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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(African) One who believes in God

Hachiro (Japanese) The eighth-born son

Hadden (English) From the heather-covered hill
Haddan, Haddon, Haddin,
Haddyn, Haddun

Hades (Greek) In mythology, the god of the underworld
Hadies, Hadees, Hadiez,

Hadriel (Hebrew) The splendor of God
Hadryel, Hadriell, Hadryell

Hadwin (English) A friend in war
Hadwinn, Hadwinne,
Hadwen, Hadwenn,
Hadwenne, Hadwyn,
Hadwynn, Hadwynne

Hafiz (Arabic) A protector
Haafiz, Hafeez, Hafeaz,
Hafiez, Hafeiz, Hafyz,
Haphiz, Haaphiz

Hagar (Hebrew) A wanderer

Hagen (Gaelic) One who is youthful
Haggen, Hagan, Haggan,
Hagin, Haggin, Hagyn,
Haggyn, Hagon

Hagop (Armenian) Form of James, meaning “he who supplants”
Hagup, Hagap, Hagep,
Hagip, Hagyp

Hagos (African) Filled with happiness

Hahnee (Native American) A beggar
Hahnea, Hahni, Hahnie,
Hahny, Hahney

Haim (Hebrew) A giver of live
Hayim, Hayyim

Haines (English) From the vined cottage; from the hedged enclosure
Haynes, Haenes, Hanes,
Haine, Hayne, Haene,

Hajari (African) One who takes flight
Hajarie, Hajary, Hajarey,
Hajaree, Hajarea

Haji (African) Born during the hajj
Hajie, Hajy, Hajey, Hajee,

Hakan (Norse / Native American) One who is noble / a fiery man

Hakim (Arabic) One who is wise; intelligent
Hakeem, Hakeam,
Hakeim, Hakiem, Hakym

Hal (English) A form of Henry, meaning “the ruler of the house”; a form of Harold, meaning “the
ruler of an army”

Halford (English) From the hall by the ford
Hallford, Halfurd, Hallfurd,
Halferd, Hallferd

Halig (Anglo-Saxon) A holy man

Halil (Turkish) A beloved friend
Haleel, Haleal, Haleil,
Haliel, Halyl

Halla (African) An unexpected gift
Hallah, Hala, Halah

Hallberg (Norse) From the rocky mountain
Halberg, Hallburg, Halburg

Halle (Norse) As solid as a rock

Halley (English) From the hall near the meadow
Hally, Halli, Hallie,
Halleigh, Hallee, Halleah,

Halliwell (English) From the holy spring

Hallward (English) The guardian of the hall
Halward, Hallwerd,
Halwerd, Hallwarden,
Halwarden, Hawarden,
Haward, Hawerd

Hamid (Arabic / Indian) A praiseworthy man / a beloved friend
Hameed, Hamead,
Hameid, Hamied, Hamyd,

Hamidi (Swahili) One who is commendable
Hamidie, Hamidy,
Hamidey, Hamidee,
Hamidea, Hamydi,
Hamydie, Hamydee

Hamilton (English) From the flat-topped hill
Hamylton, Hamiltun,
Hamyltun, Hamilten,
Hamylten, Hamelton,
Hameltun, Hamelten

Hamlet (German) From the little home
Hamlett, Hammet,
Hammett, Hamnet,
Hamnett, Hamlit, Hamlitt,

Hammer (German) One
who makes hammers; a
Hammar, Hammor,
Hammur, Hammir,

Hampden (English) From the home in the valley
Hampdon, Hampdan,
Hampdun, Hampdyn,

Hancock (English) One who owns a farm
Hancok, Hancoc

Hanford (English) From the high ford
Hanferd, Hanfurd,
Hanforde, Hanferde,

Hanisi (Swahili) Born on a Thursday
Hanisie, Hanisy, Hanisey,
Hanisee, Hanisea, Hanysi,
Hanysie, Hanysy

Hank (English) Form of Henry, meaning “the ruler of the house”
Hanke, Hanks, Hanki,
Hankie, Hankee, Hankea,
Hanky, Hankey

Hanley (English) From the high meadow
Hanly, Hanleigh, Hanleah,
Hanlea, Hanlie, Hanli,
Handlea, Handleigh

Hanna (Arabic) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Hannah, Hana, Hanah

Hanoch (Hebrew) One who is dedicated
Hanock, Hanok, Hanoc

Hanraoi (Irish) Form of Henry, meaning “the ruler of the house”

Hansraj (Hindi) The swan king

Hardik (Indian) One who has heart
Hardyk, Hardick, Hardyck,
Hardic, Hardyc

Hare (English) Resembling a rabbit

Harence (English) One who is swift
Harince, Harense, Harinse,
Harynce, Harynse

Hari (Indian) Resembling a lion
Harie, Hary, Harey, Haree,

Harim (Arabic) A superior man
Hareem, Haream, Hariem,
Hareim, Harym

Harkin (Irish) Having dark red hair
Harkyn, Harken, Harkan,
Harkon, Harkun

Harlemm (American) A soulful man
Harlam, Harlom, Harlim,
Harlym, Harlem

Harlow (English) From the army on the hill
Harlowe, Harlo, Harloe

Harold (Scandinavian) The ruler of an army
Hal, Harald, Hareld,
Harry, Darold

Harper (English) One who plays or makes harps
Harpur, Harpar, Harpir,
Harpyr, Harpor, Hearpere

Harrington (English) From of Harry’s town; from the herring town
Harringtun, Harryngton,
Harryngtun, Harington,
Haringtun, Haryngton,

Harshad (Indian) A bringer of joy
Harsh, Harshe, Harsho,
Harshil, Harshyl, Harshit,

Hartford (English) From the stag’s ford
Harteford, Hartferd,
Harteferd, Hartfurd,
Hartefurd, Hartforde,
Harteforde, Hartferde

Haru (Japanese) Born during the spring

Harvey (English / French) One who is ready for battle / a strong man
Harvy, Harvi, Harvie,
Harvee, Harvea, Harv,
Harve, Hervey

Hasim (Arabic) One who is decisive
Haseem, Haseam, Hasiem,
Haseim, Hasym

Haskel (Hebrew) An intelligent man
Haskle, Haskell, Haskil,
Haskill, Haske, Hask

Hasso (German) Of the sun
Hassoe, Hassow, Hassowe

Hassun (Native American) As solid as a stone

Hastiin (Native American) A man

Hastin (Hindi) Resembling an elephant
Hasteen, Hastean, Hastien,
Hastein, Hastyn

Hawes (English) From the hedged place
Haws, Hayes, Hays, Hazin,
Hazen, Hazyn, Hazon,

Hawiovi (Native American) One who descends on a ladder
Hawiovie, Hawiovy,
Hawiovey, Hawiovee,

Hawkins (English) Resembling a small hawk
Haukins, Hawkyns, Haukyn

Hawthorne (English) From the hawthorn tree

Hayden (English) From the hedged valley
Haydan, Haydon, Haydun,
Haydin, Haydyn, Haden,
Hadan, Hadon

Haye (Scottish) From the stockade
Hay, Hae, Hai

Hazaiah (Hebrew) God will decide
Hazaia, Haziah, Hazia

Hazleton (English) From the hazel tree town
Hazelton, Hazletun,
Hazelton, Hazleten, Hazelten

Heath (English) From the untended land of flowering shrubs
Heathe, Heeth, Heethe

Heaton (English) From the town on high ground
Heatun, Heeton, Heetun,
Heaten, Heeten

Heber (Hebrew) A partner or companion
Heeber, Hebar, Heebar,
Hebor, Heebor, Hebur,
Heebur, Hebir

Heimdall (Norse) The white god; in mythology, one of the founders of the human race
Heimdal, Heiman,

Helio (Greek) Son of the sun
Heleo, Helios, Heleos

Hem (Indian) The golden son

Hemendu (Indian) Born beneath the golden moon
Hemendue, Hemendoo,

Hemi (Maori) Form of James, meaning “he who
Hemie, Hemy, Hemee,
Hemea, Hemey

Henderson (Scottish) The son of Henry
Hendrie, Hendries,
Hendron, Hendri, Hendry,
Hendrey, Hendree, Hendrea

Hendrick (English) Form of Henry, meaning “the ruler of the house”
Hendryck, Hendrik,
Hendryk, Hendric, Hendryc

Henley (English) From the high meadow
Henly, Henleigh, Henlea,
Henleah, Henlee, Henli,

Henry (German) The ruler of the house
Hal, Hank, Harry, Henny,
Henree, Henri, Hanraoi,

Heraldo (Spanish) Of the divine

Hercules (Greek) In mythology, a son of Zeus who possessed superhuman strength
Herakles, Hercule, Herculi,
Herculie, Herculy, Herculey,
Herculee, Herculea

Herman (German) A soldier Hermon, Hermen,
Hermun, Hermin, Hermyn,
Hermann, Hermie,

Herne (English) Resembling a heron
Hern, Hearn, Hearne

Hero (Greek) The brave defender
Heroe, Herow, Herowe

Hershel (Hebrew) Resembling a deer
Hersch, Herschel, Herschell,
Hersh, Hertzel, Herzel,
Herzl, Heschel

Herwin (Teutonic) A friend of war
Herwinn, Herwinne,
Herwen, Herwenn,
Herwenne, Herwyn,
Herwynn, Herwynne

Hesed (Hebrew) A kind man Hesutu (Native American) A rising yellow-jacket nest
Hesutou, Hesoutou

Hewson (English) The son of Hugh

Hiawatha (Native American) He who makes rivers
Hiawathah, Hyawatha,
Hiwatha, Hywatha

Hickok (American) A famous frontier marshal
Hickock, Hickoc, Hikock,
Hikoc, Hikok, Hyckok,
Hyckock, Hyckoc

Hidalgo (Spanish) The noble one

Hideaki (Japanese) A clever man; having wisdom
Hideakie, Hideaky,
Hideakey, Hideakee,

Hieronim (Polish) Form of Jerome, meaning “of the sacred name”
Hieronym, Hieronymos,
Hieronimos, Heronim,
Heronym, Heronymos,

Hietamaki (Finnish) From the sand hill
Hietamakie, Hietamaky,
Hietamakey, Hietamakee,

Hieu (Vietnamese) A pious man

Hikmat (Islamic) Filled with wisdom

Hildefuns (German) One who is ready for battle
Hildfuns, Hyldefuns,

Hillel (Hebrew) One who is praised
Hyllel, Hillell, Hyllell, Hilel,
Hylel, Hilell, Hylell

Hiranmay (Indian) The golden one
Hiranmaye, Hiranmai,
Hiranmae, Hyranmay,
Hyranmaye, Hyranmai,

Hiroshi (Japanese) A generous man
Hiroshie, Hiroshy, Hiroshey,
Hiroshee, Hiroshea,
Hyroshi, Hyroshie,

Hirsi (African) An amulet
Hirsie, Hirsy, Hirsey,
Hirsee, Hirsea

Hisoka (Japanese) One who is secretive
Hysoka, Hisokie, Hysokie,
Hisoki, Hysoki, Hisokey,
Hysokey, Hisoky

Hitakar (Indian) One who wishes others well
Hitakarin, Hitakrit

Hobart (American) Form of Hubert, meaning “having a shining intellect”
Hobarte, Hoebart,
Hoebarte, Hobert, Hoberte,
Hoburt, Hoburte, Hobirt

Hoc (Vietnamese) A studious man

Hohberht (German) One who is high and bright
Hohbert, Hohburt, Hohbirt,
Hohbyrt, Hoh

Holcomb (English) From the deep valley
Holcom, Holcombe

Holland (American) From the Netherlands
Hollend, Hollind, Hollynd,
Hollande, Hollende,
Hollinde, Hollynde

Hollis (English) From the holly tree
Hollys, Holliss, Hollyss,
Hollace, Hollice, Holli,
Hollie, Holly

Holman (English) A man from the valley
Holmann, Holmen, Holmin,
Holmyn, Holmon, Holmun

Holt (English) From the forest
Holte, Holyt, Holyte, Holter,
Holtar, Holtor, Holtur, Holtir

Honaw (Native American) Resembling a bear
Honawe, Honau

Hondo (African) A warring man
Hondoh, Honda, Hondah

Honesto (Spanish) One who is honest
Honestio, Honestiyo,
Honesteo, Honesteyo,

Honon (Native American) Resembling a bear
Honun, Honen, Honan,
Honin, Honyn

Honovi (Native American) Having great strength
Honovie, Honovy, Honovey,
Honovee, Honovea

Honza (Czech) A gift from God

Horsley (English) From the horse meadow
Horsly, Horslea, Horsleah,
Horslee, Horsleigh, Horsli,

Horst (German) From the thicket
Horste, Horsten, Horstan,
Horstin, Horstyn, Horston,
Horstun, Horstman

Hoshi (Japanese) Resembling a star
Hoshiko, Hoshyko, Hoshie,
Hoshee, Hoshea, Hoshy,

Hototo (Native American) One who whistles; a warrior spirit that sings

Hovannes (Armenian) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Hovennes, Hovann,
Hovenn, Hovane, Hovene,
Hovan, Hoven

Howard (English) The guardian of the home
Howerd, Howord, Howurd,
Howird, Howyrd, Howi,
Howie, Howy

Howi (Native American) Resembling a turtle dove

Hrothgar (Anglo-Saxon) A king
Hrothgarr, Hrothegar,
Hrothegarr, Hrothgare,

Hubert (German) Having a shining intellect
Hobart, Huberte, Huburt,
Huburte, Hubirt, Hubirte,
Hubyrt, Hubyrte, Hubie,

Hudson (English) The son of Hugh; from the river
Hudsun, Hudsen, Hudsan,
Hudsin, Hudsyn

Hugin (Norse) A thoughtful man
Hugyn, Hugen, Hugan,
Hugon, Hugun

Humam (Arabic) A generous and brave man

Hungan (Haitian) A spirit master or priest
Hungen, Hungon, Hungun,
Hungin, Hungyn

Hungas (Irish) A vigorous man

Hunter (English) A great
huntsman and provider
Huntar, Huntor, Huntur,
Huntir, Huntyr, Hunte,
Hunt, Hunting

Husky (American) A big man; a manly man
Huski, Huskie, Huskey,
Huskee, Huskea, Husk, Huske

Huslu (Native American) Resembling a hairy bear
Huslue, Huslou

Husto (Spanish) A righteous man
Hustio, Husteo, Hustiyo,

Huynh (Vietnamese) An older brother

Hwang (Chinese) Refers to the color yellow

Hwitford (English) From the white ford
Hwitforde, Hwitferd,
Hwitferde, Hwitfurd,

Boy names, and unique baby names