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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(African) The eldest child
Baakeer, Baakyr, Baakear,
Baakier, Baakeir

Babar (Turkish) Resembling a tiger
Baber, Babir, Babyr, Babor,
Babur, Babr

Bacchus (Latin) In mythology, the god of wine
Baccus, Baakus, Baackus,
Backus, Bach, Bache

Bachir (Hebrew) The oldest son
Bacheer, Bachear, Bachier,
Bacheir, Bachyr

Baha (Arabic) A glorious and splendid man

Bailintin (Irish) A valiant man
Bailinten, Bailentin,
Bailenten, Bailintyn,

Bain (Irish) A fair-haired man
Baine, Bayn, Bayne, Baen,
Baene, Bane, Baines,

Bajnok (Hungarian) A victorious man
Bajnock, Bajnoc

Bakari (Swahili) One who is promised
Bakarie, Bakary, Bakarey,
Bakaree, Bakarea

Bakhit (Arabic) A lucky man
Bakheet, Bakheat, Bakheit,
Bakhiet, Bakhyt, Bakht

Bala (Hindi) One who is youthful
Balu, Balue, Balou

Balamani (Indian) A young jewel
Balamanie, Balamany,
Balamaney, Balamanee,

Balark (Hindi) Born with the rising sun

Balasi (Basque) One who is flat-footed
Balasie, Balasy, Balasey,
Balasee, Balasea

Balbo (Latin) One who mutters
Balboe, Balbow, Balbowe,
Ballbo, Balbino, Balbi,
Balbie, Balby

Balder (English / Norse) Of the brave army / in
mythology, the god of
Baldar, Baldur, Baldor,
Baldir, Baldyr

Baldwin (German) A brave friend
Baldwine, Baldwinn,
Baldwinne, Baldwen,
Baldwenn, Baldwenne,
Baldwyn, Baldwynn

Balint (Latin) A healthy and strong man
Balent, Balin, Balen,
Balynt, Balyn

Balloch (Scottish) From the grazing land

Bancroft (English) From the bean field
Bancrofte, Banfield,
Banfeld, Bankroft,

Bandana (Spanish) A brightly colored headwrap
Bandanah, Bandanna,

Bandy (American) A fiesty man
Bandey, Bandi, Bandie,
Bandee, Bandea

Bansi (Indian) One who plays the flute
Bansie, Bansy, Bansey,
Bansee, Bansea

Bao (Vietnamese /Chinese) To order / one who is prized

Baqir (Arabic) A learned man
Baqeer, Baqear, Baqier,
Baqeir, Baqyr, Baqer

Barak (Hebrew) Of the lightning flash
Barrak, Barac, Barrac,
Barack, Barrack

Baram (Hebrew) The son of the nation
Barem, Barum, Barom,
Barim, Barym

Bard (English) A minstrel; a poet
Barde, Bardo

Barden (English) From the barley valley; from the
boar’s valley
Bardon, Bardun, Bardin,
Bardyn, Bardan, Bardene

Bardol (Basque) A farmer Bardo, Bartol

Bardrick (Teutonic) An axe ruler
Bardric, Bardrik, Bardryck,
Bardryk, Bardryc, Bardarick,
Bardaric, Bardarik

Barek (Arabic) One who is noble
Barec, Bareck

Barend (German) The hard bear
Barende, Barind, Barinde,
Barynd, Barynde

Barnett (English) Of honorable birth
Barnet, Baronet, Baronett

Barnum (English) From the baron’s estate
Barnam, Barnem, Barnom,
Barnham, Barnhum,

Barr (English) A lawyer Barre, Bar

Barra (Gaelic) A fair-haired

Barrett (German / English) Having the strength of a
bear / one who argues
Baret, Barrat, Barratt,
Barret, Barrette

Barry (Gaelic) A fair-haired man
Barrey, Barri, Barrie,
Barree, Barrea, Barrington,
Barryngton, Barringtun

Bartholomew (Aramaic) The son of the farmer
Bart, Bartel, Barth,
Barthelemy, Bartho, Barthold,
Bartholoma, Bartholomaus,
Bartlett, Bartol

Bartlett (French) Form of Bartholomew, meaning
“the son of the farmer”
Bartlet, Bartlitt, Bartlit,
Bartlytt, Bartlyt

Bartley (English) From the meadow of birch trees
Bartly, Bartli, Bartlie,
Bartlee, Bartlea, Bartleah,

Bartoli (Spanish) Form of Bartholomew, meaning
“the son of the farmer”
Bartolie, Bartoly, Bartoley,
Bartolee, Bartoleigh,
Bartolea, Bartolo, Bartolio

Barton (English) From the barley town
Bartun, Barten, Bartan,
Bartin, Bartyn

Barwolf (English) The axwolf
Barrwolf, Barwulf, Barrwulf

Basant (Arabic) One who smiles often

Base (English) A short man

Bassett (English) A little person
Baset, Basset, Basett

Basy (American) A homebody
Basey, Basi, Basie, Basee,
Basea, Basye

Baurice (American) Form of Maurice, meaning “a dark-skinned man;
Baurell, Baureo, Bauricio,
Baurids, Baurie, Baurin,
Baurio, Baurise

Bavol (English) Of the wind
Bavoll, Bavole, Bavolle

Bay (Vietnamese / English) The seventh-born child;
born during the month of
July / from the bay
Baye, Bae, Bai

Beal (French) A handsome man
Beals, Beale, Beall, Bealle

Beamer (English) One who plays the trumpet
Beamor, Beamir, Beamyr,
Beamur, Beamar, Beemer,
Beemar, Beemir

Bean (Scottish) One who is lively
Beann, Beane

Becher (Hebrew) The firstborn son

Bedar (Arabic) One who is attentive
Beder, Bedor, Bedur, Bedyr,

Bedell (French) A messenger Bedel, Bedelle, Bedele, Bedall,
Bedal, Bedalle, Bedale

Beircheart (Anglo-Saxon) Of the intelligent army

Bela (Slavic) A whiteskinned man
Belah, Bella, Bellah

Belden (English) From the beautiful valley
Beldan, Beldon, Beldun,
Beldin, Beldyn, Bellden,
Belldan, Belldon, Belldun,
Belldin, Belldyn

Belen (Greek) Of an arrow Belin, Belyn, Belan, Belon,

Belindo (English) A handsome and tender man
Belyndo, Belindio, Belyndio,
Belindeo, Belyndeo, Belindiyo,
Belyndiyo, Belindeyo

Bellarmine (Italian) One who is handsomely armed
Bellarmin, Bellarmeen,
Bellarmeene, Bellarmean,
Bellarmeane, Bellarmyn,

Belton (English) From the beautiful town
Bellton, Beltun, Belltun,
Belten, Bellten

Belvin (American) Form of Melvin, meaning “a friend
who offers counsel”
Belven, Belvyn, Belvon,
Belvun, Belvan

Bem (African) A peaceful man

Ben (English) Form of Benjamin, meaning “son
of the south; son of the
right hand”
Benn, Benni, Bennie,
Bennee, Benney, Benny,
Bennea, Benno

Benjamin (Hebrew) Son of the south; son of the
right hand
Ben, Benejamen, Beniamino,
Benjaman, Benjamen,
Benjamino, Benjamon,
Benjiman, Benjimen

Berdy (German) Having a brilliant mind
Berdey, Berdee, Berdea,
Berdi, Berdie

Beresford (English) From the barley ford
Beresforde, Beresfurd,
Beresfurde, Beresferd,
Beresferde, Berford,
Berforde, Berfurd

Berg (German) From the mountain
Bergh, Burg, Burgh

Berkeley (English) From the meadow of birch trees
Berkely, Berkeli, Berkelie,
Berkelea, Berkeleah,
Berkelee, Berkeleigh, Berkley

Bernard (German) As strong and brave as a bear
Barnard, Barnardo,
Barnhard, Barnhardo,
Bearnard, Bernardo,
Bernarr, Bernd

Berry (English) Resembling a berry fruit
Berrey, Berri, Berrie, Berree,

Bert (English) One who is illustrious
Berte, Berti, Bertie, Bertee,
Bertea, Berty, Bertey

Berthold (German) Having bright strength
Berthoud, Bertol, Bertoll,
Bertold, Bertolde, Bertell,
Bertel, Bertill

Bethel (Hebrew) The house of God
Bethell, Bethele, Bethelle,
Betuel, Betuell, Betuele,

Bevis (Teutonic) An archer Beviss, Bevys, Bevyss,
Beavis, Beaviss, Beavys,

Biagio (Italian) One who has a stutter

Birney (English) From the island with the brook
Birny, Birnee, Birnea, Birni,

Black (English) A darkskinned man
Blak, Blac, Blacke

Blackwell (English) From the dark spring
Blackwel, Blackwelle, Blackwele

Blade (English) One who wields a sword or knife
Blayd, Blayde, Blaid,
Blaide, Blaed, Blaede

Blagden (English) From the dark valley
Blagdon, Blagdan, Blagdun,
Blagdin, Blagdyn

Blaine (Scottish / Irish) A saint’s servant / a thin
Blayne, Blane, Blain, Blayn,
Blaen, Blaene, Blainy, Blainey

Blaise (Latin / American) One with a lisp or a stutter / a fiery man
Blaze, Blaize, Blaiz, Blayze,
Blayz, Blaez, Blaeze

Blake (English) A dark, handsome man
Blayk, Blayke, Blaik, Blaike,
Blaek, Blaeke

Bliss (English) Filled with happiness
Blis, Blyss, Blys

Blondell (English) A fairhaired boy
Blondel, Blondele, Blondelle

Boaz (Hebrew) One who is swift
Boaze, Boas, Boase

Bob (English) Form of Robert, meaning “one
who is bright with fame”
Bobbi, Bobbie, Bobby,
Bobbey, Bobbee, Bobbea

Bogart (French) One who is strong with the bow
Bogaard, Bogaart, Bogaerd,
Bogey, Bogie, Bogi, Bogy,

Bolivar (Spanish) A mighty warrior
Bolevar, Bolivarr, Bolevarr,
Bollivar, Bollivarr, Bollevar,

Bonaventure (Latin) One who undertakes a blessed venture
Bueaventure, Bueaventura

Boniface (Latin) Having good fortune; one who is benevolent
Bonifacio, Bonifaceo,
Bonifacius, Bonifacios,

Booker (English) One who binds books; a scribe
Bookar, Bookir, Bookyr,
Bookur, Bookor

Bosley (English) From the meadow near the forest
Bosly, Boslee, Boslea,
Bosleah, Bosleigh, Bosli,
Boslie, Bozley

Boston (English) From the town near the forest; from
the city of Boston
Bostun, Bostin, Bostyn,
Bosten, Bostan

Botolf (English) The messenger wolf
Botolff, Botolph, Botulf,
Botulff, Botulph

Boyce (French) One who lives near the forest
Boice, Boyse, Boise

Boyd (Celtic) A blondhaired man
Boyde, Boid, Boide, Boyden,
Boydan, Boydin, Boydyn,

Boynton (Irish) From the town near the river Boyne
Boyntun, Boynten, Boyntin,
Boyntan, Boyntyn

Bracken (English) Resembling the large fern
Braken, Brackan, Brakan,
Brackin, Brakin, Brackyn,
Brakyn, Brackon

Braddock (English) From the broadly spread oak
Bradock, Braddoc, Bradoc,
Braddok, Bradok

Braden (Gaelic / English) Resembling salmon / from the wide valley
Bradan, Bradon, Bradin,
Bradyn, Braddon, Braddan,

Bradford (English) From the wide ford
Bradforde, Bradferd,
Bradferde, Bradfurd,

Bradley (English) From the wide meadow
Bradly, Bradlea, Bradleah,
Bradlee, Bradleigh, Bradli,

Brady (Irish) The son of a large-chested man
Bradey, Bradee, Bradea,
Bradi, Bradie, Braidy,
Braidey, Braidee

Bramley (English) From the wild gorse meadow;
from the raven’s meadow
Bramly, Bramlee, Bramlea,
Bramleah, Bramleigh,
Bramli, Bramlie

Branch (Latin) An extension

Brandon (English) From the broom or gorse hill
Brandun, Brandin,
Brandyn, Brandan,
Branden, Brannon,
Brannun, Brannen

Branton (English) From the broom or gorse town
Brantun, Brantin, Branten,
Brantyn, Brantan, Branston,
Branstun, Bransten

Braulio (Spanish) One who is glowing
Braulo, Brauleo, Brauliyo,
Brauleyo, Bravilio, Braviliyo,
Bravileo, Bravileyo

Brazil (English) From the country of Brazil
Brasil, Brazyl, Brasyl

Brendan (Irish) Born to royalty; a prince
Brendano, Brenden, Brendin,
Brendon, Brendyn, Brendun

Brennan (Gaelic) A sorrowful man; a teardrop
Brenan, Brenn, Brennen,
Brennin, Brennon, Brenin,
Brennun, Brennyn

Brent (English) From the hill
Brendt, Brennt, Brentan,
Brenten, Brentin, Brenton,
Brentun, Brentyn

Brett (Latin) A man from Britain or Brittany
Bret, Breton, Brette, Bretton,
Brit, Briton, Britt, Brittain

Brewster (English) One who brews
Brewer, Brewstere

Brian (Gaelic / Celtic) Of noble birth / having great
Briano, Briant, Brien,
Brion, Bryan, Bryant,
Bryen, Bryent

Briar (English) Resembling a thorny plant
Brier, Bryar, Bryer

Bruce (Scottish) A man from Brieuse; one who is
well-born; from an influential
Brouce, Brooce, Bruci,
Brucie, Brucey, Brucy,
Brucee, Brucea

Bruno (German) A brownhaired man
Brunoh, Brunoe, Brunow,
Brunowe, Bruin, Bruine,
Brunon, Brunun

Buck (English) Resembling a male deer
Buk, Buc, Bucki, Buckie,
Bucky, Buckey, Buckee, Buckea

Buckminster (English) From the monastery
where deer live

Bud (English) One who is brotherly
Budd, Buddi, Buddie,
Buddee, Buddea, Buddey,

Budha (Hindi) Another name for the planet Mercury
Budhan, Budhwar

Budhil (Indian) A learned man
Budheel, Budheal, Budheil,
Budhiel, Budhyl

Bulat (Russian) Having great strength

Burbank (English) From the riverbank of burrs
Burrbank, Burhbank

Burdett (English) Resembling a bird
Burdet, Burdette, Burdete

Burdon (English) One who lives at the castle
Burdun, Burdan, Burden,
Burdin, Burdyn, Burhdon,
Burhdun, Burhden

Burgess (German) A free citizen of the town
Burges, Burgiss, Burgis,
Burgyss, Burgys, Burgeis

Burke (French) From the fortress on the hill
Berk, Berke, Birk, Bourke,
Burk, Birke, Bourk, Byrk

Burne (English) Resembling a bear; from the brook; the brownhaired one
Burn, Beirne, Burnis, Byrn,
Byrne, Burns, Byrnes

Burnell (French) The small, brown-haired one
Burnel, Burnelle, Burnele,
Brunell, Brunel, Brunele,

Burnet (French) Having brown hair
Burnett, Burnete, Burnette,
Bernet, Bernett, Bernete,

Burton (English) From the fortified town
Burtun, Burten, Burtin,
Burtyn, Burtan

Butler (English) The keeper of the bottles (wine,
Buttler, Butlar, Buttlar,
Butlor, Buttlor, Butlir,
Buttlir, Butlyr

Byron (English) One who lives near the cow sheds
Byrom, Beyren, Beyron,
Biren, Biron, Buiron,
Byram, Byran

Boy names, and unique baby names