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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Egyptian / Arabic) Born in the springtime /of the gentle wind
Rabia, Raabia, Rabi’ah,

Rachana (Hindi) Born of the creation
Rachanna, Rashana,
Rashanda, Rachna

Rachel (Hebrew) The innocent lamb; in the Bible, Jacob’s wife
Rachael, Racheal,
Rachelanne, Rachelce,
Rachele, Racheli, Rachell,
Rachelle, Raquel

Radcliffe (English) Of the red cliffs
Radcleff, Radclef, Radclif,
Radclife, Radclyffe, Radclyf,
Radcliphe, Radclyphe

Radella (English) An elfin counselor
Radell, Radel, Radele,
Radella, Radela, Raedself,
Radself, Raidself

Radmilla (Slavic) Hardworking for the people
Radilla, Radinka, Radmila,
Redmilla, Radilu

Rafi’a (Arabic) An exalted woman
Rafia, Rafi’ah, Rafee’a,
Rafeea, Rafeeah, Rafiya,

Ragnara (Swedish) Feminine form of Ragnar; one who provides counsel to the army
Ragnarah, Ragnarra,
Ragnaria, Ragnarea,
Ragnari, Ragnarie,
Ragnary, Ragnarey

Rahi (Arabic) Born during the springtime
Rahii, Rahy, Rahey, Rahee,
Rahea, Rahie

Rahimah (Arabic) A compassionate woman; one who is merciful
Rahima, Raheema,
Raheemah, Raheima,
Rahiema, Rahyma,
Rahymah, Raheama

Raina (Polish) Form of Regina, meaning “a queenly woman”
Raenah, Raene, Rainah,
Raine, Rainee, Rainey,
Rainelle, Rainy

Raja (Arabic) One who is filled with hope

Raleigh (English) From the clearing of roe deer
Raileigh, Railey, Raley,
Rawleigh, Rawley, Raly,
Rali, Ralie

Ramona (Spanish) Feminine form of Ramon; a wise protector
Ramee, Ramie, Ramoena,
Ramohna, Ramonda,
Ramonde, Ramonita,

Randi (English) Feminine form of Randall; shielded by wolves; form of Miranda, meaning “worthy of admiration”
Randa, Randee, Randelle,
Randene, Randie, Randy,
Randey, Randilyn

Raquel (Spanish) Form of Rachel, meaning “the innocent lamb”
Racquel, Racquell, Raquela,
Raquelle, Roquel, Roquela,
Rakel, Rakell

Rasha (Arabic) Resembling
a young gazelle
Rashah, Raisha, Raysha,
Rashia, Raesha

Ratana (Thai) Resembling a crystal
Ratanah, Ratanna,
Ratannah, Rathana,

Rati (Hindi) In Hinduism, goddess of passion and lust
Ratie, Ratea, Ratee, Raty,

Ratri (Indian) Born in the evening
Ratrie, Ratry, Ratrey,
Ratree, Ratrea

Rawiyah (Arabic) One who recites ancient poetry
Rawiya, Rawiyya,

Rawnie (English) An elegant lady
Rawni, Rawny, Rawney,
Rawnee, Rawnea

Raya (Israeli) A beloved friend

Raymonde (German) Feminine form of Raymond; one who offers wise protection
Raymondi, Raymondie,
Raymondee, Raymondea,
Raymonda, Raymunde,

Rayna (Hebrew /Scandinavian) One who is pure / one who provides wise counsel
Raynah, Raynee, Rayni,
Rayne, Raynea, Raynie

Reba (Hebrew) Form of Rebecca, meaning “one who is bound to God”
Rebah, Reeba, Rheba,
Rebba, Ree, Reyba, Reaba

Rebecca (Hebrew) One who is bound to God; in the Bible, the wife of Isaac
Rebakah, Rebbeca, Rebbecca,
Rebbecka, Rebeca, Rebeccah,
Rebeccea, Becky, Reba

Regan (Gaelic) Born into royalty; the little ruler
Raegan, Ragan, Raygan,
Reganne, Regann, Regane,
Reghan, Reagan

Regina (Latin) A queenly woman
Regeena, Regena, Reggi,
Reggie, Régine, Regine,
Reginette, Reginia, Raina

Rehan (Armenian) Resembling a flower
Rehane, Rehann, Rehanne,
Rehana, Rehanna,
Rehanan, Rehannan,

Rehema (African) A compassionate woman
Rehemah, Rehemma,
Rehemia, Rehemiya,

Rehoboth (Hebrew) From the city by the river
Rehobothe, Rehobotha,

Rekha (Indian) One who walks a straight line
Rekhah, Reka, Rekah

Remy (French) Woman from the town of Rheims
Remi, Remie, Remmy,
Remmi, Remmie, Remy,
Remmey, Remey

Ren (Japanese) Resembling a water lily

Renée (French) One who has been reborn
Ranae, Ranay, Ranée,
Renae, Renata, Renay,
Renaye, René

Rephidim (Hebrew) One who offers support
Rephidima, Rephydim,
Rephydima, Rephidem,
Rephydem, Rephedem

Reseda (Latin) Resembling the mignonette flower
Resedah, Reselda, Resedia,

Resen (Hebrew) From the head of the stream; refers
to a bridle

Reshma (Arabic) Having silky skin
Reshmah, Reshman,
Reshmane, Reshmann,
Reshmanne, Reshmana,
Reshmanna, Reshmaan

Reya (Spanish) A queenly woman
Reyah, Reyeh, Reye, Reyia,
Reyiah, Reyea, Reyeah

Reza (Hungarian) Form of Theresa, meaning “a harvester”
Rezah, Rezia, Reziah, Rezi,
Rezie, Rezy, Rezee, Resi

Rezeph (Hebrew) As solid as a stone
Rezepha, Rezephe, Rezephia,
Rezephah, Rezephiah

Rhea (Greek) Of the flowing stream;The wife of Cronus and mother of gods and goddesses
Rea, Rhae, Rhaya, Rhia,
Rhiah, Rhiya, Rheya

Rheda (Anglo-Saxon) A divine woman; a goddess

Rhiannon (Welsh) The great and sacred queen
Rheanna, Rheanne,
Rhiana, Rhiann, Rhianna,
Rhiannan, Rhianon, Rhyan

Rhonda (Welsh) Wielding a good spear
Rhondelle, Rhondene,
Rhondiesha, Rhonette,
Rhonnda, Ronda, Rondel,

Rhys (Welsh) Having great enthusiasm for life
Rhyss, Rhysse, Reece, Reese,
Reice, Reise, Reace, Rease

Ria (Spanish) From the river’s mouth

Riane (Gaelic) Feminine form of Ryan; little ruler
Riana, Rianna, Rianne,
Ryann, Ryanne, Ryana,
Ryanna, Riann

Rica (English) Form of Frederica, meaning “peaceful ruler”; form of Erica, meaning “ever the ruler / resembling heather”
Rhica, Ricca, Ricah, Rieca,
Riecka, Rieka, Riqua, Ryca

Riddhi (Indian) A prosperous woman
Riddhie, Riddhy, Riddhey,
Riddhee, Riddhea

Riley (Gaelic) From the rye clearing; a courageous woman
Reilley, Reilly, Rilee, Rileigh,
Ryley, Rylee, Ryleigh, Rylie

Rin (Japanese) A pleasant companion

Rini (Japanese) Resembling a young rabbit
Rinie, Rinee, Rinea, Riny,

Rio (Spanish) Woman of the river

Risa (Latin) One who laughs often
Risah, Reesa, Riesa, Rise,
Rysa, Rysah, Riseh, Risako

Rita (Greek) Precious pearl
Ritta, Reeta, Reita, Rheeta,
Riet, Rieta, Ritah, Reta

Roberta (English) Feminine form of Robert; one who is bright with fame
Robertah, Robbie, Robin

Rochelle (French) From the little rock
Rochel, Rochele, Rochell,
Rochella, Rochette, Roschella,
Roschelle, Roshelle

Roja (Spanish) A redhaired lady

Rolanda (German) Feminine form of Roland; well-known throughout the land
Rolandah, Rolandia,
Roldandea, Rolande,
Rolando, Rollanda,

Romhilda (German) A glorious battle maiden
Romhilde, Romhild,
Romeld, Romelde, Romelda,
Romilda, Romild, Romilde

Ronli (Hebrew) My joy is the Lord
Ronlie, Ronlee, Ronleigh,
Ronly, Ronley, Ronlea,
Ronia, Roniya

Ronni (English) Form of Veronica, meaning “displaying her true image”
Ronnie, Ronae, Ronay,
Ronee, Ronelle, Ronette,
Roni, Ronica, Ronika

Rosalind (German /English) Resembling a gentle horse / form of Rose, meaning “resembling
the beautiful and meaningful flower
Ros, Rosaleen, Rosalen,
Rosalin, Rosalina,
Rosalinda, Rosalinde,
Rosaline, Chalina

Rose (Latin) Resembling the beautiful and meaningful flower
Rosa, Rosie, Rosalind

Roseanne (English) Resembling the graceful rose
Ranna, Rosana, Rosanagh,
Rosanna, Rosannah,
Rosanne, Roseann, Roseanna

Rosemary (Latin /English) The dew of the sea / resembling a bitter rose
Rosemaree, Rosemarey,
Rosemaria, Rosemarie,
Rosmarie, Rozmary,
Rosamaria, Rosamarie

Rowan (Gaelic) Of the redberry tree
Rowann, Rowane,
Rowanne, Rowana,

Rowena (Welsh / German) One who is fair and slender / having much fame and happiness
Rhowena, Roweena,
Roweina, Rowenna,
Rowina, Rowinna,
Rhonwen, Rhonwyn

Ruana (Indian) One who is musically inclined
Ruanah, Ruanna,
Ruannah, Ruane, Ruann,

Rubaina (Indian) A bright woman
Rubaine, Rubain, Rubayne,
Rubayn, Rubayna, Rubana,
Rubane, Rubaena

Rudella (German) A wellknown woman
Rudela, Rudelah, Rudell,
Rudelle, Rudel, Rudele,
Rudy, Rudie

Rue (English, German) A medicinal herb
Ru, Larue

Rufina (Latin) A red-haired woman
Rufeena, Rufeine, Ruffina,
Rufine, Ruffine, Rufyna,
Ruffyna, Rufyne

Ruhi (Arabic) A spiritual woman
Roohee, Ruhee, Ruhie,
Ruhy, Ruhey, Roohi,
Roohie, Ruhea

Rukmini (Hindi) Adorned with gold; in Hinduism, the first wife of Krishna
Rukminie, Rukminy,
Rukminey, Rukminee,
Rukminea, Rukminni,

Rumah (Hebrew) One who has been exalted
Ruma, Rumia, Rumea,
Rumiah, Rumeah, Rumma,

Rumina (Latin) In mythology, a protector goddess of mothers and babies
Ruminah, Rumeena,
Rumeenah, Rumeina,
Rumiena, Rumyna,
Rumeinah, Rumienah

Rupali (Indian) A beautiful woman
Rupalli, Rupalie, Rupalee,
Rupallee, Rupal, Rupa,
Rupaly, Rupaley

Ruqayyah (Arabic) A gentle woman; a daughter of Muhammad
Ruqayya, Ruqayah, Ruqaya

Rusalka (Slavic) A woodland sprite
Rusalke, Rusalk, Rusalkia,

Ruth (Hebrew) A beloved companion
Ruthe, Ruthelle, Ruthellen,
Ruthetta, Ruthi, Ruthie,
Ruthina, Ruthine

Ryba (Slavic) Resembling a fish
Rybah, Rybba, Rybbah

Ryder (American) An accomplished horsewoman

Ryo (Japanese) An excellent woman

Girl names, and unique baby names