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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Arabic) A famous historian
Tabarie, Tabary, Tabarey,
Tabaree, Tabarea

Tabbai (Hebrew) A wellbehaved boy
Tabbae, Tabbay, Tabbaye

Tabbart (German) A brilliant man
Tabbert, Tabart, Tabert,
Tahbert, Tahberte

Tacari (African) As strong as a warrior
Tacarie, Tacary, Tacarey,
Tacaree, Tacarea

Tadao (Japanese) One who is satisfied

Tadeusuz (Polish) One who is worthy of praise

Tadi (Native American) Of the wind
Tadie, Tady, Tadey, Tadee,

Tadzi (American / Polish) Resembling the loon / one who is praised
Tadzie, Tadzy, Tadzey,
Tadzee, Tadzea

Taft (French / English) From the homestead /from the marshes

Taggart (Gaelic) Son of a priest
Taggert, Taggort, Taggirt,

Taghee (Native American) A chief
Taghea, Taghy, Taghey,
Taghi, Taghie

Taheton (Native American) Resembling a hawk

Tahmelapachme (Native American) Wielding a dull knife

Tahoe (Native American) From the big water

Tahoma (Native American) From the snowy mountain peak
Tehoma, Tacoma, Takoma,
Tohoma, Tocoma, Tokoma,
Tekoma, Tecoma

Taishi (Japanese) An ambitious man
Taishie, Taishy, Taishey,
Taishee, Taishea

Taj (Indian) One who is crowned
Tahj, Tajdar

Tajo (Spanish) Born during the daytime

Taksony (Hungarian) One who is content; well-fed
Taksoney, Taksoni,
Taksonie, Taksonee,
Taksonea, Tas

Talasi (Native American) Resembling a cornflower
Talasie, Talasy, Talasey,
Talasee, Talasea

Talford (English) From the high ford
Talforde, Tallford, Tallforde

Talfryn (Welsh) From the high hill
Talfrynn, Talfrin, Talfrinn,
Talfren, Talfrenn, Tallfryn,
Tallfrin, Tallfren

Talmai (Hebrew) From the furrows
Talmae, Talmay, Talmaye

Talmon (Hebrew) One who is oppressed
Talman, Talmin, Talmyn,

Talo (Finnish) From the homestead

Tam (Vietnamese /Hebrew) Having heart /one who is truthful

Taman (Hindi) One who is needed

Tamarius (American) A stubborn man
Tamarias, Tamarios,
Tamerius, Tamerias,

Tameron (American) Form of Cameron, meaning “having a crooked nose”
Tameren, Tameryn,
Tamryn, Tamerin, Tamren,
Tamrin, Bamron

Tammany (Native American) A friendly chief
Tammani, Tammanie,
Tammaney, Tammanee,

Tanafa (Polynesian) A drumbeat

Taneli (Hebrew) He will be judged by God
Tanelie, Tanely, Taneley,
Tanelee, Tanelea

Tanish (Indian) An ambitious man
Tanishe, Taneesh, Taneeshe,
Taneash, Taneashe, Tanysh,

Tanjiro (Japanese) The prized second-born son

Tank (American) A man who is big and strong
Tankie, Tanki, Tanky,
Tankey, Tankee, Tankea

Tanner (English) One who makes leather
Tannere, Tannor, Tannar,
Tannir, Tannyr, Tannur,

Tannon (German) From the fir tree
Tannan, Tannen, Tannin,
Tansen, Tanson, Tannun,

Tano (Ghanese) From the river

Tao (Chinese) One who will have a long life

Taos (Spanish) From the city in New Mexico

Tapani (Hebrew) A victorious man
Tapanie, Tapany, Tapaney,
Tapanee, Tapanea

Tapko (American) Resembling an antelope

Tappen (Welsh) From the top of the cliff
Tappan, Tappon, Tappin,
Tappyn, Tappun

Taran (Gaelic) Of the thunder
Taren, Taron, Tarin, Taryn,

Taranga (Indian) Of the waves

Taregan (Native American) Resembling a crane
Taregen, Taregon, Taregin,

Tarit (Indian) Resembling lightning
Tarite, Tareet, Tareete,
Tareat, Tareate, Taryt, Taryte

Tarn (Norse) From the mountain pool

Tarquin (Latin) One who is impulsive
Tarquinn, Tarquinne,
Tarquen, Tarquenn,
Tarquenne, Tarquyn,
Tarquynn, Tarquynne

Tarrant (American) One who upholds the law
Tarrent, Tarrint, Tarrynt,
Tarront, Tarrunt

Tarun (Indian) A youthful man
Taroun, Taroon, Tarune,
Taroune, Taroone

Tashi (Tibetan) One who is prosperous
Tashie, Tashy, Tashey,
Tashee, Tashea

Tate (English) A cheerful man; one who brings happiness to others
Tayt, Tayte, Tait, Taite,
Taet, Taete

Tausiq (Indian) One who provides strong backing
Tauseeq, Tauseaq, Tausik,
Tauseek, Tauseak

Tavaris (American) Of misfortune; a hermit
Tavarius, Tavaress,
Tavarious, Tavariss,
Tavarous, Tevarus,
Tavorian, Tavarian

Tavas (Hebrew) Resembling a peacock

Tavi (Aramaic) A good man
Tavie, Tavy, Tavey, Tavee,

Tavin (German) Form of Gustav, meaning “of the staff of the gods”
Tavyn, Taven, Tavan,
Tavon, Tavun, Tava, Tave

Tawa (Native American) Born beneath the sun

Tay (Scottish) From the river
Taye, Tae, Tai

Teagan (Gaelic) A handsome man
Teegan, Teygan, Tegan,

Tecumseh (Native American) A traveler; resembling a shooting star
Tekumseh, Tecumse,

Ted (English) Form of Theodore, meaning “a gift from God”
Tedd, Teddy, Teddi, Teddie,
Teddee, Teddea, Teddey, Tedric

Tedmund (English) A protector of the land
Tedmunde, Tedmond,
Tedmonde, Tedman,
Theomund, Theomond,
Theomunde, Theomonde

Teetonka (Native American) One who talks too much
Teitonka, Tietonka,
Teatonka, Teytonka

Tegene (African) My protector
Tegeen, Tegeene, Tegean,

Teiji (Japanese) One who is righteous

Teilo (Welsh) A saintly man

Teka (African) He has replaced

Tekeshi (Japanese) A formidable and brave man
Tekeshie, Tekeshy, Tekeshey,
Tekeshee, Tekeshea

Telly (Greek) The wisest man
Telley, Tellee, Tellea, Telli,

Temman (Anglo-Saxon) One who has been tamed

Temple (Latin) From the sacred place
Tempel, Templar, Templer,

Teneangopte (Native American) Resembling a high-flying bird

Tennant (English) One who rents
Tennent, Tenant, Tenent

Tennessee (Native American) From the state of Tennessee
Tenese, Tenesee, Tenessee,
Tennese, Tennesee, Tennesse

Teon (Anglo-Saxon) One who harms others

Terence (Latin) From an ancient Roman clan
Tarrants, Tarrance,
Tarrence, Tarrenz, Terencio,
Terrance, Terrence, Terrey,
Terry, Terron

Teris (Irish) The son of Terence
Terys, Teriss, Teryss, Terris,
Terrys, Terriss, Terryss

Terrian (American) One who is strong and ambitious
Terrien, Terriun, Terriyn

Terron (English) Form of Terence, meaning “from an ancient Roman clan”
Tarran, Tarren, Tarrin,
Tarron, Tarryn, Teron, Teran

Teshi (African) One who is full of laughter
Teshie, Teshy, Teshey, Teshee,

Tessema (African) One to whom people listen

Tet (Vietnamese) Born on New Year’s

Teteny (Hungarian) A chieftain

Teva (Hebrew) A natural man

Texas (Native American) One of many friends; from the state of Texas
Texus, Texis, Texes, Texos, Texys

Teyrnon (Celtic) A regal man
Teirnon, Tayrnon, Tairnon,
Taernon, Tiarchnach,

Thabo (African) Filled with happiness

Thackary (English) Form of Zachary, meaning “the Lord remembers”
Thackery, Thakary, Thakery,
Thackari, Thackarie,
Thackarey, Thackaree,

Thaddeus (Aramaic) Having heart
Tad, Tadd, Taddeo,
Taddeusz, Thad, Thadd,
Thaddaios, Thaddaos

Thandiwe (African) One who is dearly loved
Thandie, Thandi, Thandy,
Thandey, Thandee, Thandea

Thang (Vietnamese) One who is victorious

Thanus (American) One who owns land

Thao (Vietnamese) One who is courteous

Thatcher (English) One who fixes roofs
Thacher, Thatch, Thatche,
Thaxter, Thacker, Thaker,
Thackere, Thakere

Thayer (Teutonic) Of the nation’s army

Themba (African) One who is trustworthy

Theodore (Greek) A gift from God
Ted, Teddy, Teddie, Theo,

Theron (Greek) A great hunter
Therron, Tharon, Theon,

Theseus (Greek) In mythology, hero who slew the Minotaur
Thesius, Thesyus

Thinh (Vietnamese) A prosperous man

Thomas (Aramaic) One of twins
Tam, Tamas, Tamhas,
Thom, Thoma, Thomason,
Thomson, Thompson, Tip

Thor (Norse) In mythology, god of thunder
Thorian, Thorin, Thorsson,
Thorvald, Tor, Tore, Turo,

Thorburn (Norse) Thor’s bear
Thorburne, Thorbern,
Thorberne, Thorbjorn,
Thorbjorne, Torbjorn,
Torborg, Torben

Thormond (Norse) Protected by Thor
Thormonde, Thormund,
Thormunde, Thurmond,
Thurmonde, Thurmund,
Thurmunde, Thormun

Thorne (English) From the thorn bush

Thornycroft (English) From the field of thorn bushes
Thornicroft, Thorneycroft,
Thorniecroft, Thorneecroft,

Thuong (Vietnamese) One who loves tenderly

Thurston (English) From Thor’s town; Thor’s stone
Thorston, Thorstan,
Thorstein, Thorsten,
Thurstain, Thurstan,
Thursten, Torsten

Thuy (Vietnamese) One who is kind

Tiassale (African) It has been forgotten

Tiberio (Italian) From the Tiber river
Tibero, Tyberio, Tybero,
Tiberius, Tiberios, Tyberius,

Tibor (Slavic) From the sacred place

Tiburon (Spanish) Resembling a shark

Tiernan (Gaelic) Lord of the manor
Tiarnan, Tiarney, Tierney,
Tierny, Tiernee, Tiernea,
Tierni, Tiernie

Tilian (Anglo-Saxon) One who strives to better himself
Tilien, Tiliun, Tilion

Tilon (Hebrew) A generous man
Tilen, Tilan, Tilun, Tilin,

Tilton (English) From the fertile estate
Tillton, Tilten, Tillten,
Tiltan, Tilltan, Tiltin,
Tilltin, Tiltun

Timir (Indian) Born in the darkness

Timothy (Greek) One who honors God
Tim, Timmo, Timmy,
Timmothy, Timmy, Timo,
Timofei, Timofeo

Tin (Vietnamese) A great thinker

Tino (Italian) A man of small stature
Teeno, Tieno, Teino, Teano,

Tip (American) A form of Thomas, meaning “one of twins”
Tipp, Tipper, Tippy, Tippee,
Tippea, Tippey, Tippi,

Tisa (African) The ninthborn child
Tisah, Tysa, Tysah

Titus (Greek / Latin) Of the giants / a great defender
Tito, Titos, Tytus, Tytos,
Titan, Tytan, Tyto

Toa (Polynesian) A bravehearted woman

Toan (Vietnamese) One who is safe

Tobbar (American) An active man

Todd (English) Resembling a fox

Todor (Bulgarian) A gift from God
Todos, Todros

Tohon (Native American) One who loves the water

Tokala (Native American) Resembling a fox

Toks (American) A carefree man

Tomer (Hebrew) A man of tall stature
Tomar, Tomur, Tomir,
Tomor, Tomyr

Tomi (Japanese / African) A wealthy man / of the people
Tomie, Tomee, Tomea,
Tomy, Tomey

Tonauac (Aztec) One who possesses the light

Torger (Norse) The power of Thor’s spear
Thorger, Torgar, Thorgar,
Terje, Therje

Torht (Anglo-Saxon) A bright man

Torin (Celtic) One who acts as chief
Toran, Torean, Toren, Torion,
Torran, Torrian, Toryn

Tormaigh (Irish) Having the spirit of Thor
Tormey, Tormay, Tormaye,
Tormai, Tormae

Torr (English) From the tower

Torrence (Gaelic) From the little hills
Torence, Torrance, Torrens,
Torrans, Toran, Torran,
Torrin, Torn, Torry

Torry (Norse / Gaelic) Refers to Thor / form of Torrence, meaning “from the little hills”
Torrey, Torree, Torrea, Torri,
Torrie, Tory, Torey, Tori

Toshiro (Japanese) One who is talented and intelligent

Tostig (English) A wellknown earl

Toviel (Hebrew) The Lord is good
Toviell, Toviele, Tovielle, Tovi,
Tovie, Tovee, Tovea, Tovy

Toyo (Japanese) A man of plenty

Tracy (Gaelic) One who is warlike
Tracey, Traci, Tracie, Tracee,
Tracea, Treacy, Trace,

Travis (French) To cross over
Travys, Traver, Travers,
Traviss, Trevis, Trevys,
Travus, Traves

Treffen (German) One who socializes
Treffan, Treffin, Treffon,
Treffyn, Treffun

Tremain (Celtic) From the town built of stone
Tramain, Tramaine,
Tramayne, Tremaine,
Tremayne, Tremaen,
Tremaene, Tramaen

Tremont (French) From the three mountains
Tremonte, Tremount,

Treoweman (English) A loyal man

Trevin (English) From the fair town
Trevan, Treven, Trevian,
Trevion, Trevon, Trevyn,

Trevor (Welsh) From the large village
Trefor, Trevar, Trever,
Treabhar, Treveur, Trevir,

Trey (English) The thirdborn child
Tre, Trai, Trae, Tray, Traye,
Trayton, Treyton, Trayson

Trigg (Norse) One who is truthful

Tripp (English) A traveler
Trip, Trypp, Tryp, Tripper,

Tripsy (American) One who enjoys dancing
Tripsey, Tripsee, Tripsea,
Tripsi, Tripsie

Tristan (Celtic) A sorrowful man; in Arthurian legend, a knight of the Round Table
Trystan, Tris, Tristam,
Tristen, Tristian, Tristin,
Triston, Tristram

Trocky (American) A manly man
Trockey, Trocki, Trockie,
Trockee, Trockea

Trong (Vietnamese) One who is respected

Troy (Gaelic) Son of a footsoldier
Troye, Troi

Trumbald (English) A bold man
Trumbold, Trumbalde,

Trygve (Norse) One who wins with bravery

Tse (Native American) As solid as a rock

Tsidhqiyah (Hebrew) The Lord is just
Tsidqiyah, Tsidhqiya,

Tsubasa (Japanese) A winged being
Tsubasah, Tsubase,

Tucker (English) One who makes garments
Tuker, Tuckerman,
Tukerman, Tuck, Tuckman,
Tukman, Tuckere, Toukere

Tuketu (Native American) Resembling a running bear
Tuketue, Tuketoo, Tuketou,
Telutci, Telutcie, Telutcy,
Telutcey, Telutcee

Tulsi (Indian) A holy man
Tulsie, Tulsy, Tulsey, Tulsee,

Tumaini (African) An optimist
Tumainie, Tumainee,
Tumainy, Tumainey,
Tumayni, Tumaynie,
Tumaynee, Tumayney

Tunde (African) One who returns
Tundi, Tundie, Tundee,
Tundea, Tundy, Tundey

Tunleah (English) From the town near the meadow
Tunlea, Tunleigh, Tunly,
Tunley, Tunlee, Tunli,

Tupac (African) A messenger warrior
Tupack, Tupoc, Tupock

Turfeinar (Norse) In mythology, the son of Rognvald
Turfaynar, Turfaenar,
Turfanar, Turfenar, Turfainar

Tushar (Indian) Of the snow
Tusharr, Tushare

Tusita (Chinese) One who is heaven-sent

Twrgadarn (Welsh) From the strong tower

Txanton (Basque) Form of Anthony, meaning “a flourishing man; of an ancient Roman family”
Txantony, Txantoney,
Txantonee, Txantoni,
Txantonie, Txantonea

Tybalt (Latin) He who sees the truth
Tybault, Tybalte, Tybaulte

Tye (English) From the fenced-in pasture
Tyg, Tyge, Tie, Tigh, Teyen

Tyfiell (English) Follower of the god Tyr
Tyfiel, Tyfielle, Tyfiele

Tyler (English) A tiler of roofs
Tilar, Tylar, Tylor, Tiler,
Tilor, Ty, Tye, Tylere

Typhoon (Chinese) Of the great wind
Tiphoon, Tyfoon, Tifoon,
Typhoun, Tiphoun, Tyfoun,

Tyrone (French) From Owen’s land
Terone, Tiron, Tirone,
Tyron, Ty, Kyrone

Tyson (French) One who is high-spirited; fiery
Thyssen, Tiesen, Tyce,
Tycen, Tyeson, Tyssen,
Tysen, Tysan

Boy names, and unique baby names