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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Finnish) Form of Paul, meaning “a small or humble man”

Pace (Hebrew / English) Refers to Passover / a peaceful man
Paice, Payce, Paece, Pacey,
Pacy, Pacee, Paci, Pacie

Pacho (Spanish) An independent man; one who is free

Pachu’a (Native American) Resembling a water snake

Paco (Spanish) A man from France
Pacorro, Pacoro, Paquito

Padgett (French) One who strives to better himself
Padget, Padgette, Padgete,
Padgeta, Padgetta, Padge,
Paget, Pagett

Padman (Indian) Resembling the lotus

Padruig (Scottish) Of the royal family

Paine (Latin) Man from the country; a peasant
Pain, Payn, Payne, Paen,
Paene, Pane, Paien

Palamedes (English) In Arthurian legend, a knight
Palomydes, Palomedes,
Palamydes, Palsmedes,
Palsmydes, Pslomydes

Palban (Spanish) A blondhaired man
Palben, Palbin, Palbyn,
Palbon, Palbun

Paley (English) Form of Paul, meaning “a small or humble man”
Paly, Pali, Palie, Palee, Palea

Palladin (Greek) Filled with wisdom
Palladyn, Palladen,
Palladan, Paladin, Paladyn,
Paladen, Paladan

Palmer (English) A pilgrim bearing a palm branch
Pallmer, Palmar, Pallmar,
Palmerston, Palmiro,
Palmeero, Palmeer, Palmire

Pan (Greek) In mythology, god of the shepherds

Panama (Spanish) From the canal

Pancho (Spanish) A man from France

Pankaj (Indian) Resembling the lotus flower

Panya (African) Resembling a mouse

Panyin (African) The firstborn of twins

Paras (Hindi) A touchstone
Parasmani, Parasmanie,
Parasmany, Parasmaney,

Parkins (English) As solid as a rock; son of Peter
Parkens, Parken, Parkin,
Parkyns, Parkyn, Parkinson

Parley (Scottish) A reluctant man
Parly, Parli, Parlie, Parlee,
Parlea, Parle

Parmenio (Spanish) A studious man; one who is intelligent
Parmenios, Parmenius

Parounag (Armenian) One who is thankful

Parrish (Latin) Man of the church
Parish, Parrishe, Parishe,
Parrysh, Parysh, Paryshe,
Parryshe, Parisch

Parry (Welsh) The son of Harry
Parrey, Parri, Parrie,
Parree, Parrea

Parthenios (Greek) One who is pure; chaste

Parthik (Greek) One who is pure; chaste
Parthyk, Parthick, Parthyck,
Parthic, Parthyc

Pascal (Latin) Born during Easter
Pascale, Pascalle, Paschal,
Paschalis, Pascoe, Pascual,
Pascuale, Pasqual

Pastor (English) Man of the church
Pastur, Paster, Pastar,
Pastir, Pastyr

Patamon (Native American) Resembling a tempest
Patamun, Patamen,
Pataman, Patamyn, Patamin

Patch (American) Form of Peter, meaning “as solid and strong as a rock”
Pach, Patche, Patchi, Patchie,
Patchy, Patchey, Patchee

Patrick (Latin) A nobleman; patrician
Packey, Padric, Pat, Patrece,
Patric, Patrice, Patreece,

Patton (English) From the town of warriors
Paten, Patin, Paton, Patten,
Pattin, Paddon, Padden,

Patwin (Native American) A manly man
Patwinn, Patwinne,
Patwyn, Patwynne,
Patwynn, Patwen, Patwenn,

Paul (Latin) A small or humble man
Pauley, Paulie, Pauly, Paley,

Paurush (Indian) A courageous man
Paurushe, Paurushi,
Paurushie, Paurushy,
Paurushey, Paurushee

Pavanjit (Indian) Resembling the wind
Pavanjyt, Pavanjeet,
Pavanjeat, Pavanjete

Paxton (English) From the peaceful town
Packston, Paxon, Paxten,
Paxtun, Packstun, Packsten

Pazel (Hebrew) God’s gold; treasured by God
Pazell, Pazele, Pazelle

Pearroc (English) Man of the forest
Pearoc, Pearrok, Pearok,
Pearrock, Pearock

Pecos (American) From the river; a cowboy
Pekos, Peckos

Pedro (Spanish) Form of Peter, meaning “as solid and strong as a rock”
Pedrio, Pepe, Petrolino,
Piero, Pietro

Pelham (English) From the house of furs; from
Peola’s home
Pellham, Pelam, Pellam

Pell (English) A clerk or one who works with skins
Pelle, Pall, Palle

Pelon (Spanish) Filled with joy

Pelton (English) From the town by the lake
Pellton, Peltun, Pelltun,
Peltan, Pelltan, Pelten,
Pellten, Peltin

Penda (African) One who is dearly loved
Pendah, Penha, Penhah

Penley (English) From the enclosed meadow
Penly, Penleigh, Penli,
Penlie, Penlee, Penlea,
Penleah, Pennley

Penrod (German) A respected commander

Pentele (Hungarian) A merciful man
Pentelle, Pentel, Pentell

Penuel (Hebrew) The face of God
Penuell, Penuele, Penuelle

Percival (French) One who can pierce the vale”
Purcival, Percy, Percey,
Perci, Percie, Percee, Percea,
Persy, Persey, Persi

Peregrine (Latin) One who travels; a wanderer
Perry, Perree, Perrea, Perri,
Perrie, Perregrino

Perez (Hebrew) To break through

Pericles (Greek) One who is in excess of glory
Perricles, Perycles, Perrycles,
Periclees, Perriclees,
Peryclees, Perryclees,

Perk (American) One who is cheerful and jaunty
Perke, Perky, Perkey, Perki,
Perkie, Perkee, Perkea

Perkinson (English) The son of Perkin; the son of Peter

Perseus (Greek) In mythology, son of Zeus who slew Medusa
Persius, Persyus, Persies,

Perth (Celtic) From the thorny thicket
Perthe, Pert, Perte

Perye (English) From the pear tree

Peter (Greek) As solid and strong as a rock
Peder, Pekka, Per, Petar,
Pete, Peterson, Petr, Petre,
Pierce, Patch, Pedro

Petuel (Hindi) The Lord’s vision
Petuell, Petuele, Petuelle

Peyton (English) From the village of warriors
Payton, Peytun, Paytun,
Peyten, Payten, Paiton,
Paitun, Paiten

Pharis (Irish) A heroic man
Pharys, Pharris, Pharrys

Phex (American) A kind man

Philemon (Hebrew) A loving man
Phylemon, Philimon,
Phylimon, Philomon,
Phylomon, Philamon,

Philetus (Greek) A collector
Phyletus, Philetos, Phyletos

Phillip (Greek) One who loves horses
Phil, Philip, Felipe, Filipp,
Phillie, Philly

Philo (Greek) One who loves and is loved

Phoebus (Greek) A radiant man

Phomello (African) A successful man

Phong (Vietnamese) Of the wind

Phuc (Vietnamese) One who is blessed

Picardus (Hispanic) An adventurous man
Pycardus, Picardos,
Pycardos, Picardas,
Pycardas, Picardis,
Pycardis, Picardys

Pickworth (English) From the woodcutter’s estate
Pikworth, Picworth,
Pickworthe, Pikworthe,

Pierce (English) Form of Peter, meaning “as solid and strong as a rock”
Pearce, Pears, Pearson,
Pearsson, Peerce, Peirce,
Pierson, Piersson

Pin (Vietnamese) Filled with joy

Pio (Latin) A pious man
Pyo, Pios, Pius, Pyos, Pyus

Pirro (Greek) A red-haired man

Pitney (English) From the island of the stubborn man
Pitny, Pitni, Pitnie, Pitnee,
Pitnea, Pytney, Pytny, Pytni

Pittman (English) A laborer
Pyttman, Pitman, Pytman

Plantagenet (French) Resembling the broom flower

Poetry (American) A romantic man
Poetrey, Poetri, Poetrie,
Poetree, Poetrea, Poet, Poete

Pollux (Greek) One who is crowned
Pollock, Pollok, Polloc,
Pollack, Polloch

Polo (African) Resembling an alligator
Poloe, Poloh

Ponce (Spanish) The fifthborn child

Pongor (Hungarian) A mighty man
Pongorr, Pongoro, Pongorro

Poni (African) The secondborn son
Ponni, Ponie, Ponnie, Pony,
Ponny, Poney, Ponney, Ponee

Pons (Latin) From the bridge
Pontius, Ponthos, Ponthus

Poornamruth (Indian) Full of sweetness

Poornayu (Indian) Full of life; blessed with a full life
Pournayu, Poornayou,
Pournayou, Poornayue,

Porat (Hebrew) A productive man

Porfirio (Greek) Refers to a purple coloring
Porphirios, Prophyrios,
Porfiro, Porphyrios

Powhatan (Native American) From the chief’s hill

Prabhakar (Hindu) Of the sun

Prabhat (Indian) Born during the morning

Pragun (Indian) One who is straightforward; honest

Pramod (Indian) A delightful young man

Pranit (Indian) One who is humble; modest
Pranyt, Praneet, Praneat

Prasad (Indian) A gift from God

Prashant (Indian) One who is peaceful; calm
Prashante, Prashanth,

Pratap (Hindi) A majestic man

Pravat (Thai) History

Prem (Indian) An affectionate man

Prentice (English) A student; an apprentice
Prentyce, Prentise, Prentyse,
Prentiss, Prentis

Prescott (English) From the priest’s cottage
Prescot, Prestcot, Prestcott,

Preston (English) From the priest’s town
Prestin, Prestyn, Prestan,
Prestun, Presten, Pfeostun

Prewitt (French) A brave young one
Prewet, Prewett, Prewit,
Pruitt, Pruit, Pruet, Pruett

Prine (English) One who surpasses others

Prometheus (Greek) In mythology, he stole fire from the heavens and gave it to man
Promitheus, Promethius,

Prop (American) A funloving man
Propp, Proppe

Prosper (Latin) A fortunate man
Prospero, Prosperus

Pryderi (Celtic) Son of the sea
Pryderie, Prydery, Pryderey,
Pryderee, Pryderea

Prydwen (Welsh) A handsome man
Prydwenn, Prydwenne,
Prydwin, Prydwinne,
Prydwinn, Prydwyn,
Prydwynn, Prydwynne

Pullman (English) One who works on a train
Pulman, Pullmann, Pulmann

Pyralis (Greek) Born of fire
Pyraliss, Pyralisse, Pyralys,
Pyralyss, Pyralysse, Pyre

Boy names, and unique baby names