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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Irish) Woman from the south
Daicey, Dacee, Dacia, Dacie,
Dacy, Daicee, Daicy, Daci

Daffodil (French) Resembling the yellow
Daffodill, Daffodille,
Dafodil, Dafodill, Dafodille,
Daff, Daffodyl, Dafodyl

Dagmar (Scandinavian) Born on a glorious day
Dagmara, Dagmaria,
Dagmarie, Dagomar,
Dagomara, Dagomar,
Dagomaria, Dagmarr

Dahlia (Swedish) From the valley; resembling the flower
Dahlea, Dahl, Dahiana,
Dayha, Daleia

Daira (Greek) One who is well-informed
Daeira, Danira, Dayeera

Daisy (English) Of the day’s eye; resembling a flower
Daisee, Daisey, Daisi, Daisie,
Dasie, Daizy, Daysi, Deysi

Dakota (Native American) A friend to all
Dakotah, Dakotta, Dakoda,

Dalmace (Latin) Woman from Dalmatia, a region of Italy
Dalma, Dalmassa, Dalmatia,
Dalmase, Dalmatea

Dalmar (African) A versatile woman
Dalmarr, Dalmare,

Damali (Arabic) A beautiful vision
Damalie, Damaly,
Damaley, Damalee,
Damaleigh, Damalea,

Damani (American) Of a bright tomorrow
Damanie, Damany,
Damaney, Damanee,
Damanea, Damaneah

Damaris (Latin) A gentle woman
Damara, Damaress,
Damariss, Damariz,
Dameris, Damerys,
Dameryss, Damiris

Damian (Greek) One who tames or subdues others
Damiane, Daimen, Daimon,
Daman, Damen, Dameon,
Damiana, Damianna

Dana (English) Woman from Denmark
Daena, Daina, Danaca,
Danah, Dane, Danet,
Daney, Dania

Danielle (Hebrew) Feminine form of Daniel; God is my judge
Daanelle, Danee, Danele,
Danella, Danelle, Danelley,
Danette, Daney

Daphne (Greek) Of the laurel tree; in mythology, a virtuous woman transformed
into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo
Daphna, Daphney, Daphni,
Daphnie, Daffi, Daffie,
Daffy, Dafna

Darby (English) Of the deer park
Darb, Darbee, Darbey,
Darbie, Darrbey, Darrbie,
Darrby, Derby, Larby

Daria (Greek) Feminine form of Darius; possessing good fortune; wealthy
Dari, Darian, Dariane,
Darianna, Dariele, Darielle,
Darien, Darienne

Daring (American) One who takes risks; a bold woman
Daryng, Derring, Dering,

Darlene (English) Our little darling
Dareen, Darla, Darleane,
Darleen, Darleena,
Darlena, Darlenny, Darlina

Darnell (English) A secretive woman
Darnelle, Darnella, Darnae,
Darnetta, Darnisha,
Darnel, Darnele, Darnela

Daryn (Greek) Feminine form of Darin; a gift of God
Darynn, Darynne, Darinne,
Daren, Darenn, Darene

Daw (Thai) Of the stars

Dawn (English) Born at daybreak; of the day’s first light
Dawna, Dawne, Dawnelle,
Dawnetta, Dawnette,
Dawnielle, Dawnika, Dawnita

Day (American) A father’s hope for tomorrow
Daye, Dai, Dae

Daya (Hebrew) Resembling a bird of prey
Dayah, Dayana, Dayanara,
Dayania, Dayaniah,
Dayanea, Dayaneah

Dayton (English) From the sunny town
Dayten, Daytan

Dea (Greek) Resembling a goddess

Debonnaire (French) One who is suave; nonchalant
Debonair, Debonaire,
Debonnayre, Debonayre,
Debonaere, Debonnaere

Deborah (Hebrew) Resembling a bee; in the Bible, a prophetess
Debbera, Debbey, Debbi,
Debbie, Debbra, Debby,
Debee, Debera

Deidre (Gaelic) A brokenhearted or raging woman
Deadra, Dede, Dedra,
Deedra, Deedre, Deidra,
Deirdre, Deidrie

Deiondre (American) From the lush valley
Deiondra, Deiondria,
Deiondrea, Deiondriya

Dekla (Latvian) In mythology, a trinity goddess
Decla, Deckla, Deklah,
Decklah, Declah

Delaney (Irish / French) The dark challenger /from the elder-tree grove
Delaina, Delaine, Delainey,
Delainy, Delane, Delanie,
Delany, Delayna

Delaware (English) From the state of Delaware
Delawair, Delaweir,
Delwayr, Delawayre,
Delawaire, Delawaer,

Delling (Scandinavian) One who is sparkling and witty
Dellyng, Delleng

Delta (Greek) From the mouth of the river; the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet
Dellta, Deltah, Delltah

Delu (African) The sole daughter
Delue, Deloo

Delyth (Welsh) A pretty young woman
Delythe, Delith, Delithe

Demeter (Greek) In mythology, the goddess of the harvest
Demetra, Demitra, Demitras,
Dimetria, Demetre,
Demetria, Dimitra, Dimitre

Denali (Indian) A superior woman
Denalie, Denaly, Denally,
Denalli, Denaley, Denalee,
Denallee, Denallie

Dendara (Egyptian) From the town on the river
Dendera, Dendaria,
Denderia, Dendarra

Denver (English) From the green valley

Derora (Hebrew) As free as a bird
Derorah, Derorra, Derorit,
Drora, Drorah, Drorit,
Drorlya, Derorice

Derry (Irish) From the oak grove
Derrey, Derri, Derrie,
Derree, Derrea, Derreah

Deryn (Welsh) A birdlike woman
Derran, Deren, Derhyn,
Deron, Derrin, Derrine,
Derron, Derrynne

Desiree (French) One who is desired
Desaree, Desirae, Desarae,
Desire, Desyre, Dezirae,
Deziree, Desirat

Destiny (English) Recognizing one’s certain fortune; fate
Destanee, Destinee,
Destiney, Destini, Destinie,
Destine, Destina, Destyni

Deva (Hindi) A divine being
Devi, Daeva

Devera (Latin) In mythology, goddess of brooms

Devika (Indian) The little goddess
Devicka, Devica, Devyka,
Devycka, Devyca

Devon (English) From the beautiful farmland; of the divine
Devan, Deven, Devenne,
Devin, Devona, Devondra,
Devonna, Devonne

Dextra (Latin) Feminine form of Dexter; one who is skillful

Dharma (Hindi) The universal law of order

Dhisana (Hindi) In Hinduism, goddess of prosperity
Dhisanna, Disana,
Disanna, Dhysana,

Dhyana (Hindi) One who meditates

Diane (Latin) Of the divine; in mythology, goddess of the moon and the hunt
Danne, Dayann, Dayanna,
Dayanne, Deana, Deane,
Deandra, Deann, Diana

Diata (African) Resembling a lioness
Diatah, Dyata, Diatta,
Dyatah, Dyatta, Diattah,

Didina (French) One who is desired
Dideena, Dideina, Didiena,
Dideana, Didyna

Dido (Latin) In mythology, the queen of Carthage who committed suicide

Didrika (German) Feminine form of Dietrich; the ruler of the people
Diedericka, Diedricka,
Diedrika, Dydrika, Didricka

Dielle (Latin) One who worships God
Diele, Diell, Diella, Diela, Diel

Dimity (English) Resembling a sheer cotton fabric
Dimitee, Dimitey, Dimitie,
Dimitea, Dimiteah, Dimiti

Dimona (Hebrew) Woman from the south
Dimonah, Dymona,
Demona, Demonah,

Disa (English) Resembling an orchid

Discordia (Latin) In mythology, goddess of strife
Dyscordia, Diskordia,

Diti (Hindi) In Hinduism, an earth goddess
Dyti, Ditie, Dytie, Dity,
Dyty, Ditey, Dytey, Ditee

Ditza (Hebrew) One who brings joy
Ditzah, Diza, Dizah,
Dytza, Dytzah, Dyza,

Dolores (Spanish) Woman of sorrow; refers to the Virgin Mary
Dalores, Delora, Delores,
Deloria, Deloris, Dolorcita,
Dolorcitas, Dolorita

Domela (Latin) The lady of the house
Domella, Domele, Domelle,
Domell, Domhnulla, Domel

Domina (Latin) An elegant lady
Dominah, Domyna,

Dominique (French) Feminine form of Dominic; born on the Lord’s day
Domaneke, Domanique,
Domenica, Domeniga,
Domenique, Dominee,
Domineek, Domineke

Doreen (French / Gaelic) The golden one / a brooding woman
Dorene, Doreyn, Dorine,
Dorreen, Doryne, Doreena,
Dore, Doirean

Dorma (Latin) One who is sleeping
Dorrma, Dorrmah,

Dorothy (Greek) A gift of God
Dasha, Dasya, Dodie, Dody,
Doe, Doll, Dolley, Dolli

Dove (American) Resembling a bird of peace

Drisana (Indian) Daughter of the sun
Dhrisana, Drisanna, Drysana,
Drysanna, Dhrysana,
Dhrisanna, Dhrysanna

Drury (French) One who is greatly loved
Drurey, Druri, Drurie,
Druree, Drurea, Drureah

Duana (Irish) Feminine form of Dwayne; little, dark one
Duane, Duayna, Duna,
Dwana, Dwayna, Dubhain,

Duena (Spanish) One who acts as a chaperone

Dumia (Hebrew) One who is silent
Dumiya, Dumiah,
Dumiyah, Dumea, Dumeah

Duvessa (Irish) A dark beauty
Duvessah, Duvesa,
Dubheasa, Duvesah

Dylan (Welsh) Daughter of the waves
Dylana, Dylane, Dyllan,
Dyllana, Dillon, Dillan,
Dillen, Dillian

Dympna (Irish) Fawn; the patron saint of the insane
Dymphna, Dimpna,

Dyre (Scandinavian) One who is dear to the heart

Dysis (Greek) Born at sunset
Dysiss, Dysisse, Dysys,
Dysyss, Dysysse

Girl names, and unique baby names