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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Hindi) One who is pure; chaste
Pavna, Paavnah, Pavnah,
Paavani, Pavani, Pavany,
Pavaney, Pavanie

Pace (American) A charismatic young woman
Paice, Payce, Paece, Pase,
Paise, Payse, Paese

Pacifica (Spanish) A peaceful woman
Pacifika, Pacyfyca,
Pacyfyka, Pacifyca,
Pacifyka, Pacyfica, Pacyfika

Page (English) A young assistant
Paige, Payge, Paege

Pageant (American) A dramatic woman
Pagent, Padgeant, Padgent

Paiva (Finnish) Born during daylight
Paeva, Payva

Paki (African) A witness of God
Pakki, Packi, Pacci, Pakie,
Pakkie, Paky, Pakky, Pakey

Palakika (Hawaiian) One who is dearly loved
Palakyka, Palakeka,
Palakeeka, Palakieka,
Palakeika, Palakeaka

Palba (Spanish) A fairhaired woman

Palemon (Spanish) A kindhearted woman
Palemond, Palemona,

Palesa (African) Resembling a flower
Palessa, Palesah, Palysa,
Palisa, Paleesa

Paloma (Spanish) Dovelike
Palloma, Palomita,
Palometa, Peloma, Aloma

Pamela (English) A woman who is as sweet as honey
Pamelah, Pamella, Pammeli,
Pammelie, Pameli, Pamelie,
Pamelia, Pamelea

Panagiota (Greek) Feminine form of Panagiotis; a holy

Panchali (Indian) A princess; a high-born woman
Panchalie, Panchaly,
Panchalli, Panchaley,
Panchalee, Panchalea,

Panda (English) Resembling the bambooeating animal

Pandara (Indian) A good wife
Pandarah, Pandarra,
Pandaria, Pandarea

Pandora (Greek) In mythology, the first mortal woman, who unleashed evil upon the world
Pandorah, Pandorra,
Pandoria, Pandorea,

Pantxike (Latin) A woman who is free
Pantxikey, Pantxikye,
Pantxeke, Pantxyke

Paras (Indian) A woman against whom others are measured

Parcae (Latin) In mythology, a name that refers to the Fates
Parca, Parcia, Parcee,
Parsae, Parsee, Parsia,

Paris (English) Woman of the city in France
Pariss, Parisse, Parys,
Paryss, Parysse

Parry (Welsh) Daughter of Harry
Parri, Parrie, Parrey,
Parree, Parrea

Parvani (Indian) Born during a full moon
Parvanie, Parvany,
Parvaney, Parvanee,

Parvati (Hindi) Daughter of the mountain; in Hinduism, a name for the wife of Shiva
Parvatie, Parvaty, Parvatey,
Parvatee, Pauravi, Parvatea,
Pauravie, Pauravy

Paterekia (Hawaiian) An upper-class woman
Paterekea, Pakelekia,

Patience (English) One who is patient; an enduring woman
Patiencia, Paciencia,
Pacencia, Pacyncia,
Pacincia, Pacienca

Patricia (English) Feminine form of Patrick; of noble descent
Patrisha, Patrycia, Patrisia,
Patsy, Patti, Patty, Patrizia,
Pattie, Trisha

Patrina (American) Born into the nobility
Patreena, Patriena,
Patreina, Patryna, Patreana

Paula (English) Feminine form of Paul; a petite woman
Paulina, Pauline, Paulette,
Paola, Pauleta, Pauletta,
Pauli, Paulete

Pausha (Hindi) Resembling the moon

Pax (Latin) One who is peaceful; in mythology, the goddess of peace
Paxi, Paxie, Paxton,
Paxten, Paxtan, Paxy,
Paxey, Paxee

Pearl (Latin) A precious gem of the sea
Pearla, Pearle, Pearlie,
Pearly, Pearline, Pearlina,
Pearli, Pearley

Pelagia (Greek) Feminine form of Pelagius; woman of the sea
Pelagiah, Pelagea, Pelagiya,
Pelageah, Pelagla, Pelaglah,
Pelagie, Pelagy

Pelopia (Greek) In mythology, the wife of Thyestes and mother of Aegisthus
Pelopiah, Pelopea, Pelopeah,

Pembroke (English) From the broken hill
Pembrook, Pembrok,

Pendant (French) A decorated woman
Pendent, Pendante, Pendente

Penelope (Greek) Resembling a duck; in mythology, the faithful wife of Odysseus
Peneloppe, Penelopy,
Penelopey, Penelopi,
Penelopie, Penelopee,
Penella, Penelia

Penia (Greek) In mythology, the personification of poverty
Peniah, Penea, Peniya,
Peneah, Peniyah

Penthesilea (Greek) In mythology, a queen of the Amazons

Peony (Greek) Resembling the flower
Peoney, Peoni, Peonie,
Peonee, Peonea

Pepin (French) An aweinspiring woman
Peppin, Pepine, Peppine,
Pipin, Pippin, Pepen,
Pepan, Peppen

Pepita (Spanish) Feminine form of Joseph; God will add
Pepitah, Pepitta, Pepitia,

Perdita (Latin) A lost woman
Perditah, Perditta, Perdy,
Perdie, Perdi, Perdee,
Perdea, Perdeeta

Perdix (Latin) Resembling a partridge
Perdixx, Perdyx, Perdyxx

Peri (Persian / English) In mythology, a fairy / from the pear tree
Perry, Perri, Perie, Perrie,
Pery, Perrey, Perey, Peree

Perpetua (Latin) One who is constant; steadfast

Persephone (Greek) In mythology, the daughter of Demeter and Zeus who was abducted to the underworld
Persephoni, Persephonie,
Persephony, Persephoney,
Persephonee, Persefone,
Persefoni, Persefonie

Persis (Greek) Woman of Persia
Persiss, Persisse, Persys,
Persyss, Persysse

Pesha (Hebrew) A flourishing woman
Peshah, Peshia, Peshiah,
Peshea, Pesheah, Peshe

Petronela (Latin) Feminine form of Peter, as solid and strong as a rock
Petronella, Petronelle,
Petronia, Petronilla,
Petronille, Petrona,
Petronia, Petronel

Petunia (English) Resembling the flower
Petuniah, Petuniya,
Petunea, Petoonia, Petounia

Phaedra (Greek) A bright woman; in mythology, the wife of Theseus
Phadra, Phaidra, Phedra,
Phaydra, Phedre, Phaedre

Phailin (Thai) Resembling a sapphire
Phaylin, Phaelin, Phalin

Phashestha (American) One who is decorated
Phashesthea, Phashesthia,

Pheakkley (Vietnamese) A faithful woman
Pheakkly, Pheakkli,
Pheakklie, Pheakklee,
Pheakkleigh, Pheakklea

Pheodora (Greek) A supreme gift
Pheodorah, Phedora,

Phernita (American) A well-spoken woman
Pherneeta, Phernyta,
Phernieta, Pherneita,

Phia (Italian) A saintly woman
Phiah, Phea, Pheah

Philippa (English) Feminine form of Phillip; a friend of horses
Phillippa, Philipa, Phillipa,
Philipinna, Philippine,
Phillipina, Phillipine, Pilis

Philomena (Greek) A friend of strength
Filomena, Philomina, Mena

Philyra (Greek) A woman who loves music
Philyre, Philyria, Philyrea

Phoebe (Greek) A bright, shining woman; Another name for the goddess of the moon.
Phebe, Phoebi, Phebi,
Phoebie, Phebie, Pheobe,
Phoebee, Phoebea

Phoena (Greek) Resembling a mystical bird
Phoenah, Phoenna, Phena,

Phoenix (Greek) A darkred color; in mythology, an immortal bird
Phuong, Phoenyx

Phyllis (Greek) Of the foliage; in mythology, a girl who was turned into an almond tree
Phylis, Phillis, Philis,
Phylys, Phyllida, Phylida,
Phillida, Philida

Pili (Egyptian) The secondborn child
Pilie, Pily, Piley, Pilee, Pilea,

Pililani (Hawaiian) Having great strength
Pililanie, Pililany, Pililaney,
Pililanee, Pililanea

Piluki (Hawaiian) Resembling a small leaf
Pilukie, Piluky, Pilukey,
Pilukee, Pilukea

Pineki (Hawaiian) Resembling a peanut
Pinekie, Pineky, Pinekey,
Pinekee, Pinekea

Ping (Chinese) One who is peaceful

Pinga (Inuit) In mythology, goddess of the hunt, fertility, and healing
Pingah, Pyngah, Pyngah

Pinquana (Native American) Having a pleasant fragrance
Pinquan, Pinquann,
Pinquanne, Pinquanna,

Piper (English) One who plays the flute
Pipere, Piperel, Piperell,
Piperele, Piperelle, Piperela,
Piperella, Pyper

Pippi (French / English) A friend of horses / a blushing young woman
Pippie, Pippy, Pippey,
Pippee, Pippea

Pirouette (French) A ballet dancer
Piroette, Pirouett, Piroett,
Piroueta, Piroeta, Pirouetta,
Piroetta, Pirouet

Pisces (Latin) The twelfth sign of the zodiac; the fishes
Pysces, Piscees, Pyscees,
Piscez, Pisceez

Pithasthana (Hindi) In Hinduism, a name for the wife of Shiva

Platinum (English) As precious as the metal
Platynum, Platnum, Platie,
Plati, Platee, Platy, Platey,

Platt (French) From the plains

Pleshette (American) An extravagent woman
Pleshett, Pleshet, Pleshete,
Plesheta, Pleshetta

Pleun (American) One who is good with words

Po (Italian) A lively woman

Podarge (Greek) In mythology, one of the Harpies

Poetry (American) A romantic woman
Poetrey, Poetri, Poetrie,
Poetree, Poetrea

Polete (Hawaiian) A kind young woman
Polet, Polett, Polette, Poleta,

Polina (Russian) A small woman
Polinah, Poleena, Poleenah,
Poleana, Poleanah, Poliena,
Polienah, Poleina

Polyxena (Greek) In mythology, a daughter of Priam and loved by Achilles
Polyxenah, Polyxenia,
Polyxenna, Polyxene,

Pomona (Latin) In mythology, goddess of fruit trees
Pomonah, Pomonia,
Pomonea, Pamona,
Pamonia, Pamonea

Poni (African) The secondborn daughter
Ponni, Ponie, Ponnie, Pony,
Ponny, Poney, Ponney, Ponee

Poodle (American) Resembling the dog; one with curly hair
Poudle, Poodel, Poudel

Poonam (Hindi) A kind and caring woman

Porter (Latin) The doorkeeper

Posala (Native American) Born at the end of spring
Posalah, Posalla, Posallah

Posh (American) A fancy young woman
Poshe, Posha

Potina (Latin) In mythology, goddess of children’s food and drink
Potinah, Potyna, Potena,
Poteena, Potiena, Poteina,

Powder (American) A light-hearted woman
Powdar, Powdir, Powdur,
Powdor, Powdi, Powdie,
Powdy, Powdey

Pragyata (Hindi) One who is knowledgeable

Praise (Latin) One who expresses admiration
Prayse, Praize, Prayze,
Praze, Praese, Praeze

Pramada (Indian) One who is indifferent

Pramlocha (Hindi) In Hinduism, a celestial nymph

Precious (American) One who is treasured
Preshis, Preshys

Prima (Latin) The firstborn child
Primalia, Primma, Pryma,
Primia, Primea, Preema,

Primola (Latin) Resembling a primrose
Primolah, Primolia,
Primoliah, Primolea,

Princess (English) A highborn daughter; born to royalty
Princessa, Princesa, Princie,
Princi, Princy, Princee,
Princey, Princea

Prisca (Latin) From an ancient family
Priscilla, Priscella, Precilla,
Presilla, Prescilla, Prisilla,
Prisella, Prissy, Prissi

Promise (American) A faithful woman
Promice, Promyse, Promyce,
Promis, Promiss, Promys,

Prudence (English) One who is cautious and exercises good judgment
Prudencia, Prudensa,
Prudensia, Prudentia,
Predencia, Predentia, Prue,

Pryce (American / Welsh) One who is very dear / an enthusiastic child
Price, Prise, Pryse

Puck (English) A mischievous fairy

Pulcheria (Italian) A chubby baby
Pulcheriah, Pulcherea,
Pulchereah, Pulcherya,
Pulcheryah, Pulcheriya,

Pulika (African) An obedient and well-behaved girl
Pulikah, Pulicca, Pulicka,
Pulyka, Puleeka, Puleaka

Pyrena (Greek) A fiery woman
Pyrenah, Pyrina, Pyrinah,
Pyryna, Pyrynah, Pyreena,
Pyreenah, Pyriena

Pyria (American) One who is cherished
Pyriah, Pyrea, Pyreah,
Pyriya, Pyriyah, Pyra,

Girl names, and unique baby names