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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(American) A well-behaved man
Obediance, Obedyence,

Oberon (German) A royal bear; having the heart of a bear

Obert (German) A wealthy and bright man
Oberte, Oberth, Oberthe,
Odbart, Odbarte, Odbarth,
Odbarthe, Odhert

Ochi (African) Filled with laughter
Ochie, Ochee, Ochea, Ochy,

Odam (English) A son-inlaw
Odom, Odem, Odum

Ode (Egyptian / Greek) Traveler of the road / a lyric poem

Oded (Hebrew) One who is supportive and encouraging

Oder (English) From the river
Odar, Odir, Odyr, Odur

Odin (Norse) In mythology, the supreme deity
Odyn, Odon, Oden, Odun

Odinan (Hungarian) One who is wealthy and powerful
Odynan, Odinann,

Odion (African) The firstborn of twins
Odiyon, Odiun, Odiyun

Odissan (African) A wanderer; traveler
Odyssan, Odisan, Odysan,
Odissann, Odyssann,
Odisann, Odysann

Oengus (Irish) A vigorous man

Offa (Anglo-Saxon) A king

Ofir (Hebrew) The golden son
Ofeer, Ofear, Ofyr, Ofier,
Ofeir, Ofer

Ogaleesha (Native American) A man wearing a red shirt
Ogaleasha, Ogaleisha,
Ogaleysha, Ogalesha,
Ogaliesha, Ogalisha

Oghe (Irish) One who rides horses
Oghi, Oghie, Oghee, Oghea,
Oghy, Oghey

Oguz (Hungarian) An arrow
Oguze, Oguzz, Oguzze

Ohanko (Native American) A reckless man
Ohankio, Ohankiyo

Ojaswit (Indian) A powerful and radiant man
Ojaswyt, Ojaswin, Ojaswen,
Ojaswyn, Ojas

Okal (African) To cross

Okan (Turkish) Resembling a horse
Oken, Okin, Okyn

Okapi (African) Resembling an animal with a long neck
Okapie, Okapy, Okapey,
Okapee, Okapea, Okape

Okechuku (African) Blessed by God

Oki (Japanese) From the center of the ocean
Okie, Oky, Okey, Okee, Okea

Oklahoma (Native American) Of the red people; from the state of

Oktawian (African) The eighth-born child
Oktawyan, Oktawean,
Octawian, Octawyan,

Olaf (Scandinavian) The remaining of the ancestors
Olay, Ole, Olef, Olev, Oluf,

Olafemi (African) A lucky young man
Olafemie, Olafemy,
Olafemey, Olafemee,

Oleg (Russian) One who is holy

Olimpio (Greek) From Mount Olympus
Olimpo, Olympio,
Olympios, Olympus

Olney (English) From the loner’s field
Olny, Olnee, Olnea, Olni,
Olnie, Ollaneg, Olaneg

Olujimi (African) One who is close to God
Olujimie, Olujimy,
Olujimey, Olujimee,

Olumide (African) God has arrived
Olumidi, Olumidie,
Olumidy, Olumidey,
Olumidee, Olumidea,
Olumyde, Olumydi

Olumoi (African) One who has been blessed by God

Omeet (Hebrew) My light
Omeete, Omeit, Omeite,
Omeyt, Omeyte, Omit,
Omeat, Omeate

Omega (Greek) The last great one; the last letter of the Greek alphabet

Onaona (Hawaiian) Having a pleasant scent

Ond (Hungarian) The tenth-born child

Ondrej (Czech) A manly man
Ondrejek, Ondrejec,
Ondrousek, Ondravsek

Onkar (Indian) The purest one
Onckar, Oncar, Onkarr,
Onckarr, Oncarr

Onofrio (Italain) A defender of peace
Onofre, Onofrius, Onophrio,
Onophre, Onfrio, Onfroi

Onslow (Arabic) From the hill of the enthusiast
Onslowe, Ounslow,

Onyebuchi (African) God is in everything
Onyebuchie, Onyebuchy,
Onyebuchey, Onyebuchee,

Oqwapi (Native American) Resembling a red cloud
Oqwapie, Oqwapy,
Oqwapey, Oqwapee,

Oram (English) From the enclosure near the riverbank
Oramm, Oraham,
Orahamm, Orham,

Ordell (Latin) Of the beginning
Ordel, Ordele, Ordelle, Orde

Ordway (Anglo-Saxon) A fighter armed with a spear
Ordwaye, Ordwai, Ordwae

Oren (Hebrew / Gaelic) From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man
Orenthiel, Orenthiell,
Orenthiele, Orenthielle,
Orenthiem, Orenthium, Orin

Orleans (Latin) The golden child
Orlean, Orleane, Orleens,
Orleen, Orleene, Orlins,
Olryns, Orlin

Orly (Hebrew) Surrounded by light
Orley, Orli, Orlie, Orlee,
Orleigh, Orlea

Ormod (Anglo-Saxon) A sorrowful man

Ormond (English) One who defends with a spear / from the mountain of bears
Ormonde, Ormund,
Ormunde, Ormemund,
Ormemond, Ordmund,
Ordmunde, Ordmond

Ornice (Irish / Hebrew) A pale-skinned man / from the cedar tree
Ornyce, Ornise, Orynse,
Orneice, Orneise, Orniece,
Orniese, Orneece

Orris (Latin) One who is inventive
Orriss, Orrisse, Orrys,
Orryss, Orrysse

Orson (Latin) Resembling a bear; raised by a bear
Orsen, Orsin, Orsini,
Orsino, Orsis, Orsonio,
Orsinie, Orsiny

Orth (English) An honest man

Orton (English) From the settlement by the shore
Ortun, Oraton, Oratun

Orville (French) From the gold town
Orvell, Orvelle, Orvil,
Orvill, Orvele, Orvyll,
Orvylle, Orvyl

Orwel (Welsh) Of the horizon
Orwell, Orwele, Orwelle

Os (English) The divine

Osborn (Norse) A bear of God
Osborne, Osbourn,
Osbourne, Osburn, Osburne

Oscar (English / Gaelic) A spear of the gods / a friend of deer
Oskar, Osker, Oscer, Osckar,
Oscker, Oszkar, Oszcar

Osher (Hebrew) A man of good fortune

Osias (Greek) Salvation

Osileani (Polynesian) One who talks a lot
Osileanie, Osileany,
Osileaney, Osileanee,

Oswald (English) The power of God
Oswalde, Osvald, Osvaldo,
Oswaldo, Oswell, Osvalde,
Oswallt, Osweald

Oswin (English) A friend of God
Oswinn, Oswinne, Oswen,
Oswenn, Oswenne, Oswyn,
Oswynn, Oswynne

Othniel (Hebrew) God’s lion
Othniell, Othnielle,
Othniele, Othnyel, Othnyell,
Othnyele, Othnyelle

Otmar (Teutonic) A famous warrior
Otmarr, Othmar, Othmarr,
Otomar, Ottomar, Otomarr,

Otoahhastis (Native American) Resembling a tall bull

Ottokar (German) A spirited warrior
Otokar, Otokarr, Ottokarr,
Ottokars, Otokars, Ottocar,
Otocar, Ottocars

Ouray (Native American) The arrow
Ouraye, Ourae, Ourai

Ourson (French) Resembling a little bear
Oursun, Oursoun, Oursen,
Oursan, Oursin, Oursyn

Ovid (Latin) A shepherd; an egg
Ovyd, Ovidio, Ovido,
Ovydio, Ovydo, Ovidiu,
Ovydiu, Ofydd

Owen (Welsh / Gaelic) Form of Eugene, meaning “a well-born man” / a youthful man
Owenn, Owenne, Owin,
Owinn, Owinne, Owyn,
Owynn, Owynne

Oxton (English) From the oxen town
Oxtun, Oxtown, Oxnaton,
Oxnatun, Oxnatown

Oz (Hebrew) Having great strength
Ozz, Ozzi, Ozzie, Ozzy,
Ozzey, Ozzee, Ozzea, Ozi

Ozni (Hebrew) One who knows God
Oznie, Ozny, Ozney,
Oznee, Oznea

Özséb (Hungarian) A pious man

Ozuru (Japanese) Resembling a stork
Ozurou, Ozourou, Ozuroo,

Boy names, and unique baby names