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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Arabic) One who is faithful; devoted
Wafah, Wafaa, Waffa,
Wapha, Waffah, Waphah

Wagaye (African) My sense of value; my price
Wagay, Wagai, Wagae

Wainani (Hawaiian) Of the beautiful waters
Wainanie, Wainany,
Wainaney, Wainanee,
Wainanea, Wainaneah

Wajihah (Arabic) One who is distinguished; eminent
Wajiha, Wajeeha, Wajyha,
Wajeehah, Wajyhah,
Wajieha, Wajiehah, Wajeiha

Wakanda (Native American) One who possesses
magical powers
Wakandah, Wakenda,
Wakinda, Wakynda

Wakeishah (American) Filled with happiness
Wakeisha, Wakieshah,
Wakiesha, Wakesha,
Wakeshah, Wakeesha,
Wakeeshah, Wakysha

Walda (German) One who has fame and power
Waldah, Wallda, Walida,
Waldine, Waldina,
Waldyne, Waldyna, Welda

Walker (English) Walker of the forests
Wallker, Walkher

Walta (African) One who acts as a shield

Wanetta (English) A paleskinned woman
Wanettah, Wanette, Wannette,
Wannetta, Wonetta, Wonette,
Wonitta, Wonitte

Wangari (African) Resembling the leopard
Wangarie, Wangarri,
Wangary, Wangarey,
Wangaria, Wangaree

Wanyika (African) Of the bush
Wanyikka, Wanyicka,
Wanyicca, Wanyica

Waqi (Arabic) Falling; swooping

Warma (American) A caring woman
Warm, Warme, Warmia,
Warmiah, Warmea, Warmeah

Warna (German) One who defends her loved ones

Washi (Japanese) Resembling an eagle
Washie, Washy, Washey,
Washee, Washea, Washeah

Waynette (English) One who makes wagons
Waynett, Waynet, Waynete,
Wayneta, Waynetta

Wednesday (American) Born on a Wednesday
Wensday, Winsday,
Windnesday, Wednesdae,
Wensdae, Winsdae,
Windnesdae, Wednesdai

Welcome (English) A welcome guest
Welcom, Welcomme

Wendy (Welsh) Form of Gwendolyn, meaning “one who is fair; of the white ring”
Wendi, Wendie, Wendee,
Wendey, Wenda, Wendia,
Wendea, Wendya

Wesley (English) From the western meadow
Wesly, Weslie, Wesli, Weslee,
Weslia, Wesleigh, Weslea,

Whisper (English) One who is soft-spoken
Whysper, Wisper, Wysper

Whitley (English) From the white meadow
Whitly, Whitlie, Whitli,
Whitlee, Whitleigh,
Whitlea, Whitlia, Whitlya

Whitney (English) From the white island
Whitny, Whitnie, Whitni,
Whitnee, Whittney,
Whitneigh, Whytny,

Wicapi Wakan (Native American) A holy star

Wijida (Arabic) An excited seeker
Wijidah, Weejida,
Weejidah, Wijeeda,
Wijeedah, Wijyda, Wijydah,

Wileen (Teutonic) A firm defender
Wiline, Wilean, Wileane,
Wilyn, Wileene, Wilene,
Wyleen, Wyline

Wilhelmina (German) Feminine form of Wilhelm; determined protector
Wilhelminah, Wylhelmina,
Wylhelmyna, Willemina,
Wilhelmine, Wilhemina,
Wilhemine, Helma, Ilma

Winetta (American) One who is peaceful
Wineta, Wynetta, Wyneta,
Winet, Winett, Winette,
Wynet, Wynett

Wing (Chinese) Woman of glory
Winge, Wyng

Winnielle (African) A victorious woman
Winniell, Winniele,
Winniel, Winniella,

Winola (German) Gracious and charming friend
Winolah, Wynola, Winolla,
Wynolla, Wynolah,
Winollah, Wynollah

Winta (African) One who is desired
Wintah, Whinta, Wynta,
Whynta, Whintah,
Wyntah, Whyntah

Wisconsin (French) Gathering of waters; from the state of Wisconsin
Wisconsyn, Wisconsen,
Wisconson, Wysconsin,
Wysconsen, Wysconson

Woody (American) A woman of the forest
Woodey, Woodi, Woodie,
Woodee, Woodea, Woodeah,

Wren (English) Resembling a small songbird
Wrenn, Wrene, Wrena,
Wrenie, Wrenee, Wreney,
Wrenny, Wrenna

Wynda (Scottish) From the narrow passage
Wyndah, Winda, Windah

Girl names, and unique baby names