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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names.

(Hindi) Child of the beginning
Aadie, Aady, Aadey, Aadee,
Aadea, Aadeah, Aadye

Aaralyn (American) Woman with song
Aaralynn, Aaralin,
Aaralinn, Aaralinne,
Aralyn, Aralynn

Aba (African) Born on a Thursday
Abah, Abba, Abbah

Abarrane (Hebrew) Feminine form of Abraham; mother of a multitude; mother of nations
Abarrayne, Abarraine,
Abarane, Abarayne,
Abaraine, Abame, Abrahana

Abena (African) Born on a Tuesday
Abenah, Abeena, Abyna,
Abina, Abeenah, Abynah,

Abertha (Welsh) One who is sacrificed

Abhilasha (Hindi) One who is desired
Abhilashah, Abhylasha,

Abiba (African) First child born after the grandmother has died
Abibah, Abeeba, Abyba,
Abeebah, Abybah, Abeiba,
Abeibah, Abieba

Abiela (Hebrew) My father is Lord
Abielah, Abiella, Abiellah,
Abyela, Abyelah, Abyella,

Abigail (Hebrew) The source of a father’s joy
Abbigail, Abigael, Abigale,
Abbygail, Abygail, Abygayle,
Abbygayle, Abbegale, Abby

Abijah (Hebrew) My father is Lord
Abija, Abisha, Abishah,
Abiah, Abia, Aviah, Avia

Abila (Spanish) One who is beautiful
Abilah, Abyla, Abylah

Abilene (American /Hebrew) From a town in Texas / resembling grass
Abalene, Abalina, Abilena,
Abiline, Abileene, Abileen,
Abileena, Abilyn

Abir (Arabic) Having a fragrant scent
Abeer, Abyr, Abire, Abeere,
Abbir, Abhir

Abira (Hebrew) A source of strength; one who is strong
Abera, Abyra, Abyrah,
Abirah, Abbira, Abeerah,

Abra (Hebrew / Arabic) Feminine form of Abraham; mother of a multitude; mother of nations / lesson; example
Abri, Abrah, Abree, Abria,
Abbra, Abrah, Abbrah

Academia (Latin) From a community of higher learning
Akademia, Academiah,

Acantha (Greek) Thorny; in mythology, a nymph who was loved by Apollo
Akantha, Ackantha,
Acanthah, Akanthah,

Accalia (Latin) In mythology, the foster mother of Romulus and Remus
Accaliah, Acalia, Accalya,
Acalya, Acca, Ackaliah,

Adah (Hebrew) Ornament; beautiful addition to the family
Adda, Adaya, Ada

Adanna (African) Her father’s daughter; a father’s pride
Adana, Adanah, Adannah,
Adanya, Adanyah

Adanne (African) Her mother’s daughter; a mother’s pride
Adane, Adayne, Adaine,
Adayn, Adain, Adaen,

Adaoma (Ibo) A good woman

Adara (Greek / Arabic) Beautiful girl / chaste one; virgin
Adair, Adare, Adaire,
Adayre, Adarah, Adarra,
Adaora, Adar

Addin (Hebrew) One who is adorned; voluptuous
Addine, Addyn, Addyne

Adeen (Irish) Little fire shining brightly
Adeene, Adean, Adeane,
Adein, Adeine, Adeyn,

Adela (German) Of the nobility; serene; of good humor
Adele, Adelia, Adella,
Adelle, Adalene, Adelie,
Adelina, Adali

Adelpha (Greek) Beloved sister
Adelfa, Adelphe, Adelphie

Adeola (African) One who wears a crown of honor
Adeolah, Adeolla, Adeollah

Adhelle (Teutonic) Lovely and happy woman
Adhella, Adhell, Adhele,

Adianca (Native American) One who brings peace
Adianka, Adyanca, Adyanka

Adira (Hebrew / Arabic) Powerful, noble woman /having great strength
Adirah, Adeera, Adyra,
Adeerah, Adyrah, Adeira,
Adeirah, Adiera

Admina (Hebrew) Daughter of the red earth
Adminah, Admeena,
Admyna, Admeenah,
Admynah, Admeina,
Admeinah, Admiena

Adolpha (German) Feminine form of Adolph; noble she-wolf
Adolfa, Adolphina,
Adolfina, Adolphine,
Adolfine, Adoqhina

Adoración (Spanish) Having the adoration of all

Adra (Arabic) One who is chaste; a virgin

Adrasteia (Greek) One who will not run away; in mythology, another name for Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance

Adrina (Italian) Having great happiness
Adrinna, Adreena, Adrinah,
Adryna, Adreenah, Adrynah

Aegea (Latin / Greek) From the Aegean Sea / in mythology, a daughter of the sun who was known for her beauty

Aegina (Greek) In mythology, a sea nymph
Aeginae, Aegyna, Aegynah

Aelfwine (English) A friend of the elves
Aelfwyne, Aethelwine,

Aelwen (Welsh) Woman with a fair brow
Aelwenn, Aelwenne, Aelwin,
Aelwinn, Aelwinne, Aelwyn,
Aelwynn, Aelwynne

Aerwyna (English) A friend of the ocean

Afra (Hebrew / Arabic) Young doe / white; an earth color
Affra, Affrah, Afrah, Afrya,
Afryah, Afria, Affery, Affrie

Afreda (English / Arabic) Elf counselor / one who is created
Afredah, Afreeda, Aafreeda,
Afrida, Afridah, Aelfraed,
Afreedah, Afryda

Afrodille (French) Daffodil; showy and vivid
Afrodill, Afrodil, Afrodile,
Afrodilla, Afrodila

Afton (English) From the Afton river

Agave (Greek) In mythology, a queen of Thebes

Agnes (Greek) One who is pure; chaste
Agneis, Agnese, Agness,
Agnies, Agnus, Agna, Agne,
Agnesa, Nessa, Oona

Agraciana (Spanish) One who forgives
Agracianna, Agracyanna,
Agracyana, Agraciann,
Agraciane, Agracyann,
Agracyane, Agracianne

Agrona (Celtic) In mythology, the goddess of war and death
Agronna, Agronia, Agrone

Agurtzane (Basque) Refers to the Virgin Mary; chaste; pure

Ahelia (Hebrew) Breath; a source of life
Ahelie, Ahelya, Aheli,
Ahelee, Aheleigh, Ahelea,
Aheleah, Ahely

Ahellona (Greek) Woman who has masculine qualities
Ahelona, Ahellonna,

Ahinoam (Hebrew) In the Bible, one of David’s wives

Ahuva (Hebrew) One who is dearly loved
Ahuvah, Ahuda, Ahudah

Aiandama (Estonian) Woman who gardens

Aida (English / French /Arabic) One who is wealthy; prosperous / one who is
helpful / a returning visitor
Ayda, Aydah, Aidah, Aidee,
Aidia, Aieeda, Aaida

Aidan (Gaelic) One who is fiery; little fire
Aiden, Adeen, Aden, Aideen,
Adan, Aithne, Aithnea, Ajthne

Aiglentine (French) Resembling the sweetbrier rose

Aiko (Japanese) Little one who is dearly loved

Ailbhe (Irish) Of noble character; one who is bright

Aileen (Irish / Scottish) Light bearer / from the green meadow
Ailean, Ailein, Ailene, Ailin,
Aillen, Ailyn, Alean, Aleane

Ailis (Irish) One who is noble and kind
Ailish, Ailyse, Ailesh, Ailisa,

Ailna (German) One who is sweet and pleasant; of the nobility

Ain (Irish / Arabic) In mythology, a woman who wrote laws to protect the rights of women / precious eye

Aina (African) Child born of a complicated delivery

Aine (Celtic) One who brings brightness and joy

Aingeal (Irish) Heaven’s messenger; angel

Aionia (Greek) Everlasting life
Aioniah, Aionea, Aioneah,
Ayonia, Ayoniah, Ayonea,

Aira (American) Of the wind Aera

Airic (Celtic) One who is pleasant and agreeable
Airick, Airik, Aeric, Aerick,

Aisha (Arabic, African) lively; womanly
Aiesha, Ayisha, Myisha

Aisling (Irish) A dream or vision; an inspiration
Aislin, Ayslin, Ayslinn,
Ayslyn, Ayslynn, Aislyn,
Aisylnn, Aislinn, Isleen

Aitama (Estonian) One who is helpful
Aitamah, Aytama,

Aitheria (Greek) Of the wind
Aitheriah, Aitherea,
Aithereah, Aytheria,
Aytheriah, Aytherea,

Ajaya (Hindi) One who is invincible; having the power of a god

Aka (Maori / Turkish) Affectionate one / in mythology, a mother goddess
Akah, Akka, Akkah

Akili (Tanzanian) Having great wisdom
Akilea, Akilee, Akilie,
Akylee, Akylie, Akyli,

Akilina (Latin) Resembling an eagle
Akilinah, Akileena,
Akilyna, Akilinna, Ackilina,
Acilina, Akylina, Akylyna

Aksana (Russian) Form of Oksana, meaning “hospitality”
Aksanna, Aksanah,

Akua (African) Born on a Wednesday

Akuti (Indian) A princess; born to royalty
Akutie, Akutea, Akuteah,
Akuty, Akutey, Akutee, Akutye

Alair (French) One who has a cheerful disposition
Alaire, Allaire, Allair, Aulaire,
Alayr, Alayre, Alaer, Alaere

Alanza (Spanish) Feminine form of Alonzo; noble and ready for battle

Alaqua (Native American) Resembling the sweet gum tree

Alarice (German) Feminine form of Alaric; ruler of all
Alarise, Allaryce, Alarica,
Alarisa, Alaricia, Alrica,
Alryca, Alryque

Alaula (Hawaiian) The light of dawn

Alcestis (Greek) In mythology, a woman who died in place of her husband and was later rescued from Hades by Hercules

Alcina (Greek) One who is strong-willed and opinionated
Alceena, Alcyna, Alsina,
Alsyna, Alzina, Alcine,
Alcinia, Alcyne

Alda (German, Spanish) Long-lived, old; wise; an elder
Aldah, Aldine, Aldina,
Aldinah, Aldene, Aldona,
Aldeana, Allda

Aldis (English) From the ancient house
Aldys, Aldiss, Aldisse,
Aldyss, Aldysse

Aldonsa (Spanish) One who is kind and gracious
Aldonza, Aldonsia,

Aleen (Celtic) Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Aleena, Aleenia, Alene,
Alyne, Alena, Alenka,
Alynah, Aleine

Alegria (Spanish) One who is cheerful and brings happiness to others
Alegra, Aleggra, Allegra,
Alleffra, Allecra

Alera (Latin) Resembling an eagle
Alerra, Aleria, Alerya,
Alerah, Alerrah

Alethea (Greek) One who is truthful
Altheia, Lathea, Lathey,

Alexandra (Greek) Feminine form of Alexander; a helper and defender of mankind
Alexandria, Alexandrea,
Alixandra, Alessandra,
Alexis, Alondra,
Aleksandra, Alejandra,
Sandra, Sandrine, Sasha

Alhena (Arabic) A star in the constellation Gemini
Alhenah, Alhenna, Alhennah

Alice (German) Woman of the nobility; truthful; having high moral character
Alison, Allison, Alyssa, Alyce,
Alicia, Alecia, Alesia, Aleece,
Aleecia, Aleesha, Alesha, Lecia

Alika (Hawaiian) One who is honest
Alicka, Alicca, Alyka,
Alycka, Alycca

Alina (Arabic / Polish) One who is noble / one who is beautiful and bright

Alitash (African) May you always be found
Alytash, Alitasha, Alytasha,
Alitashe, Alytashe

Aliyah (Arabic) An ascender; one having the highest social standing
Aaliyah, Aliya, Alliyah,
Alieya, Aliyiah, Alliyia,
Aleeya, Alee, Aleiya

Almas (Arabic) Resembling a diamond

Almira (English) A princess; daughter born to royalty
Almeera, Almeira, Almiera,
Almyra, Almirah,
Almeerah, Almeirah,

Almodine (Latin) A highly prized stone
Almondyne, Almondeene,
Almondeane, Almondeine,

Almunda (Spanish) Refers to the Virgin Mary
Almundena, Almundina

Aloma (Spanish) Form of Paloma, meaning “dovelike”
Alomah, Alomma,

Alpha (Greek) The firstborn child; the first letter of the Greek alphabet

Alphonsine (French) Feminine form of Alphonse; one who is ready for battle
Alphonsina, Alphonsyne,
Alphonsyna, Alphonseene,
Alphonseena, Alphonseane,
Alphonseana, Alphonsiene

Alpina (Scottish) Feminine form of Alpin; blonde; white-skinned
Alpinah, Alpena, Alpeena,
Alpyna, Alpeenah, Alpynah,
Alpeina, Alpeinah

Alsoomse (Native American) One who is independent

Altagracia (Spanish) The high grace of the Virgin Mary

Aludra (Arabic) A maiden; the name of a star in the constellation Canis Major

Alura (English) A divine counselor
Allura, Alurea, Alhraed

Alva (Latin) One who has a fair complexion

Alvar (German) Of the army of elves
Alvara, Alvaria, Alvarie,
Alvare, Alvarr

Alvera (Spanish) Feminine of Alvaro; guardian of all; speaker of the truth
Alveria, Alvara, Alverna,
Alvernia, Alvira, Alvyra,
Alvarita, Alverra

Alverdine (English) Feminine form of Alfred; one who counsels the elves
Alverdina, Alverdeene,
Alverdeena, Alverdeane,
Alverdeana, Alverdiene,
Alverdiena, Alverdeine

Amada (Spanish) One who is loved by all
Amadia, Amadea,
Amadita, Amadah

Amadea (Latin) Feminine form of Amedeo; loved by God
Amadya, Amadia,
Amadine, Amadina,
Amadika, Amadis

Amadi (African) One who rejoices
Amadie, Amady, Amadey,
Amadye, Amadee, Amadea,

Amalfi (Italian) From an Italian town overlooking the Gulf of Salerno
Amalfey, Amalfy, Amalfie,
Amalfee, Amalfea, Amalfeah

Amalia (German) One who is industrius and hardworking
Amelia, Amalya, Amalie,
Amalea, Amylia, Amyleah,
Amilia, Neneca

Amalthea (Greek) One who soothes; in mythology, the foster mother of Zeus
Amaltheah, Amalthia,

Amalur (Spanish) From the homeland
Amalure, Amalura, Amaluria

Amanda (Latin) One who is much loved
Amandi, Amandah,
Amandea, Amandee,
Amandey, Amande,
Amandie, Amandy, Mandy

Amandeep (Indian) Emanating the light of peace
Amanpreet, Amanjot

Amapola (Arabic) Resembling a poppy
Amapolah, Amapolla,
Amapollah, Amapolia

Amara (Greek) One who will be forever beautiful
Amarah, Amarya, Amaira,
Amaria, Amar, Amari,
Amaree, Amarie

Amber (French) Resembling the jewel; a warm honey color
Ambur, Ambar, Amberly,
Amberlyn, Amberli,
Amberlee, Ambyr, Ambyre

Ambrosia (Greek) Immortal; in mythology, the food of the gods
Ambrosa, Ambrosiah,
Ambrosyna, Ambrosina,
Ambrosyn, Ambrosine,
Ambrozin, Ambrozyn

America (Latin) A powerful ruler
Americus, Amerika, Amerikus

Amira (Arabic) A princess; one who commands
Amirah, Ameera, Amyra,
Ameerah, Amyrah, Ameira,
Ameirah, Amiera

Amissa (Hebrew) One who is honest; a friend
Amisa, Amise, Amisia,
Amiza, Amysa, Amysia,
Amysya, Amyza

Amita (Indian) Feminine form of Amit; without limits; unmeasurable
Amitah, Ameeta, Amyta,
Amitha, Ameetah, Amytah,
Amieta, Amietah

Amlika (Indian) A nurturing woman; a mother
Amlikah, Amlyka, Amlykah

Amrita (Hindi) Having immortality; full of ambrosia
Amritah, Amritta, Amryta,
Amrytta, Amrytte, Amritte,
Amryte, Amreeta

Amser (Welsh) A period of time

Amy (Latin) Dearly loved
Aimee, Aimie, Aimi, Aimy,
Aimya, Aimey, Amice,

Anaba (Native American) A woman returning from battle
Anabah, Annaba, Annabah

Anabal (Gaelic) One who is joyful
Anaball, Annabal,

Anafa (Hebrew) Resembling the heron
Anafah, Anapha, Anaphah

Anarosa (Spanish) A graceful rose
Annarosa, Anarose, Annarose

Anastasia (Greek) One who shall rise again
Anastase, Anastascia,
Anastasha, Anastasie,
Stacia, Stasia, Stacy, Stacey

Anasuya (Indian) One who is charitable
Anasuyah, Annasuya

Ancina (Latin) Form of Ann, meaning “a woman graced with God’s favor”
Ancyna, Anncina,
Anncyna, Anceina,
Annceina, Anciena,
Annciena, Anceena

Andes (Latin) Woman from the Andes

Andrea (Greek / Latin) Courageous and strong /feminine form of Andrew; womanly
Andria, Andrianna,
Andreia, Andreina,
Andreya, Andriana,
Andreana, Andera

Aneira (Welsh) The golden woman
Aneera, Anyra, Aneirah,
Aneerah, Anyrah, Aniera,
Anierah, Aneara

Angela (Greek) A heavenly messenger; an angel
Angelica, Angelina,
Angelique, Anjela, Anjelika,
Angella, Angelita, Angeline

Anh (Vietnamese) One who offers safety and peace

Ani (Hawaiian) One who is very beautiful
Aneesa, Aney, Anie, Any,
Aany, Aanye, Anea, Aneah

Aniceta (French) One who is unconquerable
Anicetta, Anniceta, Annicetta

Anila (Hindi) Child of the wind
Anilla, Anyla, Anylla,
Anilah, Anylah, Anyllah

Anna (Latin) A woman graced with God’s favor
Annah, Ana, Ann, Anne,
Anya, Ane, Annze, Anouche,
Annchen, Ancina, Nancy

Annabel (Italian) Graceful and beautiful woman
Annabelle, Annabell,
Annabella, Annabele, Anabel,
Anabell, Anabelle, Anabella

Annabeth (English) Graced with God’s bounty
Anabeth, Annabethe,
Annebeth, Anebeth, Anabethe

Annalynn (English) From the graceful lake
Analynn, Annalyn, Annaline,
Annalin, Annalinn, Analyn,
Analine, Analin

Annmarie (English) Filled with bitter grace
Annemarie, Annmaria,
Annemaria, Annamarie,
Annamaria, Anamarie,
Anamaria, Anamari

Annora (Latin) Having great honor
Anora, Annorah, Anorah,
Anoria, Annore, Annorya,
Anorya, Annoria

Anona (English) Resembling a pineapple
Anonah, Annona,
Annoniah, Annonya,

Anouhea (Hawaiian) Having a soft, cool fragrance

Ansley (English) From the noble’s pastureland
Ansly, Anslie, Ansli, Anslee,
Ansleigh, Anslea, Ansleah,

Antalya (Russian) Born with the morning’s first light
Antaliya, Antalyah,
Antaliyah, Antalia, Antaliah

Antea (Greek) In mythology, a woman who was scorned and committed suicide
Anteia, Anteah

Antje (German) A graceful woman

An-toan (Vietnamese) Safe and secure

Antoinette (French) Praiseworthy

Anuradha (Hindi) In Hinduism, goddess of good fortune

Anwen (Welsh) A famed beauty
Anwin, Anwenne,
Anwinne, Anwyn, Anwynn,
Anwynne, Anwenn,

Anyango (African) One who is a good friend

Aolani (Hawaiian) Cloud from heaven
Aolaney, Aolanee, Aolaniah,
Aolanie, Aolany, Aolanya,
Aolania, Aolanea

Apala (African) One who creates religious music
Apalla, Appalla, Appala,
Apalah, Apallah, Appallah,

Apara (Yoruban) One who doesn’t remain in one place
Aparra, Apparra, Appara,
Aparah, Aparrah,
Apparrah, Apparah

Aphrah (Hebrew) From the house of dust

Aphrodite (Greek) Love; in mythology, the goddess of love and beauty
Afrodite, Afrodita,
Aphrodita, Aphrodyte,
Aphhrodyta, Aphrodytah

Aponi (Native American) Resembling a butterfly
Aponni, Apponni, Apponi

Apphia (Hebrew) One who is productive

Apple (American) Sweet fruit; one who is cherished
Appel, Aple, Apel

Apsaras (Indian) In mythology, nature spirits or water nymphs

Aquene (Native American) One who is peaceful
Aqueena, Aqueene, Aqueen

Arama (Spanish) Refers to the Virgin Mary
Aramah, Aramma,

Aranka (Hungarian) The golden child

Aranrhod (Welsh) A large silver wheel; in mythology, the mother of a sea creature and a blob
Arianrhod, Arianrod

Ararinda (German) One who is tenacious
Ararindah, Ararynda,

Arava (Hebrew) Resembling a willow; of an arid land
Aravah, Aravva, Aravvah

Arcadia (Greek / Spanish) Feminine form of Arkadios; woman from Arcadia
Arcadiah, Arkadia,
Arcadya, Arkadya,
Arckadia, Arckadya

Ardara (Gaelic) From the stronghold on the hill
Ardarah, Ardarra, Ardaria,
Ardarrah, Ardariah

Ardel (Latin) Feminine form of Ardos; industrious and eager
Ardelle, Ardella, Ardele,
Ardelia, Ardelis, Ardela,

Arden (Latin / English) One who is passionate and enthusiastic / from the valley of the eagles
Ardin, Ardeen, Ardena,
Ardene, Ardan, Ardean,
Ardine, Ardun

Ardith (Hebrew) From the field of flowers
Ardyth, Ardythe, Ardath,
Ardice, Ardise, Ardisa,
Ardyce, Ardyse

Ardra (Celtic / Hindi) One who is noble / the goddess of bad luck and misfortune

Argea (Greek) In mythology, the wife of Polynices

ArgIwyddes (Welsh) A distinguished lady

Argoel (Welsh) A prophetic sign
Argoell, Argoele, Argoelle,
Argoela, Argoella

Argraff (Welsh) One who makes an impression
Argraffe, Argrafe

Aria (English) A beautiful melody

Ariana (Welsh / Greek) Resembling silver / one who is holy
Ariane, Arian, Arianna,
Arianne, Aerian, Aerion,
Arianie, Arieon

Arietta (Italian) A short but beautiful melody
Arieta, Ariete, Ariet, Ariett,
Aryet, Aryeta, Aryetta,

Arin (English) Form of Erin, meaning “woman of Ireland”

Arisje (Danish) One who is superior

Arissa (Greek) One who is superior
Arisa, Aris, Aryssa, Arysa,

Arizona (Native American) From the little spring / from the state of Arizona

Arnette (English) A little eagle
Arnett, Arnetta, Arnete,
Arneta, Arnet

Aroha (Maori) One who loves and is loved

Arona (Maori) One who is colorful and vivacious
Aronah, Aronnah, Aronna

Arrosa (Basque) Sprinkled with dew from heaven; resembling a rose

Arthurine (English) Feminine form of Arthur; as strong as a she-bear
Arthurina, Arthuretta,
Arthuryne, Arthes, Arthene

Artis (Irish / English /Icelandic) Lofy hill; noble /rock / follower of Thor
Artisa, Artise, Artys, Artysa,
Artyse, Artiss, Arti, Artina

Arusi (African) A girl born during the time of a wedding
Arusie, Arusy, Arusey,
Arusee, Arusea, Aruseah,

Arwa (Arabic) A female mountain goat

Arya (Indian) One who is noble and honored
Aryah, Aryana, Aryanna,

Ascención (Spanish) Refers to the Ascension

Aselma (Gaelic) One who is fair-skinned

Asgre (Welsh) Having a noble heart

Ashby (English) Home of the ash tree
Ashbea, Ashbie, Ashbeah,
Ashbey, Ashbi, Ashbee

Asherat (Syrian) In mythology, goddess of the sea

Ashima (Hebrew) In the Bible, a deity worshipped at Hamath
Ashimah, Ashyma,
Asheema, Ashimia,
Ashymah, Asheemah,
Asheima, Asheimah

Ashira (Hebrew) One who is wealthy; prosperous
Ashyra, Ashyrah, Ashirah,
Asheera, Asheerah, Ashiera,
Ashierah, Asheira

Ashley (English) From the meadow of ash trees
Ashlie, Ashlee, Ashleigh,
Ashly, Ashleye, Ashlya,
Ashala, Ashleay

Asia (Greek / English) Resurrection;The woman who raised Moses; a woman from the east
Aysia, Asya, Asyah, Azia,

Asima (Arabic) One who offers protection
Asimah, Aseema, Azima,
Aseemah, Asyma, Asymah,
Asiema, Asiemah

Asis (African) Of the sun
Asiss, Assis, Assiss

Asli (Turkish) One who is genuine and original
Aslie, Asly, Asley, Aslee,
Asleigh, Aslea, Asleah, Alsye

Asma (Arabic) One of high status

Asphodel (Greek) Resembling a lily
Asfodel, Asfodelle, Asphodelle,
Asphodela, Asphodella,
Asfodela, Asfodella

Assana (Irish) From the waterfall
Assane, Assania, Assanna,
Asanna, Asana

Assunta (Latin) One who is raised up
Assuntah, Asunta, Asuntah

Astra (Latin) Of the stars; as bright as a star
Astera, Astrea, Asteria, Astrey,
Astara, Astraea, Astrah, Astree

Astrid (Scandinavian /German) One with divine strength
Astryd, Estrid

Asunción (Spanish) Refers to the Virgin Mary’s assumption into heaven

Asura (African) Daughter born during the month of Ashur

Athena (Greek) One who is wise; in mythology, the goddess of war and wisdom
Athina, Atheena, Athene

Atthis (Greek) In mythology, the daughter of Cranaus who gave her name to Attica; a woman from Attica

Attracta (Irish) A virtuous woman; a saint
Athracht, Athrachta

Audhilda (Norse) A wealthy woman warrior
Audhild, Audhilde

Audrey (English) Woman with noble strength
Audree, Audry, Audra,
Audrea, Adrey, Audre,
Audray, Audrin

Augusta (Latin) Feminine form of Augustus; venerable; majestic
Augustina, Agustina,
Augustine, Agostina,
Agostine, Augusteen,
Augustyna, Agusta

Aulis (Greek) In mythology, a princess of Attica
Auliss, Aulisse, Aulys,
Aulyss, Aulysse

Aurear (English) One who plays gentle music
Aureare, Auriar, Auriare,

Aurora (Latin) Morning’s first light; in mythology, the goddess of the dawn
Aurore, Aurea, Aurorette

Autumn (English) Born in the fall

Ava (German / Iranian) A birdlike woman / from the water
Avah, Avalee, Avaleigh,
Avali, Avalie, Avaley,
Avelaine, Avelina

Avasa (Indian) One who is independent
Avasah, Avassa, Avasia,
Avassah, Avasiah, Avasea,

Avena (English) From the oat field
Avenah, Aviena, Avyna,
Avina, Avinah, Avynah,
Avienah, Aveinah

Avera (Hebrew) One who transgresses
Averah, Avyra, Avira

Avery (English) One who is a wise ruler; of the nobility
Avrie, Averey, Averie, Averi,
Averee, Averea, Avereah

Aviana (Latin) Blessed with a gracious life
Avianah, Avianna,
Aviannah, Aviane, Avianne,
Avyana, Avyanna, Avyane

Aviva (Hebrew) One who is innocent and joyful; resembling springtime
Avivi, Avivah, Aviv, Avivie,
Avivice, Avni, Avri, Avyva

Awel (Welsh) One who is as refreshing as a breeze
Awell, Awele, Awela, Awella

Awen (Welsh) A fluid essence; a muse; a flowing spirit
Awenn, Awenne, Awin,
Awinn, Awinne, Awyn,
Awynn, Awynne

Axelle (German / Latin /Hebrew) Source of life; small oak / axe / peace
Axella, Axell, Axele, Axl,
Axela, Axelia, Axellia

Ayala (Hebrew) Resembling a gazelle
Ayalah, Ayalla, Ayallah

Ayla (Hebrew) From the oak tree
Aylah, Aylana, Aylanna,
Aylee, Aylea, Aylene,
Ayleena, Aylena

Aza (Arabic / African) One who provides comfort /powerful
Azia, Aiza, Aizia, Aizha

Azana (African) One who is superior
Azanah, Azanna, Azannah

Azar (Persian) One who is fiery; scarlet
Azara, Azaria, Azarah,
Azarra, Azarrah, Azarr

Aznii (Chechen) A famed beauty
Azni, Aznie, Azny, Azney,
Aznee, Aznea, Azneah

Azriel (Hebrew) God is my helper
Azrael, Azriell, Azrielle,
Azriela, Azriella, Azraela

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