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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Anglo-Saxon) Born into royalty
Eadlinn, Eadlinne, Eadline,
Eadlyn, Eadlynn, Eadlynne,
Eadlina, Eadlyna

Eadrianne (American) One who stands out
Eadrian, Eadriann,
Edriane, Edriana, Edrianna

Eara (Scottish) Woman from the east
Earah, Earra, Earrah, Earia,
Earea, Earie, Eari, Earee

Earla (English) A great leader

Earna (English) Resembling an eagle
Earnah, Earnia, Earnea,
Earniah, Earneah

Easter (American) Born during the religious holiday
Eastere, Eastre, Eastir,
Eastar, Eastor, Eastera,
Easteria, Easterea

Easton (American) A wholesome woman
Eastan, Easten, Eastun,

Eathelin (English) Noble woman of the waterfall
Eathelyn, Eathelinn,
Eathelynn, Eathelina,
Eathelyna, Ethelin, Ethelyn,

Eathellreda (English) A noble young woman
Eathelreda, Eathellredia,
Eathellredea, Eathelredia,
Eathelredea, Ethelreda,

Eber (Hebrew) One who moves beyond

Ebere (African) One who shows mercy
Eberre, Ebera, Eberia,
Eberea, Eberria, Eberrea,
Ebiere, Ebierre

Ebony (Egyptian) A dark beauty
Eboni, Ebonee, Ebonie,
Ebonique, Eboney, Ebonea,

Ebrel (Cornish) Born during the month of April
Ebrell, Ebrele, Ebrelle, Ebriel,
Ebriell, Ebriele, Ebrielle

Ebrill (Welsh) Born in April
Ebrille, Ebril, Evril, Evrill,

Edalene (Gaelic) A queenly woman; one who is noble
Edaleen, Edaleene, Edalena,
Edaleena, Edalyne,
Edalyna, Edaline, Edalina

Edana (Irish) Feminine form of Aidan; a fiery woman
Edanah, Edanna, Ena,
Ethna, Eithna, Etney,
Eideann, Eidana

Edna (Hebrew) One who brings pleasure; a delight
Ednah, Edena, Edenah

Edolia (Teutonic) A woman of good humor
Edoliah, Edolea, Edoleah,
Edoli, Edolie, Edoly, Edoley,

Edra (English) A powerful and mighty woman
Edrah, Edrea, Edreah,
Edria, Edriah

Eduarda (Portugese) Feminine form of Edward; a wealthy protector
Eduardia, Eduardea,
Edwarda, Edwardia,
Edwardea, Eduardina,
Eduardyna, Edwardina

Edurne (Basque) Feminine form of Edur; woman of the snow
Edurna, Edurnia, Edurnea,

Efterpi (Greek) A maiden with a pretty face
Efterpie, Efterpy, Efterpey,
Efterpee, Efterpea, Efterpeah

Egan (American) A wholesome woman
Egann, Egen, Egun, Egon

Egberta (English) Feminine form of Egbert; wielding the shining sword
Egbertha, Egbertina,
Egbertyna, Egberteena,
Egbertyne, Egberteene,

Egeria (Latin) A wise counselor; in mythology, a water nymph
Egeriah, Egerea, Egereah,
Egeriya, Egeriyah

Eglah (Hebrew) Resembling a heifer
Egla, Eglon, Eglona, Eglia,
Egliah, Eglea, Egleah

Egzanth (American) A yellow-haired woman
Egzanthe, Egzantha,
Egzanthia, Egzanthea,
Egzanthiya, Egzanthya

Eileen (Gaelic) Form of Evelyn, meaning “a birdlike woman”
Eila, Eileene, Eilena, Eilene,
Eilin, Eilleen, Eily, Eilean

Eiluned (Welsh) An idol worshipper

Eilwen (Welsh) One with a fair brow
Eilwenne, Eilwin, Eilwinne,
Eilwyn, Eilwynne

Eirene (Greek) Form of Irene, meaning “a peaceful woman”
Eireen, Eireene, Eiren, Eir,
Eireine, Eirein, Eirien, Eiriene

Eires (Greek) A peaceful woman
Eiress, Eiris, Eiriss, Eirys, Eiryss

Eirian (Welsh) One who is bright and beautiful
Eiriann, Eiriane, Eiriana,
Eirianne, Eirianna

Ekron (Hebrew) One who is firmly rooted
Eckron, Ecron

Elaine (French) Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Ellaine, Ellayne, Elaina,
Elayna, Elayne, Elaene,
Elaena, Ellaina

Elana (Hebrew) From the oak tree
Elanna, Elanah, Elanie, Elani,
Elany, Elaney, Elanee, Elan

Elata (Latin) A high-spirited woman
Elatah, Elatta, Elattah, Elatia,
Elatea, Elatiah, Elateah

Elath (Hebrew) From the grove of trees
Elathe, Elatha, Elathia,

Eldora (Greek) A gift of the sun
Eleadora, Eldorah, Eldorra,
Eldoria, Eldorea

Eldoris (Greek) Woman of the sea
Eldorise, Eldoriss, Eldorisse,
Eldorys, Eldoryss, Eldorysse

Eldreda (English) Feminine form of Eldred; one who provides wise counsel
Eldredah, Eldrida, Eldridah,
Eldryda, Eldrydah, Eldride,
Eldrede, Eldreada

Eleacie (American) One who is forthright
Eleaci, Eleacy, Eleacey,
Eleacee, Eleacea

Eleanor (Greek) Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Eleanora, Eleni, Eleonora,
Eleonore, Elinor, Elnora,
Eleanore, Elinora, Nora

Eleftheria (Greek) An independent woman; one who is free
Eleftheriah, Eleftherea,
Elefthereah, Elefteria,
Elefteriah, Elefterea,
Eleftereah, Elepheteria

Elena (Spanish) Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Elenah, Eleena, Eleenah,
Elyna, Elynah, Elina,
Elinah, Eleni

Elica (German) One who is noble
Elicah, Elicka, Elika, Elyca,
Elycka, Elyka, Elsha, Elsje

Elida (English) Resembling a winged creature
Elidah, Elyda, Eleeda,
Eleda, Elieda, Eleida,

Elidad (Hebrew) Loved by God
Elidada, Elidade, Elydad,
Elydada, Elydade

Elika (Hebrew) God will judge
Elikah, Elyka, Elicka,
Elycka, Elica, Elyca

Eliphal (Hebrew) Delivered by God
Eliphala, Eliphall,
Eliphalla, Eliphelet,

Elita (Latin) The chosen one
Elitah, Elyta, Elytah, Eleta,
Eletah, Elitia, Elitea, Electa

Elizabeth (Hebrew) My God is bountiful; God’s promise Liz, Elisabet, Elisabeth,
Elisabetta, Elissa, Eliza,
Elizabel, Elizabet, Elsa, Beth,
Babette, Libby, Lisa, Tetty

Ella (German) From a foreign land
Elle, Ellee, Ellesse, Elli,
Ellia, Ellie, Elly, Ela

Ellan (American) A coy woman
Ellane, Ellann

Ellen (English) Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Elin, Elleen, Ellena, Ellene,
Ellyn, Elynn, Elen, Ellin

Ellenweorc (Anglo-Saxon) A woman known for her courage

Ellery (English) Form of Hilary, meaning “a cheerful woman”
Ellerey, Elleri, Ellerie,
Elleree, Ellerea, Ellereah

Ellette (English) Resembling a little elf
Ellett, Ellete, Elette, Elete,
Elletta, Elleta, Eleta, Ellet

Ellyanne (American) A shining and gracious woman
Ellianne, Ellyanna,
Ellianna, Ellyann, Elliann,
Ellyan, Ellian

Elma (German) Having God’s protection

Elpida (Greek) Feminine form of Elpidius; filled with hope
Elpidah, Elpyda, Elpeeda,
Elpieda, Elpeida, Elpeada,
Espe, Elpydah

Elrica (German) A great ruler
Elricah, Elrika, Elrikah,
Elryca, Elrycah, Elryka,
Elrykah, Elrick

Eltekeh (Hebrew) A Godfearing woman
Elteke, Elteckeh, Eltecke

Elton (American) A spontaneous woman
Elten, Eltan, Eltin, Eltyn, Eltun

Elvia (Irish) A friend of the elves
Elva, Elvie, Elvina, Elvinia,
Elviah, Elvea, Elveah, Elvyna

Elvira (Latin) A truthful woman; one who can be trusted
Elvera, Elvita, Elvyra,
Elvirah, Elvyrah, Elwira

Elyse (English) Blissful
Elice, Elise, Elle, Elissa, Ilyse

Ema (Polynesian / German) One who is greatly loved /a serious woman

Ember (English) A lowburning fire
Embar, Embir, Embyr

Emiko (Japanese) A child blessed with beauty

Emily (Latin) An industrious and hardworking woman
Emilee, Emilie, Emilia,
Emelia, Emileigh, Emeleigh,
Emeli, Emelie

Emma (German) One who is complete; a universal woman
Emmy, Emmajean,
Emmalee, Emmi, Emmie,
Emmaline, Emelina,

Emmylou (American) A universal ruler
Emmilou, Emmielou,
Emylou, Emilou, Emielou

Ena (Irish) A fiery and passionate woman
Enah, Enat, Eny, Enya

Encarnacion (Spanish) Refers to the Incarnation festival

Engelbertha (German) A luminous angel
Engelberta, Engelberthe,
Engelberte, Engelbertine,
Engelbertina, Engelberteena,
Engelberteen, Engelbertyna

Engracia (Spanish) A graceful woman
Engraciah, Engracea,

Enslie (American) An emotional woman
Ensli, Ensley, Ensly, Enslee,
Enslea, Ensleigh

Eolande (Gaelic) Resembling the violet flower
Eoland, Eolanda, Eolandia,

Ephah (Hebrew) Woman of sorrow
Epha, Ephia, Ephea,
Ephiah, Epheah

Ephesus (Hebrew) From the desired place

Eranthe (Greek) As delicate as a spring flower
Erantha, Eranth, Eranthia,

Erasta (African) A peaceful woman
Ercilia (American) One
who is frank
Erciliah, Ercilea, Ercileah,
Ercilya, Ercilyah, Erciliya,

Erendira (Spanish) Daughter born into royalty
Erendirah, Erendiria,
Erendirea, Erendyra,
Erendyria, Erendyrea,
Erendeera, Erendiera

Erica (Scandinavian /Latin) Feminine form of Eric; ever the ruler /resembling heather
Erika, Ericka, Erikka, Eryka,
Erike, Ericca, Erics, Eiric,

Erimentha (Greek) A devoted protector
Erimenthe, Erimenthia,

Erin (Gaelic) Woman from Ireland
Erienne, Erina, Erinn,
Erinna, Erinne, Eryn,
Eryna, Erynn, Arin

Eriphyle (Greek) In mythology, the mother of Alcmaeon
Eriphile, Erifyle, Erifile

Ernestina (German) Feminine form of Ernest; one who is determined; serious
Ernesta, Ernestine, Ernesha,
Erna, Ernestyne, Ernestyna,
Ernesztina, Earnestyna

Esdey (American) A warm and caring woman
Essdey, Esdee, Esdea, Esdy,
Esdey, Esdi, Esdie, Esday

Eshah (African) An exuberant woman

Eshe (African) Giver of life
Eshey, Eshay, Esh, Eshae,

Esinam (African) God has heard
Esiname, Esynam,
Esinama, Esynama,
Esinamia, Esinamea

Esme (French) An esteemed woman
Esmai, Esmae, Esmay,
Esmaye, Esmee

Esne (English) Filled with happiness
Esnee, Esney, Esnea, Esni,
Esnie, Esny

Essence (American) A perfumed woman
Essince, Esense, Esince,
Essynce, Esynce

Esthelia (Spanish) A shining woman
Estheliah, Esthelea,
Estheleah, Esthelya,
Esthelyah, Estheliya,

Esther (Persian) Resembling the myrtle leaf
Ester, Eszter, Eistir, Eszti

Estrid (Norse) Form of Astrid, meaning “one with divine strength”
Estread, Estreed, Estrad,
Estri, Estrod, Estrud, Estryd,

Etana (Hebrew) A strong and dedicated woman
Etanah, Etanna, Etannah,
Etania, Etanea, Ethana,
Ethanah, Ethania

Etaney (Hebrew) One who is focused
Etany, Etanie, Etani,
Etanee, Etanea

Etenia (Native American) One who is wealthy; prosperous
Eteniah, Etenea, Eteneah,
Eteniya, Eteniyah

Eternity (American) Lasting forever
Eternitie, Eterniti, Eternitey,
Eternitee, Eternyty, Eternyti,
Eternytie, Eternytee

Ethna (Irish) A graceful woman
Ethnah, Eithne, Ethne,
Eithna, Eithnah

Eudlina (Slavic) A generous woman
Eudlinah, Eudleena,
Eudleenah, Eudleana,
Eudleanah, Eudlyna,

Eudocia (Greek) One who is esteemed
Eudociah, Eudocea,
Eudoceah, Eudokia, Eudokea,
Eudosia, Eudosea, Eudoxia

Eugenia (Greek) A wellborn woman
Eugenie, Gina, Zenechka

Eulanda (American) A fair woman
Eulande, Euland, Eulandia,

Eunice (Greek) One who conquers
Eunise, Eunyce, Eunis,
Euniss, Eunyss, Eunysse

Euodias (Hebrew) A traveling woman
Euodia, Euodeas, Euodea

Eurayle (Greek) In mythology, a Gorgon
Euryle, Euraile, Eurale,
Eurael, Euraele

Eurybia (Greek) In mythology, a sea goddess and mother of Pallas, Perses, and Astraios
Eurybiah, Eurybea,
Eurybeah, Euryba, Eurybah

Eurynome (Greek) In mythology, the mother of the Graces
Eurynomie, Eurynomi,
Eurynomey, Eurynomee,
Eurynomy, Eurynomea,

Euvenia (American) A hardworking woman
Eveniah, Evenea, Eveneah,
Eveniya, Eveniyah

Eva (Hebrew) Giver of life; a lively woman
Eve, Evetta, Evette, Evia,
Eviana, Evie, Evita, Eeva

Evadne (Greek) In mythology, daughter of Poseidon and mother of Iamus
Evadine, Evadna, Euadne,
Euadna, Euadine

Evelyn (German) A birdlike woman
Evaleen, Evalina, Evaline,
Evalyn, Evelin, Evelina,
Eveline, Evelyne, Eileen

Everilde (American) A great huntress
Everild, Everilda, Everhilde,
Everhild, Everhilda

Evline (French) One who loves nature
Evleen, Evleene, Evlean,
Evleane, Evlene, Evlyn, Evlyne

Girl names, and unique baby names