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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(English) To cross the river ford
Wayde, Waid, Waide, Waddell,
Wadell, Waydell, Waidell, Waed

Wadley (English) From the meadow near the ford
Wadly, Wadlee, Wadli,
Wadlie, Wadleigh

Wadsworth (English) From the estate near the ford
Waddsworth, Wadsworthe,

Wafi (Arabic) One who is trustworthy
Wafie, Wafy, Wafey, Wafee,
Wafiy, Wafiyy

Wahab (Indian) A bighearted man

Wahchinksapa (Native American) Having great wisdom
Wahchinksap, Wachinksap

Wainwright (English) One who builds wagons
Wainright, Wainewright,
Wayneright, Waynewright,

Wakil (Arabic) A lawyer; a trustee
Wakill, Wakyl, Wakyle,
Wakeel, Wakeele

Wakiza (Native American) A desperate fighter
Wakyza, Wakeza, Wakieza,

Walbridge (English) From the Welshman’s bridge
Wallbridge, Walbrydge,

Waljan (Welsh) The chosen one
Walljan, Waljen, Walljen,
Waljon, Walljon

Walker (English) One who trods the cloth
Walkar, Walkir, Walkor

Walter (German) The commander of the army
Walther, Walt, Walte,
Walder, Wat, Wouter, Wolter,
Woulter, Galtero, Quaid

Wamblee (Native American) Resembling an eagle
Wambli, Wamblie, Wambly,
Wambley, Wambleigh,

Wanikiy (Native American) A savior
Wanikiya, Wanikie,
Wanikey, Waniki, Wanikee

Wanjala (African) Born during a famine
Wanjalla, Wanjal, Wanjall

Warford (English) From the ford near the weir
Warforde, Weirford,
Weirforde, Weiford, Weiforde

Warley (English) From the meadow near the weir
Warly, Warleigh, Warlee,
Warlea, Warleah, Warli,
Warlie, Weirley

Warner (German) Of the defending army
Werner, Wernher, Warnher,
Worner, Wornher

Warra (Aboriginal) Man of the water
Warrah, Wara, Warah

Warrick (English) Form of Varick, meaning “a protective ruler”
Warrik, Warric, Warick,
Warik, Waric, Warryck,
Warryk, Warryc

Warrigal (Aboriginal) One who is wild
Warrigall, Warigall,
Warigal, Warygal, Warygall

Warrun (Aboriginal) Of the sky

Warwick (English) From the farm near the weir
Warwik, Warwyck, Warwyk

Wasswa (African) The firstborn of twins
Waswa, Wasswah, Waswah

Wasyl (Ukranian) Form of Vasyl, meaning “a king”
Wasyle, Wasil, Wasile

Watson (English) The son of Walter
Watsin, Watsen, Watsan,
Watkins, Watckins, Watkin,
Watckin, Wattekinson

Wayne (English) One who builds wagons
Wain, Wanye, Wayn,
Waynell, Waynne, Guwayne

Webster (English) A weaver
Weeb, Web, Webb, Webber,
Weber, Webbestre, Webestre,

Wei (Chinese) A brilliant man; having great strength

Wenceslas (Polish) One who receives more glory
Wenceslaus, Wenzel,

Wendell (German) One who travels; a wanderer
Wendel, Wendale, Wendall,
Wendele, Wendal, Windell,
Windel, Windal

Wesley (English) From the western meadow
Wes, Wesly, Wessley, Westleigh,
Westley, Wesli, Weslie, Wesleigh

Westby (English) From the western farm
Westbey, Wesby, Wesbey,
Westbi, Wesbi, Westbie,
Wesbie, Westbee

Wharton (English) From the settlement near the weir
Warton, Wharten, Warten,
Whartun, Wartun

Whit (English) A whiteskinned man
White, Whitey, Whitt,
Whitte, Whyt, Whytt,
Whytte, Whytey

Whitby (English) From the white farm
Whitbey, Whitbi, Whitbie,
Whitbee, Whytbey, Whytby,
Whytbi, Whytbie

Whitfield (English) From the white field
Whitfeld, Whytfield,
Whytfeld, Witfield, Witfeld,
Wytfield, Wytfeld

Whitley (English) From the white meadow
Whitly, Whitli, Whitlie,
Whitlee, Whitleigh,
Whytley, Whytly, Whytli

Whitman (English) A white-haired man
Whitmann, Witman,
Witmann, Whitmane,
Witmane, Whytman,
Whytmane, Wytman

Wildon (English) From the wooded hill
Willdon, Wilden, Willden

Wiley (English) One who is crafty; from the meadow by the water
Wily, Wileigh, Wili, Wilie,
Wilee, Wylie, Wyly, Wyley

Wilford (English) From the willow ford
Willford, Wilferd, Willferd,
Wilf, Wielford, Weilford,
Wilingford, Wylingford

William (German) The determined protector
Wilek, Wileck, Wilhelm,
Wilhelmus, Wilkes, Wilkie,
Wilkinson, Will, Guillaume,

Willow (English) Of the willow tree
Willowe, Willo, Willoe

Wilmer (German) A strongwilled and well-known man
Wilmar, Wilmore, Willmar,
Willmer, Wylmer, Wylmar,
Wyllmer, Wyllmar

Winston (English) Of the joy stone; from the friendly town
Win, Winn, Winsten,
Winstonn, Wynstan,
Wynsten, Wynston, Winstan

Winthrop (English) From the friendly village
Winthrope, Wynthrop,
Wynthrope, Winthorp,

Winton (English) From the enclosed pastureland
Wintan, Wintin, Winten,
Wynton, Wyntan, Wyntin,

Wirt (Anglo-Saxon) One who is worthy
Wirte, Wyrt, Wyrte, Wurt,

Wissian (Anglo-Saxon) One who guides others

Wit (Polish) Form of Vitus, meaning “giver of life”

Wlodzimierz (Polish) To rule with peace
Wlodzimir, Wlodzimerz

Wolfric (German) A wolf ruler
Wolfrick, Wolfrik, Wulfric,
Wulfrick, Wulfrik, Wolfryk,
Wolfryck, Wolfryc

Wolodymyr (Ukranian) Form of Volodymyr, meaning “to rule with peace”
Wolodimyr, Wolodimir,
Wolodymeer, Wolodimeer

Woorak (Aboriginal) From the plains
Woorack, Woorac

Wyatt (English) Having the strength of a warrior
Wyat, Wyatte, Wyate, Wiatt,
Wiatte, Wiat, Wiate, Wyeth

Wyndham (English) From the windy village

Boy names, and unique baby names