks on a journey
Leato, Leito, Lieto

Legend (American) One who is memorable
Legende, Legund, Legunde

Leighton (English) From the town near the meadow
Leightun, Layton, Laytun,
Leyton, Leytun

Lekhak (Hindi) An author

Lema (African) One who is cultivated
Lemah, Lemma, Lemmah

Lemon (American) Resembling the fruit
Lemun, Lemin, Lemyn,
Limon, Limun, Limin,
Limyn, Limen

Len (Native American) One who plays the flute

Lencho (African) Resembling a lion
Lenchos, Lenchio, Lenchiyo,
Lencheo, Lencheyo

Lennart (Scandinavian) One who is brave

Lennor (English) A courageous man

Lennox (Scottish) One who owns many elm trees
Lenox, Lenoxe, Lennix,
Lenix, Lenixe

Lensar (English) One who stays with his parents
Lenser, Lensor, Lensur

Lenton (American) A pious man
Lentin, Lentyn, Lentun,
Lentan, Lenten, Lent, Lente

Leo (Latin) Having the strength of a lion
Lio, Lyo, Leon

Leonard (German) Having the strength of a lion
Len, Lenard, Lenn,
Lennard, Lennart, Lennerd,
Lennie, Lenny

Leor (Latin) One who listens well

Lerato (Latin) The song of my soul
Leratio, Lerateo

Leron (French / Arabic) The circle / my song
Lerun, Leran, Leren, Lerin,

Leroy (French) The king
Leroi, Leeroy, Leeroi, Learoy,

Levi (Hebrew) We are united as one; in the Bible, one of Jacob’s sons
Levie, Levin, Levyn, Levy,
Levey, Levee

Li (Chinese) Having great strength

Lian (Chinese) Of the willow

Liang (Chinese) A good man

Lidmann (Anglo-Saxon) A man of the sea; a sailor
Lidman, Lydmann, Lydman

Lif (Scandinavian) An energetic man;

Lihau (Hawaiian) A spirited man

Like (Asian) A soft-spoken man

Lilo (Hawaiian) One who is generous
Lylo, Leelo, Lealo, Leylo,
Lielo, Leilo

Lindberg (German) From the linden-tree hill
Lindbergh, Lindburg,
Lindburgh, Lindi, Lindie,
Lindee, Lindy, Lindey

Lindford (English) From the linden-tree ford
Linford, Lindforde, Linforde,
Lyndford, Lynford,
Lyndforde, Lynforde

Lindhurst (English) From the village by the linden trees
Lyndhurst, Lindenhurst,
Lyndenhurst, Lindhirst,
Lindherst, Lyndhirst,
Lyndherst, Lindenhirst

Lindley (English) From the meadow of linden trees
Lindly, Lindleigh, Lindlea,
Lindleah, Lindlee, Lindli,
Lindlie, Lyndley

Lindman (English) One who lives near the linden trees
Lindmann, Lindmon,

Line (English) From the bank

Lion (English) Resembling the animal
Lyon, Lions, Lyons

Lipût (Hungarian) A brave young man

Lisimba (African) One who has been attacked by a lion
Lisymba, Lysimba, Lysymba

Liu (Asian) One who is quiet; peaceful

Llewellyn (Welsh) Resembling a lion
Lewellen, Lewellyn,
Llewellen, Llewelyn,
Llwewellin, Llew, Llewe,

Lochan (Hindi / Irish) The eyes / one who is lively

Logan (Gaelic) From the little hollow
Logann, Logen, Login,
Logyn, Logenn, Loginn,

Lolonyo (African) The beauty of love
Lolonyio, Lolonyeo, Lolonio,

Loman (Gaelic) One who is small and bare
Lomann, Loeman,

Lombard (Latin) One who has a long beard
Lombardi, Lombardo,
Lombardie, Lombardy,
Lombardey, Lombardee

London (English) From the captial of England
Lundon, Londen, Lunden

Lonzo (Spanish) One who is ready for battle
Lonzio, Lonzeo

Lootah (Native American) Refers to the color red
Loota, Loutah, Louta,
Lutah, Luta

Lorcan (Irish) The small fierce one
Lorcen, Lorcin, Lorcyn,
Lorcon, Lorcun, Lorkan,
Lorken, Lorkin

Lord (English) One who has authority and power
Lorde, Lordly, Lordley,
Lordlee, Lordlea, Lordleigh,
Lordli, Lordlie

Lore (Basque / English) Resembling a flower /form of Lawrence, meaning “man from
Laurentum; crowned with laurel”

Lorimer (Latin) One who makes harnesses
Lorrimer, Lorimar,
Lorrimar, Lorymar,
Lorrymar, Lorymer,

Louis (German) A famous warrior
Lew, Lewes, Lewis,
Lodewick, Lodovico, Lou,
Louie, Lucho, Luis

Luba (Yugoslavian) One who loves and is loved

Lucas (English) A man from Lucania
Lukas, Loucas, Loukas,
Luckas, Louckas, Lucus,
Lukus, Ghoukas

Lucian (Latin) Surrounded by light
Luciano, Lucianus, Lucien,
Lucio, Lucjan, Lukianos,
Lukyan, Luce

Lucky (English) A fortunate man
Luckey, Luckee, Luckea,
Lucki, Luckie

Ludlow (English) The ruler of the hill

Luke (Greek) A man from Lucania
Luc, Luken

Lunt (Scandinavian) From the grove

Luthando (Latin) One who is dearly loved

Luther (German) A soldier of the people
Louther, Luter, Luthero,
Lutero, Louthero, Luthus,
Luthas, Luthos

Lux (Latin) A man of the light
Luxe, Luxi, Luxie, Luxee,
Luxea, Luxy, Luxey

Ly (Vietnamese) A reasonable man

Lynn (English) A man of the lake
Linn, Lyn, Lynne, Linne

Boy names, and unique baby names