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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Indian) Born beneath the new moon
Nabendue, Nabendoo,

Nabhi (Indian) The best
Nabhie, Nabhy, Nabhey,
Nabhee, Nabhea

Nabhomani (Indian) Of the sun
Nabhomanie, Nabhomany,
Nabhomaney, Nabhomanee,

Nabil (Arabic) A highborn man
Nabeel, Nabeal, Nabeil,
Nabiel, Nabyl

Nabu (Babylonian) In mythology, the god of writing and wisdom
Nabue, Naboo, Nabo, Nebo,
Nebu, Nebue, Neboo

Nachshon (Hebrew) An adventurous man; one who is daring

Nadav (Hebrew) A generous man

Nadif (African) One who is born between seasons
Nadeef, Nadief, Nadeif,
Nadyf, Nadeaf

Nadim (Arabic) A beloved friend
Nadeem, Nadeam, Nadiem,
Nadeim, Nadym

Naftali (Hebrew) A struggling man; in the Bible, one of Jacob’s sons
Naphtali, Naphthali,
Neftali, Nefthali, Nephtali,
Nephthali, Naftalie,

Nagel (German) One who makes nails
Nagle, Nagler, Naegel,
Nageler, Nagelle, Nagele,

Nahir (Hebrew) A clearheaded and bright man
Naheer, Nahear, Naheir,
Nahier, Nahyr, Naher

Nahum (Hebrew) A compassionate man
Nahom, Nahoum, Nahoom,

Naji (Arabic) One who is safe
Najea, Naje, Najee, Najie,
Najy, Najey, Nanji, Nanjie

Najib (Arabic) Of noble descent; a highborn man
Najeeb, Najeab, Najeib,
Najieb, Najyb, Nageeb,
Nageab, Nagyb

Nally (Irish) A poor man
Nalley, Nalli, Nallie, Nallee,
Nallea, Nalleigh

Namir (Israeli) Resembling a leopard
Nameer, Namear, Namier,
Nameir, Namyr

Nandan (Indian) One who is pleasing
Nanden, Nandin, Nandyn,
Nandon, Nandun

Naotau (Indian) Our new son

Napier (French / English) A mover / one who takes care of the royal linens

Napoleon (Italian /German) A man from Naples / son of the mists
Napolean, Napolion,
Napoleone, Napoleane,

Narcissus (Greek) Resembling a daffodil; self-love; A youth who fell in love with his reflection
Narciso, Narcisse,
Narkissos, Narses, Narcisus,
Narcis, Narciss

Naresh (Indian) A king
Nareshe, Natesh, Nateshe

Nasih (Arabic) One who advises others

Natal (Spanish) Born at Christmastime
Natale, Natalino, Natalio,
Natall, Natalle, Nataleo,

Nathan (Hebrew) Form of Nathaniel, meaning “a gift from God”
Nat, Natan, Nate, Nathen,
Nathon, Nathin, Nathyn,
Nathun, Lathan

Nathaniel (Hebrew) A gift from God
Nathan, Natanael,
Nataniel, Nathanael,
Nathaneal, Nathanial,
Nathanyal, Nathanyel,

Nature (American) An outdoorsy man

Navarro (Spanish) From the plains
Navaro, Navarrio, Navario,
Navarre, Navare, Nabaro,

Naveed (Persian) Our best wishes
Navead, Navid, Navied,
Naveid, Navyd

Nazim (Arabian) Of a soft breeze
Nazeem, Nazeam, Naziem,
Nazeim, Nazym

Nebraska (Native American) From the flat water land; from the state of Nebraska

Neckarios (Greek) Of the nectar; one who is immortal
Nectaire, Nectarios,
Nectarius, Nektario,
Nektarius, Nektarios,

Neelotpal (Indian) Resembling the blue lotus
Nealotpal, Nielotpal,
Neilotpal, Nilothpal,

Negm (Arabian) Resembling a star

Nehal (Indian) Born during a period of rain
Nehall, Nehale, Nehalle

Nehemiah (Hebrew) God provides comfort
Nehemia, Nechemia,
Nechemiah, Nehemya,
Nehemyah, Nechemya,

Neil (Gaelic) The champion
Neal, Neale, Neall, Nealle,
Nealon, Neel, Neilan, Neile

Neirin (Irish) Surrounded by light
Neiryn, Neiren, Neerin,
Neeryn, Neeren

Nelek (Polish) Resembling a horn
Nelec, Neleck

Nelson (English) The son of Neil; the son of a champion
Nealson, Neilson, Neillson,
Nelsen, Nilson, Nilsson,
Nelli, Nellie

Neptune (Latin) In mythology, god of the sea
Neptun, Neptoon, Neptoone,
Neptoun, Neptoune

Neroli (Italian) Resembling an orange blossom
Nerolie, Neroly, Neroley,
Neroleigh, Nerolea, Nerolee

Nevan (Irish) The little saint

Neville (French) From the new village
Nev, Nevil, Nevile, Nevill,
Nevylle, Nevyl, Nevyle, Nevyll

Newcomb (English) From the new valley
Newcom, Newcome,
Newcombe, Neucomb,
Neucombe, Neucom,

Newlin (Welsh) From the new pond
Newlinn, Newlyn, Newlynn,
Neulin, Neulinn, Neulyn,

Newman (English) A newcomer
Newmann, Neuman,

Nhat (Vietnamese) Having a long life
Nhatt, Nhate, Nhatte

Niaz (Persian) A gift

Nibaw (Native American) One who stands tall
Nybaw, Nibau, Nybau

Nicholas (Greek) Of the victorious people
Nick, Nicanor, Niccolo,
Nichol, Nicholai, Nicholaus,
Nichole, Nicholl, Nichols,

Nick (English) Form of Nicholas, meaning “of the victorious people”
Nik, Nicki, Nickie, Nickey,
Nicky, Nickee, Nickea, Niki

Nickler (American) One who is swift
Nikler, Nicler, Nyckler,
Nykler, Nycler

Nicomedes (Greek) One who thinks of victory
Nikomedes, Nicomedo,

Nihal (Indian) One who is content
Neehal, Neihal, Niehal,
Neahal, Neyhal, Nyhal

Nihar (Indian) Covered with the morning’s dew
Neehar, Niehar, Neihar,
Neahar, Nyhar

Nikan (Persian) One who brings good things
Niken, Nikin, Nikyn,
Nikon, Nikun

Nikshep (Indian) One who is treasured

Nikunja (Indian) From the grove of trees

Nino (Italian / Spanish) God is gracious / a young boy

Nirad (Indian) Of the clouds

Niran (Thai) The eternal one
Nyran, Niren, Nirin, Niryn,
Niron, Nirun, Nyren, Nyrin

Nirav (Indian) One who is quiet

Nirbheet (Indian) A fearless man
Nirbhit, Nirbhyt, Nirbhay,
Nirbhaye, Nirbhai, Nirbhae

Niremaan (Arabic) One who shines as brightly as fire
Nyremaan, Nireman,

Nishan (Armenian) A sign or symbol

Nishok (Indian) Filled with happiness
Nyshok, Nishock, Nyshock

Nissan (Hebrew) A miracle child

Nixkamich (Native American) A grandfatherly man

Niyol (Native American) Of the wind

Njord (Scandinavian) A man from the north
Njorde, Njorth, Njorthe

Noah (Hebrew) A peaceful wanderer

Nodin (Native American) Of the wind
Nodyn, Noden, Nodan,
Nodon, Nodun

Nolan (Gaelic) A famous and noble man; a champion of the people
Nolen, Nolin, Nolon, Nolun,
Nolyn, Noland, Nolande

North (English) A man from the north

Northcliff (English) From the northern cliff
Northcliffe, Northclyf,
Northclyff, Northclyffe

Norval (Scottish) From the northern valley
Norvall, Norvale, Norvail,
Norvaile, Norvayl, Norvayle,
Norvael, Norvaele

Norward (English) A guardian of the north
Norwarde, Norwerd,
Norwerde, Norwurd,

Noshi (Native American) A fatherly man
Noshie, Noshy, Noshey,
Noshee, Noshea, Nosh,

Notaku (Native American) Resembling a growling bear
Notakou, Notakue, Notakoo

Nuhad (Arabic) A brave young man
Nuehad, Nouhad, Neuhad

Nukpana (Native American) An evil man
Nukpanah, Nukpanna,
Nukpannah, Nuckpana,

Nulte (Irish) A man from Ulster
Nulti, Nultie, Nulty, Nultey,
Nultee, Nultea

Nuncio (Spanish) A messenger

Nuriel (Hebrew) God’s light
Nuriell, Nuriele, Nurielle,
Nuryel, Nuryell, Nuryele,
Nuryelle, Nooriel

Nuru (African) My light
Nurue, Nuroo, Nurou,
Nourou, Nooroo

Nyack (African) One who is persistent
Niack, Nyak, Niak, Nyac,

Nye (English) One who lives on the island
Nyle, Nie, Nile

Boy names, and unique baby names