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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Israeli) Strength of God

Yagil (Hebrew) One who rejoices, celebrates
Yagill, Yagyl, Yagylle

Yahto (Native American) Having blue eyes; refers to the color blue
Yahtoe, Yahtow, Yahtowe

Yahweh (Hebrew) Refers to God
Yahveh, Yaweh, Yaveh,
Yehowah, Yehweh, Yehoveh

Yakiv (Ukranian) Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Yakive, Yakeev, Yakeeve,
Yackiv, Yackeev, Yakieve,
Yakiev, Yakeive

Yakout (Arabian) As precious as a ruby

Yale (Welsh) From the fertile upland
Yayle, Yayl, Yail, Yaile

Yanai (Aramaic) God will answer
Yanae, Yana, Yani

Yankel (Hebrew) Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Yankell, Yanckel, Yanckell,
Yankle, Yanckle

Yaotl (Aztec) A great warrior
Yaotyl, Yaotle, Yaotel,

Yaphet (Hebrew) A handsome man
Yaphett, Yapheth, Yaphethe

Yaqub (Arabic) Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Ya’qub, Yaqob, Yaqoub

Yardley (English) From the fenced-in meadow
Yardly, Yardleigh, Yardli,
Yardlie, Yardlee, Yardlea,
Yarley, Yarly

Yaromir (Russian) Form of Jaromir, meaning “from the famous spring”
Yaromire, Yaromeer,
Yaromeere, Yaromyr,

Yas (Native American) Child of the snow

Yasahiro (Japanese) One who is peaceful and calm

Yasin (Arabic) A wealthy man
Yasine, Yaseen, Yaseene,
Yasyn, Yasyne, Yasien,
Yasiene, Yasein

Yasir (Arabic) One who is well-off financially
Yassir, Yasser, Yaseer, Yasr,
Yasyr, Yassyr, Yasar, Yassar

Yaw (African) Born on a Thursday
Yawo, Yao

Yegor (Russian) Form of George, meaning “one who works the earth; a farmer”
Yegore, Yegorr, Yegeor,
Yeorges, Yeorge, Yeorgis

Yehonadov (Hebrew) A gift from God
Yehonadav, Yehonedov,
Yehonedav, Yehoash,
Yehoashe, Yeeshai, Yeeshae,

Yenge (African) A hardworking man
Yengi, Yengie, Yengy, Yengey,

Yeoman (English) A manservant
Youman, Yoman

Yestin (Welsh) One who is just and fair
Yestine, Yestyn, Yestyne

Yigil (Hebrew) He shall be redeemed
Yigile, Yigyl, Yigyle, Yigol,
Yigole, Yigit, Yigat

Yishachar (Hebrew) He will be rewarded
Yishacharr, Yishachare,
Yissachar, Yissachare,
Yisachar, Yisachare

Yiska (Native American) The night has gone

Yngve (Scandinavian) Refers to the god Ing

Yo (Cambodian) One who is honest

Yoav (Hebrew) Form of Joab, meaning “the Lord is my father”
Yoave, Yoavo, Yoavio

Yochanan (Hebrew) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Yochan, Yohannan,
Yohanan, Yochannan

Yohan (German) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Yohanan, Yohann,
Yohannes, Yohon, Yohonn,

Yonatan (Hebrew) Form of Jonathan, meaning “a gift of God”
Yonaton, Yohnatan,
Yohnaton, Yonathan,
Yonathon, Yoni, Yonie, Yony

Yong (Korean) One who is courageous

York (English) From the yew settlement
Yorck, Yorc, Yorke

Yosyp (Ukranian) Form of Joseph, meaning “God will add”
Yosip, Yosype, Yosipe

Yovanny (English) Form of Giovanni, meaning “God is gracious”
Yovanni, Yovannie,
Yovannee, Yovany, Yovani,
Yovanie, Yovanee

Yukon (English) From the settlement of gold
Youkon, Yucon, Youcon,
Yuckon, Youckon

Yuliy (Russian) Form of Julius, meaning “one who is youthful”
Yuli, Yulie, Yulee, Yuleigh,
Yuly, Yuley, Yulika, Yulian

Yuudai (Japanese) A great hero
Yudai, Yuudae, Yudae,
Yuuday, Yuday

Yves (French) A young archer
Yve, Yvo, Yvon, Yvan, Yvet,

Boy names, and unique baby names