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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Swahili) Resembling the morning star
Tariq, Taarique, Tarique

Tabia (African / Egyptian) One who makes incantations / a talented woman
Tabiah, Tabya, Tabea,
Tabeah, Tabiya

Tabita (African) A graceful woman
Tabitah, Tabyta, Tabytah,
Tabeeta, Tabeata, Tabieta,

Tabitha (Greek) Resembling a gazelle; known for beauty and grace
Tabithah, Tabbitha,
Tabetha, Tabbetha,
Tabatha, Tabbatha,
Tabotha, Tabbotha

Tabora (Spanish) One who plays a small drum
Taborah, Taborra, Taboria,

Tacincala (Native American) Resembling a deer
Tacincalah, Tacyncala,
Tacyncalah, Tacincalla,

Tahsin (Arabic) Beautification; one who is praised
Tahseen, Tahsene, Tahsyne,
Tasine, Tahseene, Tahsean,

Tahzib (Arabic) One who is educated and cultured
Tahzeeb, Tahzebe, Tahzybe,
Tazib, Tazyb, Tazeeb,
Tahzeab, Tazeab

Taithleach (Gaelic) A quiet and calm young lady

Takako (Japanese) A lofty child

Takoda (Native American) Friend to everyone
Takodah, Takodia, Takodya,

Tala (Native American) A stalking wolf
Talah, Talla

Talia (Hebrew / Greek) Morning dew from heaven / blooming
Taliah, Talea, Taleah,
Taleya, Tallia, Talieya,
Taleea, Taleia

Talihah (Arabic) One who seeks knowledge
Taliha, Talibah, Taliba,
Talyha, Taleehah, Taleahah

Taline (Armenian) Of the monestary
Talene, Taleen, Taleene,
Talyne, Talinia, Talinya,

Talisa (American) Consecrated to God
Talisah, Talysa, Taleesa,
Talissa, Talise, Taleese,
Talisia, Talisya

Talisha (American) A damsel; an innocent
Talesha, Taleisha, Talysha,
Taleesha, Tylesha, Taleysha,
Taleshia, Talishia

Talitha (Arabic) A maiden; young girl
Talithah, Taletha, Taleetha,
Talytha, Talithia, Talethia,
Tiletha, Talith

Tamanna (Indian) One who is desired
Tamannah, Tamana,
Tamanah, Tammana,

Tamasha (African) Pageant winner
Tamasha, Tomosha,
Tomasha, Tamashia,

Tamesis (Celtic) In mythology, the goddess of water; source of the name for the river Thames
Tamesiss, Tamesys, Tamesyss

Tangia (American) The angel
Tangiah, Tangya, Tangiya,

Tani (Japanese /Melanesian / Tonkinese) From the valley / a sweetheart / a young woman
Tanie, Tany, Taney, Tanee,
Tanni, Tanye, Tannie,

Tania (Russian) Queen of the fairies
Tanya, Tannie, Tanny,

Tanner (English) One who tans hides
Taner, Tannar, Tannor,

Tansy (English / Greek) An aromatic yellow flower /having immortality
Tansey, Tansi, Tansie, Tansee,
Tansye, Tansea, Tancy, Tanzy

Tanushri (Indian) One who is beautiful; attractive
Tanushrie, Tanushry,
Tanushrey, Tanushree,

Tanvi (Indian) Slender and
beautiful woman
Tanvie, Tanvy, Tanvey,
Tanvee, Tanvye, Tannvi,

Tapati (Indian) In mythology, the daughter of the sun god
Tapatie, Tapaty, Tapatey,
Tapatee, Tapatye, Tapatea

Taphath (Hebrew) In the Bible, Solomon’s daughter
Tafath, Taphathe, Tafathe

Tara (Gaelic / Indian) Of the tower; rocky hill / star; in mythology, an astral goddess
Tarah, Tarra, Tayra,
Taraea, Tarai, Taralee,
Tarali, Taraya

Tarachand (Indian) Silver star
Tarachande, Tarachanda,
Tarachandia, Tarachandea,
Tarachandiya, Tarachandya

Taree (Japanese) A bending branch
Tarea, Tareya

Taregan (Native American) Resembling a crane
Tareganne, Taregann

Tareva-chine(shanay) (Native American) One with beautiful eyes

Tariana (American) From the holy hillside
Tariana, Tarianna,
Taryana, Taryanna

Tarika (Indian) A starlet
Tarikah, Taryka, Tarykah,
Taricka, Tarickah

Tarisai (African) One to behold; to look at

Tasanee (Thai) A beautiful view
Tasane, Tasani, Tasanie,
Tasany, Tasaney, Tasanye,

Taskin (Arabic) One who provides peace; satisfaction
Taskine, Taskeen, Taskeene,
Taskyne, Takseen, Taksin,

Tasnim (Arabic) From the fountain of paradise
Tasnime, Tasneem,
Tasneeme, Tasnyme,
Tasnym, Tasneam,

Tatum (English) Bringer of joy; spirited
Tatom, Tatim, Tatem,
Tatam, Tatym

Tavi (Aramaic) One who is well-behaved
Tavie, Tavee, Tavy, Tavey,

Taylor (English) Cutter of cloth; one who alters garments
Tailor, Taylore, Taylar,
Tayler, Talour, Taylre,
Tailore, Tailar

Teamhair (Irish) In mythology, a place where
kings met
Teamhaire, Teamhare,

Tehya (Native American) One who is precious
Tehyah, Tehiya, Tehiyah

Teigra (Greek) Resembling a tiger

Telephassa (Latin) In mythology, the queen of Tyre
Telephasa, Telefassa,

Temperance (English) Having self-restraint
Temperence, Temperince,
Temperancia, Temperanse,
Temperense, Temperinse

Tendai (African) Thankful to God
Tenday, Tendae, Tendaa,

Tender (American) One who is sensitive; young
and vulnerable
Tendere, Tendera, Tenderia,
Tenderre, Tenderiya

Teranika (Gaelic) Victory of the earth
Teranikah, Teranieka,
Teraneika, Teraneeka,
Teranica, Teranicka,
Teranicca, Teraneaka

Terpsichore (Greek) In mythology, the muse of dancing and singing
Terpsichora, Terpsichoria,

Terra (Latin) From the earth; in mythology, an earth goddess
Terrah, Terah, Teralyn,
Terran, Terena, Terenah,
Terenna, Terrena

Terrian (Greek) One who is innocent
Terriane, Terrianne,
Terriana, Terianna, Terian,

Teryl (English) One who is vivacious and bright
Terryl, Teryll, Terylle, Terryll

Tetsu (Japanese) A strong woman

Tetty (English) Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my
God is bountiful; God’s promise”
Tettey, Tetti, Tettie, Tettee,

Tevy (Cambodian) An angel
Tevey, Tevi, Tevie, Tevee,

Thandiwe (African) The loving one
Thandywe, Thandiewe,
Thandeewe, Thandie,
Thandi, Thandee, Thandy,

Thao (Vietnamese) One who is respectful of her parents

Thara (Arabic) One who is wealthy; prosperous
Tharah, Tharra, Tharrah,

Thelma (Greek) One who is ambitious and willful
Thelmah, Telma, Thelmai,
Thelmia, Thelmalina

Thelred (English) One who is well-advised
Thelrede, Thelread,
Thelredia, Thelredina,
Thelreid, Thelreed, Thelryd

Thema (African) A queen
Themah, Theema, Thyma,
Theyma, Theama

Theora (Greek) A watcher
Theorra, Theoria, Theoriya,

Theresa (Greek) A harvester
Teresa, Theresah, Theresia,
Therese, Thera, Tresa,
Tressa, Tressam, Reese, Reza

Theta (Greek) Eighth letter of the Greek alphabet

Thistle (English) Resembling the prickly, flowered plant
Thistel, Thissle, Thissel

Thomasina (Hebrew) Feminine form of
Thomas; a twin
Thomasine, Thomsina,
Thomasin, Tomasina,
Tomasine, Thomasa,
Thomaseena, Thomaseana

Thoosa (Greek) In mythology, a sea nymph
Thoosah, Thoosia,
Thoosiah, Thusa, Thusah,
Thusia, Thusiah, Thousa

Thorberta (Norse) Brilliance of Thor
Thorbiartr, Thorbertha

Thordia (Norse) Spirit of Thor
Thordiah, Thordis, Tordis,
Thordissa, Tordissa,

Thuy (Vietnamese) One who is gentle and pure
Thuye, Thuyy, Thuyye

Thy (Vietnamese / Greek) A poet / one who is untamed

Tia (Spanish / Greek) An aunt / daughter born to royalty
Tiah, Tea, Teah, Tiana,
Teea, Tya, Teeya, Tiia

Tiberia (Italian) Of the Tiber river
Tiberiah, Tiberiya, Tiberya,
Tibeeria, Tibearia, Tibieria,

Tiegan (Aztec) A little princess in a big valley
Tiegann, Tieganne

Tierney (Gaelic) One who is regal; lordly
Tiernie, Tierni, Tiernee,
Tierny, Tiernea

Tiffany (Greek) Lasting love
Tiffaney, Tiffani, Tiffanie,
Tiffanee, Tifany, Tifaney,
Tifanee, Tifani

Timothea (English) Feminine form of
Timothy; honoring God
Timotheah, Timothia,
Timothya, Timothiya

Tina (English) From the river; also shortened form
of names ending in -tina
Tinah, Teena, Tena, Teyna,
Tyna, Tinna, Teana

Ting (Chinese) Graceful and slim woman

Tirza (Hebrew) One who is pleasant; a delight

Tisa (African) The ninthborn child
Tisah, Tiza

Tita (Latin) Holding a title of honor
Titah, Teeta, Tyta, Teata

Tivona (Hebrew) Lover of nature
Tivonna, Tivone, Tivonia,

Toan (Vietnamese) Form of An-toan, meaning “safe and secure”
Toane, Toanne

Toinette (French) Form of Antoinette, meaning “praiseworthy”
Toinett, Toinete, Toinet,
Toineta, Toinetta, Tola

Toki (Japanese / Korean) One who grasps opportunity; hopeful / resembling a rabbit
Tokie, Toky, Tokey, Tokye,
Tokiko, Tokee, Tokea

Tola (Polish / Cambodian) Form of Toinette, meaning “praiseworthy” / born during October
Tolah, Tolla, Tollah

Topanga (Native American) From above or a high place

Topaz (Latin) Resembling a yellow gemstone
Topazz, Topaza, Topazia,
Topaziya, Topazya, Topazea

Tordis (Norse) A goddess
Tordiss, Tordisse, Tordys,
Tordyss, Tordysse

Torny (Norse) New; just discovered
Torney, Tornie, Torni, Torne,
Torn, Tornee, Tornea

Torunn (Norse) Thor’s love
Torun, Torrun, Torrunn

Tory (American) Form of Victoria, meaning “victorious
woman; winner; conquerer”
Torry, Torey, Tori, Torie,
Torree, Tauri, Torye, Toya

Tosca (Latin) From the Tuscany region
Toscah, Toscka, Toska,
Tosckah, Toskah

Tosha (English) Form of Natasha, meaning “born on Christmas”
Toshah, Toshiana, Tasha,
Tashia, Tashi, Tassa

Tourmaline (Singhalese) A stone of mixed colors
Tourmalyne, Tourmalina,

Tova (Hebrew) One who is well-behaved
Tovah, Tove, Tovi, Toba,
Toibe, Tovva

Treasa (Irish) Having great strength
Treasah, Treesa, Treisa,
Triesa, Treise, Treese,

Trinity (Latin) The holy
Trinitey, Triniti, Trinitie,
Trinitee, Trynity, Trynitey,
Tryniti, Trynitie

Trisha (Latin) Form of Patricia, meaning “of noble descent”
Trishah, Trishia, Tricia,
Trish, Trissa, Trisa

Trishna (Polish) In mythology, the goddess of the deceased, protector of graves
Trishnah, Trishnia,
Trishniah, Trishnea,
Trishneah, Trishniya,
Trishniyah, Trishnya

Trisna (Indian) The one desired
Trisnah, Trisnia, Trisniah,
Trisnea, Trisneah, Trisniya,
Trisniyah, Trisnya

Trudy (German) Form of Gertrude, meaning “adored warrior”
Trudey, Trudi, Trudie,
Trude, Trudye, Trudee,
Truda, Trudia

Trupti (Indian) State of being satisfied
Truptie, Trupty, Truptey,
Truptee, Trupte, Truptea

Tryamon (English) In Arthurian legend, a fairy princess
Tryamonn, Tryamonne,
Tryamona, Tryamonna

Tryna (Greek) The thirdborn child

Tsifira (Hebrew) One who is crowned
Tsifirah, Tsifyra, Tsiphyra,
Tsiphira, Tsipheera, Tsifeera

Tuccia (Latin) A vestal virgin

Tula (Hindi) Balance; a sign of the zodiac
Tulah, Tulla, Tullah

Tullia (Irish) One who is peaceful
Tulliah, Tullea, Tulleah,
Tullya, Tulia, Tulea, Tuleah,

Tusti (Hindi) One who brings happiness and peace
Tustie, Tusty, Tustey, Tustee,
Tuste, Tustea

Tutilina (Latin) In mythology, the protector goddess of stored grain
Tutilinah, Tutileena,
Tutileana, Tutilyna,
Tutileina, Tutiliena,
Tutilena, Tutylina

Tuuli (Finnish) Of the wind
Tuulie, Tuulee, Tuula,
Tuuly, Tuuley, Tuulea

Tuyet (Vietnamese) Snow white woman
Tuyett, Tuyete, Tuyette,
Tuyeta, Tuyetta

Tyler (English) Tiler of roofs

Tyme (English) The aromatic herb thyme
Time, Thyme, Thime

Tyne (English) Of the river

Tyro (Greek) In mythology, a woman who bore twin sons to Poseidon

Tzidkiya (Hebrew) Righteousness of the Lord
Tzidkiyah, Tzidkiyahu

Tzigane (Hungarian) A gypsy
Tzigan, Tzigain, Tzigaine,

Girl names, and unique baby names