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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Hebrew) Feminine form of Noam; an attractive woman; good-looking

Naava (Hebrew) A lovely and pleasant woman
Naavah, Nava, Navah,

Nabila (Arabic) Daughter born into nobility; a highborn daughter
Nabilah, Nabeela, Nabyla,
Nabeelah, Nabylah,
Nabeala, Nabealah

Nachine (Spanish) A fiery young woman
Nacheene, Nachyne,
Nachina, Nachinah,
Nachyna, Nacheena,
Nacheane, Nacheana

Nadda (Arabic) A very generous woman
Naddah, Nada, Nadah

Nadia (Slavic) One who is full of hope
Nadja, Nadya, Naadiya,
Nadine, Nadie, Nadiyah,
Nadea, Nadija

Nadirah (Arabic) One who is precious; rare
Nadira, Nadyra, Nadyrah,
Nadeera, Nadeerah, Nadra,

Naeemah (Egyptian) A kind and benevolent woman
Nayma, Nayima, Nayema
Naeva (French) Born in
the evening
Naevah, Naevia, Naevea,
Nayva, Nayvah, Nayvia,

Nafuna (African) A child who is delivered feetfirst
Nafunah, Nafunna,
Nafoona, Nafoonah,
Naphuna, Naphunah,
Naphoona, Naphoonah

Nagesa (African) Born during the time of harvest
Nagesah, Nagessa, Nagessah

Nagge (Hebrew) A radiant woman

Nagina (Arabic) As precious as a pearl
Nageena, Naginah,
Nageenah, Nagyna, Nagynah,
Nageana, Nageanah

Nailah (Arabic) Feminine form of Nail; a successful woman; the acquirer
Na’ila, Na’ilah, Naa’ilah,
Naila, Nayla, Naylah,
Naela, Naelah

Najia (Arabic) An independent woman; one who is free

Najja (African) The secondborn child

Namid (Native American) A star dancer
Namide, Namyd, Namyde

Namita (Papuan) In mythology, a mother goddess
Namitah, Nameeta, Namyta,
Nameetah, Namytah,
Nameata, Nameatah

Nana (Hawaiian / English) Born during the spring; a star / a grandmother or one who watches over children

Nancy (English) Form of Anna, meaning “a woman graced with God’s favor”
Nainsey, Nainsi, Nance,
Nancee, Nancey, Nanci,
Nancie, Nancsi

Nandalia (Australian) A fiery woman
Nandaliah, Nandalea,
Nandaleah, Nandali,
Nandalie, Nandalei,
Nandalee, Nandaleigh

Nandita (Indian) A delightful daughter
Nanditah, Nanditia, Nanditea

Nani (Greek / Hawaiian) A charming woman / one who is beautiful
Nanie, Nanee, Naney,
Nany, Nania, Nanya,
Naniya, Nanea

Narella (Greek) A bright woman; intelligent
Narellah, Narela, Narelah,
Narelle, Narell, Narele

Nascio (Latin) In mythology, goddess of childbirth

Nashita (Arabic) A lively woman; one who is energetic
Nashitah, Nashyta,
Nasheeta, Nasheata,
Nashieta, Nasheita

Nasiha (Arabic) One who
gives good advice
Naasiha, Nasihah, Naseeha,
Naseehah, Nasyha, Nasyhah,
Naseaha, Naseahah

Natalie (Latin) Refers to Christ’s birthday; born on Christmas Day
Natala, Natalee, Natalene,
Natalia, Natalja, Natalina,
Nataline, Nataly, Natasha

Natane (Native American) Her father’s daughter

Natasha (Russian) Form of Natalie, meaning “born on Christmas Day”
Nastaliya, Nastalya,
Natacha, Natascha,
Natashenka, Natashia,
Natasia, Natosha, Tosha

Natividad (Spanish) Refers to the Nativity
Natividade, Natividada,
Natyvydad, Nativydad,

Natsuko (Japanese) Child born during the summer
Natsu, Natsumi

Navida (Iranian) Feminine form of Navid; bringer of good news
Navyda, Navidah, Navyda,
Naveeda, Naveedah,
Naveada, Naveadah

Navya (Indian) One who is youthful
Navyah, Naviya, Naviyah

Nawal (Arabic) A gift of God
Nawall, Nawalle, Nawala,

Nawar (Arabic) Resembling a flower

Nazahah (Arabic) One who is pure and honest
Nazaha, Nazihah, Naziha

Nechama (Hebrew) One who provides comfort
Nehama, Nehamah,
Nachmanit, Nachuma,
Nechamah, Nechamit

Neda (Slavic) Born on a Sunday
Nedda, Nedah, Nedi, Nedie,
Neddi, Neddie, Nedaa

Neeharika (Indian) Of the morning dew
Neharika, Neeharyka,

Neena (Hindi) A woman who has beautiful eyes
Neenah, Neanah, Neana,
Neyna, Neynah

Nefertiti (Egyptian) A queenly woman
Nefertari, Nefertyty,
Nefertity, Nefertitie,
Nefertitee, Nefertytie,

Neginoth (Hebrew) An accomplished musician
Neginothe, Negynoth,
Negynothe, Neginotha,

Nehelamite (Hebrew) A dreamer
Nehelamitte, Nehelamit,
Nehelamyte, Nehelamytte,

Neith (Egyptian) In mythology, goddess of war and hunting
Neitha, Neytha, Neyth, Neit,
Neita, Neitia, Neitea, Neithe

Nekana (Spanish) Woman of sorrow
Nekane, Nekania, Nekanea

Neneca (Spanish) Form of Amelia, meaning “one who is industrious and hardworking”
Nenecah, Nenica, Nenneca,

Neo (African) A gift from God

Nephthys (Egyptian) In mythology, one of the nine most important deities; the lady of the house

Nebt-het, Nebet-het

Nerissa (Italian / Greek) A black-haired beauty / sea nymph
Narissa, Naryssa, Nericcia,
Neryssa, Narice, Nerice, Neris

Nessa (Hebrew / Greek) A miracle child / form of Agnes, meaning “one who is pure; chaste”
Nesha, Nessah, Nessia,
Nessya, Nesta, Neta, Netia,

Netis (Native American) One who is trustworthy
Netiss, Netisse, Netys,
Netyss, Netysse

Nevaeh (American) Child from heaven

Nevina (Scottish) Feminine form of Nevin; daughter of a saint
Nevinah, Neveena, Nevyna,
Nevinne, Nevynne, Neveene,
Neveana, Neveane

Newlyn (Gaelic) Born during the spring
Newlynn, Newlynne,
Newlin, Newlinn, Newlinne,
Newlen, Newlenn, Newlenne

Neziah (Hebrew) One who is pure; a victorious woman
Nezia, Nezea, Nezeah, Neza,
Nezah, Neziya, Neziyah

Niabi (Native American) Resembling a fawn
Niabie, Niabee, Niabey,
Niaby, Nyabi, Nyabie,
Niabea, Nyabea

Niagara (English) From the famous waterfall
Niagarah, Niagarra,
Niagarrah, Nyagara,

Nicole (Greek) Feminine form of Nicholas; of the victorious people
Necole, Niccole, Nichol,
Nichole, Nicholle, Nickol,
Nickole, Nicol

Nicosia (English) Woman from the capital of Cyprus
Nicosiah, Nicosea,
Nicoseah, Nicotia, Nicotea

Nidia (Spanish) One who is gracious
Nydia, Nidiah, Nydiah,
Nidea, Nideah, Nibia,
Nibiah, Nibea

Nighean (Scottish) A young woman; a maiden
Nighinn, Nigheen

Nike (Greek) One who brings victory; in mythology, goddess of victory
Nikee, Nikey, Nykee, Nyke

Nilam (Arabic) Resembling a precious blue stone
Neelam, Nylam, Nilima,
Nilyma, Nylyma, Nylima,
Nealam, Nealama

Nilsine (Scandinavian) Feminine form of Neil; a champion
Nilsina, Nilsyne, Nilsyna,
Nylsine, Nylsyna, Nylsina,
Nylsyne, Nilsa

Nimeesha (African) A princess; daughter born to royalty
Nimeeshah, Nimiesha,
Nimisha, Nimysha,
Nymeesha, Nymisha,
Nymysha, Nimeasha

Nini (African) As solid as a stone
Ninie, Niny, Niney, Ninee,

Nishan (African) One who wins awards
Nishann, Nishanne,
Nishana, Nishanna,
Nyshan, Nyshana

Nitya (Indian) An eternal beauty
Nithya, Nithyah, Nityah

Nixie (German) A beautiful water sprite
Nixi, Nixy, Nixey, Nixee,

Nizhoni (Native American) A beautiful woman
Nizhonie, Nyzhoni,
Nyzhonie, Nizhony,
Nizhoney, Nizhonea,
Nyzhony, Nyzhoney

Nokomis (Native American) A daughter of the moon
Nokomiss, Nokomisse,
Nokomys, Nokomyss,

Nolcha (Native American)
Of the sun
Nolchia, Nolchea

Nomusa (African) One who is merciful
Nomusah, Nomusha,
Nomusia, Nomusea,
Nomushia, Nomushea

Nora (English) Form of Eleanor, meaning “the shining light”
Norah, Noora, Norella, Norelle,
Norissa, Norri, Norrie, Norry

Nordica (German) Woman from the north
Nordika, Nordicka,
Nordyca, Nordyka,
Nordycka, Norda, Norell,

Noriko (Japanese) One who upholds the law

Nosiwe (African) Mother of the homeland

Noura (Arabic) Having an inner light
Nureh, Nourah, Nure

Nsia (African) The sixthborn child

Nsonowa (African) The seventh-born child

Nuo (Chinese) A graceful woman

Nyala (African) Resembling an antelope
Nyalah, Nyalla, Nyallah

Nyneve (English) In Arthurian legend, another name for the lady of the lake
Nineve, Niniane, Ninyane,
Nyniane, Ninieve, Niniveve

Nyura (Ukrainian) A graceful woman
Nyrurah, Nyrurra, Niura,

Girl names, and unique baby names