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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(English) A businessman
Facter, Factur, Factir, Factyr

Fairbairn (Scottish) A fairhaired boy,
Fayrbairn, Faerbairn,
Fairbaern, Fayrbaern,
Faerbaern, Fairbayrn,
Fayrbayrn, Faerbayrn

Fairbanks (English) From the bank along the path
Fayrbanks, Faerbanks,

Faisal (Arabic) One who is decisive; resolute
Faysal, Faesal, Fasal, Feisal,
Faizal, Fasel, Fayzal,

Fakhir (Arabic) A proud man
Fakheer, Fakhear, Fakheir,
Fakhier, Fakhyr, Faakhir,
Faakhyr, Fakhr

Fakih (Arabic) A legal expert
Fakeeh, Fakeah, Fakieh,
Fakeih, Fakyh

Falco (Latin) Resembling a falcon; one who works with falcons
Falcon, Falconer, Falconner,
Falk, Falke, Falken, Falkner,

Fam (American) A familyoriented man

Fang (Scottish) From the sheep pen
Faing, Fayng, Faeng

Faraji (African) One who provides consolation
Farajie, Farajy, Farajey,
Farajee, Farajea

Fardoragh (Irish) Having dark features

Fargo (American) One who is jaunty
Fargoh, Fargoe, Fargouh

Farha (Arabic) Filled with happiness
Farhah, Farhad, Farhan,
Farhat, Farhani, Farhanie,
Farhany, Farhaney

Fariq (Arabic) One who holds rank as lieutenant general
Fareeq, Fareaq, Fareiq,
Farieq, Faryq, Farik, Fareek,

Farnell (English) From the fern hill
Farnel, Farnall, Farnal,
Fernauld, Farnauld,
Fernald, Farnald

Farold (English) A mighty traveler
Farould, Farald, Farauld,

Farran (Irish / Arabic /English) Of the land / a baker / one who is adventurous
Fairran, Fayrran, Faerran,
Farren, Farrin, Farron,
Ferrin, Ferron

Farrar (English) A blacksmith,
Farar, Farrer, Farrier,
Ferrar, Ferrars, Ferrer,
Ferrier, Farer

Farro (Italian) Of the grain Farroe, Faro, Faroe, Farrow,

Fatik (Indian) Resembling a crystal
Fateek, Fateak, Fatyk,
Fatiek, Fateik

Faust (Latin) Having good luck
Fauste, Faustino, Fausto,
Faustos, Faustus, Fauston,
Faustin, Fausten

Fawcett (American) An audacious man
Fawcet, Fawcette, Fawcete,
Fawce, Fawci, Fawcie,
Fawcy, Fawcey

Fawwaz (Arabic) A successful man
Fawaz, Fawwad, Fawad

Fay (Irish) Resembling a raven
Faye, Fai, Fae, Feich

Februus (Latin) A pagan god

Fedor (Russian) A gift from God
Faydor, Feodor, Fyodor,
Fedyenka, Fyodr, Fydor,

Feechi (African) One who worships God
Feechie, Feechy, Feechey,
Feechee, Feachi, Feachie,
Feachy, Feachey

Feivel (Hebrew) The brilliant one
Feival, Feivol, Feivil, Feivyl,
Feivul, Feiwel, Feiwal,

Felim (Gaelic) One who is always good
Felym, Feidhlim, Felimy,
Felimey, Felimee, Felimea,
Felimi, Felimie

Felipe (Spanish) Form of Phillip, meaning “one who loves horses”
Felippe, Filip, Filippo, Fillip,
Flip, Fulop, Fullop, Fulip

Felton (English) From the town near the field
Feltun, Felten, Feltan,
Feltyn, Feltin

Fenn (English) From the marsh

Fergall (Gaelic) A strong and brave man
Fergal, Fearghall, Ferghall,
Ferghal, Forgael

Fergus (Gaelic) The first and supreme choice
Fearghas, Fearghus,
Feargus, Fergie, Ferguson,
Fergusson, Furgus, Fergy

Ferrell (Irish) A brave man; a hero
Ferell, Ferel, Ferrel

Fiacre (Celtic) Resembling a raven
Fyacre, Fiacra, Fyacra,
Fiachra, Fyachra, Fiachre,

Fielding (English) From the field
Fieldyng, Fielder, Field,
Fielde, Felding, Feldyng,

Fiero (Spanish) A fiery man

Finbar (Irish) A fair-haired man
Finnbar, Finnbarr, Fionn,
Fionnbharr, Fionnbar,
Fionnbarr, Fynbar, Fynnbar

Finch (English) Resembling the small bird
Fynch, Finche, Fynche,
Finchi, Finchie, Finchy,
Finchey, Finchee

Fineas (Egyptian) A darkskinned man
Fyneas, Finius, Fynius

Finian (Irish) A handsome man; fair
Finan, Finnian, Fionan,
Finien, Finnien, Finghin,
Finneen, Fineen

Finn (Gaelic) A fair-haired man
Fin, Fynn, Fyn, Fingal,

Finnegan (Irish) A fairhaired man
Finegan, Finnegen, Finegen,
Finnigan, Finigan

Fiorello (Italian) Resembling a little flower
Fiorelo, Fiorelio, Fioreleo,
Fiorellio, Fiorelleo

Fitch (English) Resembling an ermine
Fytch, Fich, Fych, Fitche,

Fitzgerald (English) The son of Gerald

Fitzgibbon (English) The son of Gibson
Fytzgibbon, Fitzgibon,

Flann (Irish) One who has a ruddy complexion
Flan, Flainn, Flannan,
Flannery, Flanneri,
Flannerie, Flannerey,

Flavian (Latin) Having yellow hair
Flavel, Flavelle, Flaviano,
Flavien, Flavio, Flavius,
Flawiusz, Flaviu

Fletcher (English) One who makes arrows
Fletch, Fletche, Flecher

Flynn (Irish) One who has a ruddy complexion
Flyn, Flinn, Flin, Flen,
Flenn, Floinn

Fogarty (Irish) One who has been exiled
Fogartey, Fogartee,
Fogartea, Fogarti, Fogartie,
Fogerty, Fogertey, Fogerti

Foley (English) A creative man
Foly, Folee, Foleigh, Folea,
Foli, Folie

Folker (German) A guardian of the people
Folkar, Folkor, Folkur, Folkir,
Folkyr, Folke, Folko, Folkus

Fonso (German) Form of Alfonso, meaning “prepared
for battle; eager and
Fonzo, Fonsie, Fonzell,
Fonzie, Fonsi, Fonsy,
Fonsey, Fonsee

Fontaine (French) From the water source
Fontayne, Fontaene,
Fontane, Fonteyne,
Fontana, Fountain

Ford (English) From the river crossing
Forde, Forden, Fordan,
Fordon, Fordun, Fordin,
Fordyn, Forday

Fouad (Arabic) One who has heart

Fred (German) Form of Frederick, meaning “a
peaceful ruler”
Freddi, Freddie, Freddy,
Freddey, Freddee, Freddea,
Freddis, Fredis

Frederick (German) A peaceful ruler
Fred, Fredrick, Federico,
Federigo, Fredek, Frederic,
Frederich, Frederico, Frederik,

Freeborn (English) One who was born a free man
Freeborne, Freebourn,
Freebourne, Freeburn,
Freeburne, Free

Fremont (French) The protector of freedom
Freemont, Fremonte,
Freemonte, Fremond,
Freemond, Fremonde,
Freemonde, Frimunt

Friedhelm (German) One who wears the helmet of
Friedelm, Fridhelm, Fridelm

Frigyes (Hungarian) A mighty and peaceful ruler

Frode (Norse) A wise man
Froad, Froade

Froyim (Hebrew) A kind man

Fructuoso (Spanish) One who is fruitful
Fructo, Fructoso, Fructuso

Fu (Chinese) A wealthy man

Fudail (Arabic) Of high moral character
Fudaile, Fudayl, Fudayle,
Fudale, Fudael, Fudaele

Fulbright (English) A brilliant man
Fullbright, Fulbrite,
Fullbrite, Fulbryte,
Fullbryte, Fulbert, Fullbert

Fulki (Indian) A spark
Fulkie, Fulkey, Fulky,
Fulkee, Fulkea

Fullerton (English) From
Fuller’s town
Fullertun, Fullertin,
Fullertyn, Fullertan,

Fursey (Gaelic) The name of a missionary saint
Fursy, Fursi, Fursie, Fursee,

Fyfe (Scottish) A man from Fifeshire
Fife, Fyffe, Fiffe, Fibh

Fyren (Anglo-Saxon) A wicked man
Fyrin, Fyryn, Fyran, Fyron,

Boy names, and unique baby names