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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Egyptian) Resembling a lion

Mac (Gaelic) The son of Mac (Macarthur, Mackinley, etc.)
Mack, Mak, Macky, Macky,
Macki, Mackie, Mackee,

Macadam (Gaelic) The son of Adam
Macadhamh, MacAdam,
McAdam, MacAdhamh

Macallister (Gaelic) The son of Alistair
MacAlister, McAlister,
McAllister, Macalister

Macardle (Gaelic) The son of great courage
MacArdle, McCardle,
Macardell, MacArdell,

Macartan (Gaelic) The son of Artan
MacArtan, McArtan,
Macarten, MacArten,

Macarthur (Gaelic) The son of Arthur
MacArthur, McArthur,
Macarther, MacArther,

Macauslan (Gaelic) The son of Absalon
MacAuslan, McAuslan,
Macauslen, MacAuslen,

Maccoll (Gaelic) The son of Coll
McColl, Maccoll, MacColl

Maccrea (Gaelic) The son of grace
McCrea, Macrae, MacCrae,
MacCray, MacCrea

Macedonio (Greek) A man from Macedonia
Macedoneo, Macedoniyo,

Macgowan (Gaelic) The son of a blacksmith
MacGowan, Magowan,
McGowan, McGowen,
McGown, MacCowan,

Machau (Hebrew) A gift from God

Machenry (Gaelic) The son of Henry
MacHenry, McHenry

Machk (Native American) Resembling a bear

Macintosh (Gaelic) The son of the thane
MacIntosh, McIntosh,
Macintoshe, MacIntoshe,
McIntoshe, Mackintosh,

Mackay (Gaelic) The son of fire
MacKay, McKay, Mackaye,
MacKaye, McKaye

Mackinley (Gaelic) The son of the white warrior
MacKinley, McKinley,
MacKinlay, McKinlay,
Mackinlay, Mackinlie,

Macklin (Gaelic) The son of Flann
Macklinn, Macklyn,
Macklynn, Macklen,

Maclaine (Gaelic) The son of John’s servant
MacLaine, Maclain,
MacLain, Maclayn,
McLaine, McLain,
Maclane, MacLane

Macleod (Gaelic) The son of the ugly one
MacLeod, McLeod,
McCloud, MacCloud

Macmurray (Gaelic) The son of Murray
MacMurray, McMurray,
Macmurra, MacMurra

Macnab (Gaelic) The son of the abbot
MacNab, McNab

Macon (English / French) To make / from the city in France
Macun, Makon, Makun,
Maken, Mackon, Mackun

Macqueen (Gaelic) The son of the good man
MacQueen, McQueen

Macrae (Gaelic) The son of Ray
MacRae, McRae, Macray,
MacRay, McRay, Macraye,
MacRaye, McRaye

Madden (Pakistani) One who is organized; a planner
Maddon, Maddan, Maddin,
Maddyn, Maddun, Maden,
Madon, Madun

Maddox (Welsh) The son of the benefactor
Madox, Madocks, Maddocks

Madhur (Indian) A sweet man

Madzimoyo (African) One who is nourished with water

Magee (Gaelic) The son of Hugh
MacGee, McGee, MacGhee,

Maguire (Gaelic) The son of the beige one
Magwire, MacGuire,
McGuire, MacGwire,

Magus (Latin) A sorcerer
Magis, Magys, Magos,
Magas, Mages

Mahan (American) A cowboy
Mahahn, Mahen, Mayhan,
Maihan, Maehan, Mayhen,
Maihen, Maehen

Mahant (Indian) Having a great soul

Mahatma (Hindi) Of great spiritual development

Mahfouz (Arabic) One who is protected
Mafouz, Mahfooz, Mafooz,
Mahfuz, Mafuz

Mahkah (Native American) Of the earth
Mahka, Makah, Maka

Mahmud (Arabic) One who is praiseworthy
Mahmood, Mahmoud,
Mehmood, Mehmud,

Mailhairer (French) An illfated man

Maimon (Arabic) One who is dependable; having good fortune
Maymon, Maemon,
Maimun, Maymun,
Maemun, Mamon, Mamun

Maitland (English) From the meadow land
Maytland, Maetland,
Maitlande, Maytlande,

Majdy (Arabic) A glorious man
Majdey, Majdi, Majdie,
Majdee, Majdea

Makaio (Hawaiian) A gift from God

Makena (Hawaiian) Man of abundance

Makin (Arabic) Having great strength
Makeen, Makean, Makein,
Makien, Makyn

Makis (Hebrew) A gift from God
Madys, Makiss, Makyss,
Makisse, Madysse

Malachi (Hebrew) A messenger of God
Malachie, Malachy, Malaki,
Malakia, Malakie,
Malaquias, Malechy, Maleki

Malawa (African) A flourishing man

Malcolm (Gaelic) Follower of St. Columbus
Malcom, Malcolum,
Malkolm, Malkom,

Mali (Indian) A ruler; the firstborn son
Malie, Maly, Maley, Malee,

Mamoru (Japanese) Of the earth
Mamorou, Mamorue,
Mamorew, Mamoroo

Manchester (English) From the city in England
Manchestar, Manchestor,
Manchestir, Manchestyr,

Mandan (Native American) A tribal name
Manden, Mandon,
Mandun, Mandin, Mandyn

Mandhatri (Indian) A prince; born to royalty
Mandhatrie, Mandhatry,
Mandhatrey, Mandhatree,

Mani (African) From the mountain
Manie, Many, Maney,
Manee, Manea

Manjit (Indian) A conqueror of the mind; having
great knowledge
Manjeet, Manjeat, Manjeit,
Manjiet, Manjyt

Manley (English) From the man’s meadow; from the hero’s meadow
Manly, Manli, Manlie,
Manlea, Manleah, Manlee,

Manmohan (Indian) A handsome and pleasing man
Manmohen, Manmohin,

Mannheim (German) From the hamlet in the swamp

Mano (Hawaiian) Resembling a shark
Manoe, Manow, Manowe

Manohar (Indian) A delightful and captivating man
Manoharr, Manohare

Mansel (English) From the clergyman’s house
Mansle, Mansell, Mansele,
Manselle, Manshel,
Manshele, Manshell,

Mansfield (English) From the field near the small river
Mansfeld, Maunfield,

Manton (English) From the man’s town; from the hero’s town
Mantun, Manten,
Mannton, Manntun,

Manu (African) The secondborn child
Manue, Manou, Manoo

Manuel (Spanish) Form of Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us”
Manuelo, Manuello,
Manolito, Manolo, Manollo,
Manny, Manni, Manney

Manya (Indian) A respected man

Manzo (Japanese) The third son with ten-thousand-fold

Mar (Spanish) Of the sea
Marr, Mare, Marre

Marcel (French) The little warrior
Marceau, Marcelin,
Marcellin, Marcellino,
Marcell, Marcello,
Marcellus, Marcelo

Marden (Old English) From the valley with the pool
Mardin, Mardyn, Mardon,
Mardun, Mardan

Mariatu (African) One who is pure; chaste
Mariatue, Mariatou,

Marid (Arabic) A rebellious man

Mario (Latin) A manly man
Marius, Marios, Mariano,
Marion, Mariun, Mareon

Mark (Latin) Dedicated to Mars, the god of war
Marc, Markey, Marky,
Marki, Markie, Markee,
Markea, Markov

Marmion (French) Our little one
Marmyon, Marmeon

Marsh (English) From the marshland

Marshall (French /English) A caretaker of horses / a steward
Marchall, Marischal,
Marischall, Marschal,
Marshal, Marshell, Marshel,

Marston (English) From the town near the marsh
Marstun, Marsten, Marstin,
Marstyn, Marstan

Martin (Latin) Dedicated to Mars, the god of war
Martyn, Mart, Martel,
Martell, Marten, Martenn,
Marti, Martie

Marvin (Welsh) A friend of the sea
Marvinn, Marvinne,
Marven, Marvenn,
Marvenne, Marvyn,
Marvynn, Marvynne, Mervin

Maryland (English) Honoring Queen Mary; from the state of Maryland
Mariland, Maralynd,
Marylind, Marilind,
Marylend, Marilend

Masanao (Japanese) A good man

Masao (Japanese) A righteous man

Mason (English) One who works with stone
Masun, Masen, Masan,
Masin, Masyn, Masson,
Massun, Massen

Masselin (French) A young Thomas
Masselyn, Masselen, Masselan,
Masselon, Masselun, Maselin,
Maselyn, Maselon

Masura (Japanese) A good destiny

Mataniah (Hebrew) A gift from God
Matania, Matanya,
Matanyahu, Mattania,
Mattaniah, Matanyah

Matata (African) One who causes trouble

Matin (Arabic) Having great strength
Maten, Matan, Matyn,
Maton, Matun

Matisse (French) One who is gifted
Matiss, Matysse, Matyss,
Matise, Matyse

Matlock (American) A rancher
Matlok, Matloc

Matoskah (Native American) Resembling a white bear

Matthew (Hebrew) A gift from God
Matt, Matvey, Madteo,
Madteos, Madtheos, Mat,
Mata, Mateo, Mateus,

Matunde (African) One who is fruitful
Matundi, Matundie,
Matundy, Matundey,
Matundee, Matundea

Matvey (Russian) Form of Matthew, meaning “a gift from God”
Matvy, Matvee, Matvea,
Matvi, Matvie, Motka,

Matwau (Native American) The enemy

Maurice (Latin) A darkskinned man; Moorish
Maurell, Maureo, Mauricio,
Maurids, Maurie, Maurin,
Maurio, Maurise, Baurice

Maverick (English) An independent man; a nonconformist
Maveric, Maverik, Mavrick,
Mavric, Mavrik

Mawulol (African) One who gives thanks to God

Maximilian (Latin) The greatest
Max, Macks, Maxi, Maxie,
Maxy, Maxey, Maxee,
Maxea, Maxx

Maxfield (English) From Mack’s field
Mackfield, Maxfeld,

Maxwell (English) From Mack’s spring
Maxwelle, Mackswell,
Maxwel, Mackswel,
Mackwelle, Maxwill,
Maxwille, Mackswill

Mayer (Latin / German /Hebrew) A large man / a farmer / one who is shining bright
Maier, Mayar, Mayor, Mayir,
Mayur, Meyer, Meir, Myer

Mayfield (English) From the strong one’s field
Mayfeld, Maifield, Maifeld,
Maefield, Maefeld

Mayo (Gaelic) From the yew tree plain
Mayoe, Maiyo, Maeyo,
Maiyoe, Maeyoe, Mayoh,

Mccoy (Gaelic) The son of Coy

McKenna (Gaelic) The son of Kenna; to ascend
McKennon, McKennun,
McKennen, McKennan

Mckile (Gaelic) The son of Kyle
McKile, Mckyle, McKyle,
Mackile, Mackyle, MacKile,

Medad (Hebrew) A beloved friend

Medgar (German) Having great strength
Medgarr, Medgare,
Medgard, Medárd

Medwin (German) A strong friend
Medwine, Medwinn,
Medwinne, Medwen,
Medwenn, Medwenne,
Medwyn, Medwynn

Meged (Hebrew) One who has been blessed with

Mehdi (Arabian) One who is guided
Mehdie, Mehdy, Mehdey,
Mehdee, Mehdea

Mehetabel (Hebrew) One who is favored by God
Mehetabell, Mehitabel,
Mehitabell, Mehytabel,

Meilyr (Welsh) A regal ruler Meinrad (German) A strong counselor
Meinred, Meinrod,
Meinrud, Meinrid, Meinryd

Meka (Hawaiian) Of the eyes

Melancton (Greek) Resembling a black flower
Melankton, Melanctun,
Melanktun, Melancten,
Melankten, Melanchton,
Melanchten, Melanchthon

Mele (Hawaiian) One who is happy

Melesio (Spanish) An attentive man; one who is careful
Melacio, Melasio, Melecio,
Melicio, Meliseo, Milesio

Meletius (Greek) A cautious man
Meletios, Meletious,
Meletus, Meletos

Meli (Native American) One who is bitter
Melie, Mely, Meley, Melee,
Melea, Meleigh

Melker (Swedish) A king
Melkar, Melkor, Melkur,
Melkir, Melkyr

Melton (English) From the mill town
Meltun, Meltin, Meltyn,
Melten, Meltan

Melville (English) From the mill town
Melvill, Melvil, Melvile,
Melvylle, Melvyll, Melvyl,

Melvin (English) A friend who offers counsel
Melvinn, Melvinne, Melven,
Melvenn, Melvenne, Melvyn,
Melvynn, Melvynne, Belvin

Memphis (American) From the city in Tennessee
Memfis, Memphys, Memfys,
Memphus, Memfus

Menachem (Hebrew) One who provides comfort
Menaheim, Menahem,
Menachim, Menachym,
Menahim, Menahym,
Machum, Machem

Menassah (Hebrew) A forgetful man
Menassa, Menass, Menas,
Menasse, Menasseh

Menefer (Egyptian) Of the beautiful city
Menefar, Menefir, Menefyr,
Menefor, Menefur

Menelik (African) The son of a wise man
Menelick, Menelic, Menelyk,
Menelyck, Menelyc

Merewood (English) From the forest with the lake
Merwood, Merewode,

Merlin (Welsh) Of the sea fortress; in Arthurian legend, the wizard and mentor of King Arthur
Merlyn, Merlan, Merlon,
Merlun, Merlen, Merlinn,
Merlynn, Merlonn

Merrill (English) Of the shining sea
Meril, Merill, Merrel,
Merrell, Merril, Meryl,
Merryll, Meryll

Merton (English) From the town near the lake
Mertun, Mertan, Merten,
Mertin, Mertyn, Murton,
Murtun, Murten

Mervin (Welsh) Form of Marvin, meaning “a friend of the sea”
Mervinn, Mervinne,
Mervyn, Mervynn,
Mervynne, Merven,
Mervenn, Mervenne

Meshach (Hebrew) An enduring man
Meshack, Meshac, Meshak,
Meeshach, Meeshack,
Meeshak, Meeshac

Mhina (African) One who is delightful
Mhinah, Mheena,
Mheenah, Mheina,
Mheinah, Mhienah,
Mhienah, Mhyna

Michael (Hebrew) Who is like God?
Makai, Micael, Mical, Micha,
Michaelangelo, Michail,
Michal, Micheal, Miguel, Mick

Michio (Japanese) One who has the strength of three thousand

Mick (English) Form of Michael, meaning “who is like God?”
Micke, Mickey, Micky,
Micki, Mickie, Mickee,
Mickea, Mickel

Mieko (Japanese) A bright man

Milan (Latin) An eager and hardworking man

Miles (German / Latin) One who is merciful / a soldier
Myles, Milo, Mylo, Miley,
Mily, Mili, Milie, Milee

Milford (English) From the mill’s ford
Millford, Milfurd, Millfurd,
Milferd, Millferd, Milforde,
Millforde, Milfurde

Miller (English) One who works at the mill
Millar, Millor, Millur, Millir,
Millyr, Myller, Millen, Millan

Miloslav (Czech) One who is honored; one who loves glory
Myloslav, Miloslaw, Myloslaw

Milson (English) The son of Miles
Milsun, Milsen, Milsin,
Milsyn, Milsan

Mimir (Norse) In mythology, a giant who guarded the well of wisdom
Mymir, Mimeer, Mimyr,
Mymeer, Mymyr, Meemir,
Meemeer, Meemyr

Miner (Latin / English) One who works in the mines / a youth
Minor, Minar, Minur, Minir,

Mingan (Native American) Resembling a gray wolf
Mingen, Mingin, Mingon,
Mingun, Mingyn

Minh (Vietnamese) A clever man

Minster (English) Of the church
Mynster, Minstar, Mynstar,
Minstor, Mynstor, Minstur,
Mynstur, Minstir

Miracle (American) An act of God’s hand
Mirakle, Mirakel, Myracle,

Mirage (French) An illusion Myrage

Mirumbi (African) Born during a period of rain
Mirumbie, Mirumby,
Mirumbey, Mirumbee,

Missouri (Native American) From the town of large canoes; from the state of Missouri
Missourie, Mizouri,
Mizourie, Missoury,
Mizoury, Missuri, Mizuri,

Mitali (Indian) A beloved friend
Mitalie, Mitaly, Mitaley,
Mitalee, Mitaleigh, Mitalea

Mitsu (Japanese) Of the light
Mytsu, Mitsue, Mytsue

Mochni (Native American) Resembling a talking bird
Mochnie, Mochny,
Mochney, Mochnee,

Modesty (Latin) One who is without conceit
Modesti, Modestie,
Modestee, Modestus,
Modestey, Modesto,
Modestio, Modestine

Mogens (Dutch) A powerful man
Mogen, Mogins, Mogin,
Mogyns, Mogyn, Mogan,

Mohajit (Indian) A charming man
Mohajeet, Mohajeat,
Mohajeit, Mohajiet,

Mohammed (Arabic) One who is greatly praised; the name of the prophet and founder of Islam
Mahomet, Mohamad,
Mohamed, Mohamet,
Mohammad, Muhammad,
Muhammed, Mehmet

Mohave (Native American) A tribal name
Mohav, Mojave

Mojag (Native American) One who is never quiet

Molan (Irish) The servant of the storm

Momo (American) A warring man

Mona (African) A jealous man

Mongo (African) A wellknown man
Mongoe, Mongow, Mongowe

Mongwau (Native American) Resembling an owl

Monroe (Gaelic) From the mouth of the river Roe
Monro, Monrow, Monrowe,
Munro, Munroe, Munrow,

Montenegro (Spanish) From the black mountain

Montgomery (French) From Gomeric’s mountain
Monty, Montgomerey,
Montgomeri, Montgomerie,
Montgomeree, Montgomerea

Monty (English) Form of Montgomery, meaning “from Gomeric’s mountain”
Montey, Monti, Montie,
Montee, Montea, Montes,

Moon (American) Born beneath the moon; a

Mooney (Irish) A wealthy man
Moony, Mooni, Moonie,
Maonaigh, Moonee,
Moonea, Moone

Moose (American) Resembling the animal; a
big, strong man
Moos, Mooze, Mooz

Moran (Irish) A great man
Morane, Morain, Moraine,
Morayn, Morayne, Moraen,

Morathi (African) A wise man
Morathie, Morathy,
Morathey, Morathee,

Moreland (English) From the moors
Moorland, Morland

Morley (English) From the meadow on the moor
Morly, Morleigh, Morlee,
Morlea, Morleah, Morli,
Morlie, Moorley

Morpheus (Greek) In mythology, the god of dreams
Morfeus, Morphius, Mofius

Mortimer (French) Of the still water; of the dead sea
Mortymer, Morty, Mortey,
Morti, Mortie, Mortee,
Mortea, Mort, Morte

Moses (Hebrew) A savior; in the Bible, the leader of the Israelites; drawn from the water
Mioshe, Mioshye, Mohsen,
Moke, Moise, Moises, Mose,

Mostyn (Welsh) From the mossy settlement
Mostin, Mosten, Moston,
Mostun, Mostan

Moswen (African) A lightskinned man
Moswenn, Moswenne,
Moswin, Moswinn,
Moswinne, Moswyn,
Moswynn, Moswynne

Moubarak (Arabian) One who is blessed
Mubarak, Moobarak

Mounafes (Arabic) A rival

Muhannad (Arabic) One who wields a sword
Muhanned, Muhanad,
Muhaned, Muhunnad,
Muhunad, Muhanned,

Mukhtar (Arabic) The chosen one

Mukisa (Ugandan) Having good fortune

Mulcahy (Irish) A war chief
Mulcahey, Mulcahi,
Mulcahie, Mulcahee,

Mundhir (Arabic) One who cautions others
Mundheer, Mundhear,
Mundheir, Mundhier,

Murdock (Scottish) From the sea
Murdok, Murdoc, Murdo,
Murdoch, Murtagh,
Murtaugh, Murtogh,

Murfain (American) Having a warrior spirit
Murfaine, Murfayn,
Murfayne, Murfaen,
Murfaene, Murfane

Muriel (Gaelic) Of the shining sea
Muryel, Muriell, Muryell,
Murial, Muriall, Muryal,
Muryall, Murell

Murphy (Gaelic) A warrior of the sea
Murphey, Murphee,
Murphea, Murphi,
Murphie, Murfey, Murfy,

Murray (Gaelic) The lord of the sea
Murrey, Murry, Murri,
Murrie, Murree, Murrea,

Murron (Celtic) A bitter man
Murrun, Murren, Murran,
Murrin, Murryn

Murtadi (Arabic) One who is content
Murtadie, Murtady,
Murtadey, Murtadee,

Musad (Arabic) One who is lucky
Musaad, Mus’ad

Mushin (Arabic) A charitable man
Musheen, Mushean,
Mushein, Mushien, Mushyn

Muskan (Arabic) One who smiles often
Musken, Muskon, Muskun,
Muskin, Muskyn

Muslim (Arabic) An adherent of Islam
Muslym, Muslem, Moslem,
Moslim, Moslym

Mustapha (Arabic) The chosen one
Mustafa, Mostapha,
Mostafa, Moustapha,

Muti (Arabic) One who is obedient
Mutie, Muty, Mutey, Mutee,
Mutea, Muta

Myron (Greek) Refers to myrrh, a fragrant oil
Myrun, Myran, Myren,
Myrin, Myryn, Miron,
Mirun, Miran

Mystique (French) A man with an air of mystery
Mystic, Mistique, Mysteek,
Misteek, Mystiek, Mistiek,
Mysteeque, Misteeque

Boy names, and unique baby names