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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Arabic) Resembling the jasmine flower
Faghirah, Fagira, Fagirah,
Faghyra, Fagheera,
Faaghira, Fagheara,

Faida (Arabic) One who is beautiful
Faide, Fayda, Fayde, Faeda,

Faillace (French) A delicate and beautiful woman
Faillase, Faillaise, Falace,
Falase, Fallase, Fallace

Fairly (English) From the far meadow
Fairley, Fairlee, Fairleigh,
Fairli, Fairlie, Faerly, Faerli,

Faith (English) Having a belief and trust in God
Faythe, Faithe, Faithful,
Fayana, Fayanna, Fayanne,
Fayane, Fayth

Fakhira (Arabic) A magnificent woman
Fakhirah, Fakhyra,
Fakhyrah, Fakheera, Fakira,
Fakirah, Fakeera, Fakyra

Fala (Native American) Resembling a crow
Falah, Falla, Fallah

Falesyia (Spanish) An exotic woman
Falesyiah, Falesiya, Falesiyah

Fall (American) Born during the autumn season

Fallon (Irish) A commanding woman
Fallyn, Faline, Falinne,
Faleen, Faleene, Falynne,
Falyn, Falina

Falsette (American) A fanciful woman
Falsett, Falset, Falsete,
Falsetta, Falseta

Fang (Chinese) Pleasantly fragrant

Fantasia (Latin) From the fantasy land
Fantasiah, Fantasea,
Fantasiya, Fantazia,
Fantazea, Fantaziya

Faqueza (Spanish) A weakness

Farley (English) From the fern clearing
Farly, Farli, Farlie, Farlee,
Farleigh, Farlea, Farleah

Farrow (American) A narrowminded woman
Farow, Farro, Faro

Fate (Greek) One’s destiny
Fayte, Faite, Faete, Faet,
Fait, Fayt

Fatima (Arabic) The perfect woman
Fatimah, Fahima, Fahimah

Fatinah (Arabic) A captivating woman
Fatina, Fateena, Fateenah,
Fatyna, Fatynah, Fatin,
Fatine, Faatinah

Fausta (Italian) A lucky lady; one who is fortunate
Fawsta, Faustina, Faustine,
Faustyna, Faustyne,
Fausteena, Fausteene,

Fauve (French) An uninhibited and untamed woman

Favor (English) One who grants her approval
Faver, Favar, Favorre

Fay (English) From the fairy kingdom; a fairy or an elf
Faye, Fai, Faie, Fae, Fayette,
Faylinn, Faylyn, Faylynn

Fayina (Russian) An independent woman
Fayinah, Fayena, Fayeena,
Fayeana, Fayiena, Fayeina

February (American) Born in the month of February
Februari, Februarie, Februarey,
Februaree, Februarea

Feechi (African) A woman who worships God
Feechie, Feechy, Feechey,
Feechee, Fychi, Fychie,
Fychey, Fychy

Femay (American) A classy lady
Femaye, Femae, Femai

Femi (African) God loves me
Femmi, Femie, Femy, Femey,
Femee, Femea, Femeah

Femise (American) One who desires love
Femeese, Femease, Femice,
Femeece, Femeace, Femmis,

Fenia (Scandinavian) A gold worker
Feniah, Fenea, Feneah,
Feniya, Feniyah, Fenya,
Fenyah, Fenja

Feo (Greek) A gift from God

Fern (English) Resembling a green shade-loving plant
Ferne, Fyrn, Fyrne, Furn,

Fernilia (American) A successful woman
Ferniliah, Fernilea, Fernileah,
Fernilya, Fernilyah

Feryal (Arabic) Possessing the beauty of light
Feryall, Feryale, Feryalle

Fia (Portuguese / Italian /Scottish) A weaver / from the flickering fire / arising from the dark of peace
Fiah, Fea, Feah, Fya, Fiya,
Fyah, Fiyah

Fianna (Irish) A warrior huntress
Fiannah, Fiana, Fianne,
Fiane, Fiann, Fian

Fielda (English) From the field
Fieldah, Felda, Feldah

Fife (American) Having dancing eyes
Fyfe, Fifer, Fify, Fifey, Fifee,
Fifea, Fifi, Fifie

Fifia (African) Born on a Friday
Fifiah, Fifea, Fifeah, Fifeea,

Filberta (English) Feminine form of Filibert; a very brilliant woman
Filiberta, Filbertha,
Filibertha, Felabeorht,
Felberta, Feliberta,
Felbertha, Felibertha

Filipa (Spanish) Feminine form of Phillip; a friend of horses
Filipah, Filipina, Filipeena,
Filipyna, Filippa, Fillipa,

Filomena (Italian) Form of Philomena, meaning “a friend of strength”
Filomina, Filomeena,
Filomyna, Filomenia,
Filominia, Filomeenia,
Filomynia, Filomeana

Fina (English) Feminine form of Joseph; God will add
Finah, Feena, Fyna, Fifine,
Fifna, Fifne, Fini, Feana

Findabair (Celtic) Having fair eyebrows; in mythology, the daughter of Medb
Findabaire, Finnabair,
Finnabaire, Findabhair,
Findabhaire, Findabayr,
Findabayre, Findabare

Finnea (Gaelic) From the stream of the wood
Finneah, Finnia, Fynnea,
Finniah, Fynnia

Fiona (Gaelic) One who is fair; a white-shouldered woman
Fionna, Fione, Fionn, Finna,
Fionavar, Fionnghuala,
Fionnuala, Fynballa

Firdaus (Arabic) From the garden in paradise
Firdaws, Firdoos

Flair (English) An elegant woman of natural talent
Flaire, Flare, Flayr, Flayre,
Flaer, Flaere

Flame (American) A passionate and fiery woman
Flaym, Flayme, Flaime,
Flaim, Flaem, Flaeme

Flamina (Latin) A pious woman
Flaminah, Flamyna,
Flamynah, Flamiena,
Flamienah, Flameina,
Flameinah, Flameena

Flannery (Gaelic) From the flatlands
Flanery, Flanneri,
Flannerie, Flannerey,
Flannaree, Flannerea

Fleming (English) Woman from Belgium
Flemyng, Flemming,

Fleta (English) One who is swift
Fletah, Flete, Fleda, Flita,

Flicky (American) A vivacious young woman
Flicki, Flickie, Flickea,
Flickeah, Flickee, Flycki,
Flyckie, Flyckee

Flirt (American) A playfully romantic woman
Flyrt, Flirti, Flirtie, Flirty,
Flirtey, Flirtea, Flirteah,

Florence (Latin) A flourishing woman; a blooming flower
Florencia, Florentina,
Florenza, Florentine,
Florentyna, Florenteena,
Florenteene, Florentyne

Florizel (English) A young woman in bloom
Florizell, Florizelle,
Florizele, Florizel,
Florizella, Florizela,
Florazel, Florazell

Fluffy (American) A funloving young woman
Fluffey, Fluffi, Fluffea,
Fluffeah, Fluffee, Fluffie

Fola (African) Woman of honor
Folah, Folla, Follah

Fontenot (French) One who is special

Forest (English) A woodland dweller

Forever (American) Everlasting

Franchelle (Arabic) A captivating woman
Fatina, Fateena, Fateenah,
Fatyna, Fatynah, Fatin,
Fatine, Faatinah

Frederica (German) Peaceful ruler
Freda, Freida, Freddie, Rica

Freira (Spanish) A sister
Freirah, Freyira, Freyirah

Freydis (Norse) Woman born into the nobility
Freydiss, Freydisse, Freydys,
Fredyss, Fraidis, Fradis,
Fraydis, Fraedis

Frodina (Teutonic) A wise and beloved friend
Frodinah, Frodyna,
Frodeena, Frodine, Frodyne,
Frodeen, Frodeene,

Fuchsia (Latin) Resembling the flower
Fusha, Fushia, Fushea,
Fewsha, Fewshia, Fewshea

Fury (Greek) An enraged woman; in mythology, a winged goddess who punished wrongdoers
Furey, Furi, Furie, Furee,
Furea, Fureah

Girl names, and unique baby names