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Boy names, girl names, and unique baby names.

Girl names, and unique baby names

(African) Born on a Thursday
Babah, Babba, Babbah,

Babette (French) Form of Barbara, meaning “a traveler from a foreign land; a stranger”; form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful; God’s promise”
Babett, Babete, Babet,
Babbet, Babbett, Babbette,
Babbete, Babita

Badia (Arabic) An elegant lady; one who is unique
Badiah, Badi’a, Badiya,
Badea, Badya, Badeah

Badr (Arabic) Resembling the full moon
Badra, Badriyyah,
Badriyah, Badriya,
Badriyya, Badrya, Badria

Bahija (Arabic) A cheerful woman
Bahijah, Bahiga, Bahigah,
Bahyja, Bahyjah, Bahyga,

Bailey (English) From the courtyard within castle walls; a public official
Bailee, Bayley, Baylee,
Baylie, Baili, Bailie,
Baileigh, Bayleigh

Baka (Indian) Resembling a crane
Bakah, Bakka, Backa, Bacca

Bakura (Hebrew) Resembling ripened fruit

Baldhart (German) A bold woman having great strength
Balhart, Baldhard, Balhard,
Ballard, Balard, Balarde

Baligha (Arabic) One who is forever eloquent
Balighah, Baleegha,
Balygha, Baliegha,
Baleagha, Baleigha

Banba (Irish) In mythology, a patron goddess of Ireland

Bansuri (Indian) One who is musical
Bansurie, Bansari, Banseri,
Bansurri, Bansury, Bansurey,
Bansuree, Bansurea

Bara (Hebrew) One who is chosen
Barah, Barra, Barrah

Barbara (Latin) A traveler from a foreign land; a stranger
Barbra, Barbarella,
Barbarita, Baibin, Babette,
Bairbre, Barbary, Barb

Barika (African) A flourishing woman; one who is successful
Barikah, Baryka, Barikka,
Barykka, Baricka, Barycka,
Baricca, Barycca

Barr (English) A lawyer Barre, Bar

Barras (English) From among the trees

Bathild (German) Heroine of a bold battle
Bathilde, Bathilda

Battseeyon (Hebrew) A daughter of Zion
Batseyon, Batseyonne,
Battzion, Batzion

Beatha (Celtic) One who gives life
Betha, Beathah, Bethah

Beatrice (Latin) One who blesses others
Beatrix, Beatriz, Beatriss,
Beatrisse, Bea, Beatrize,
Beatricia, Beatrisa

Bebhinn (Irish) An accomplished singer
Bebhin, Bebhynn, Bebhyn,
Bevin, Bevinne, Bevinn,

Becky (English) Form of Rebecca, meaning “one who is bound to God”
Beckey, Becki, Beckie,
Becca, Becka, Bekka,
Beckee, Beckea

Bel (Indian) From the sacred wood

Belisama (Celtic) In mythology, a goddess of rivers and lakes
Belisamah, Belisamma,
Belysama, Belisma,
Belysma, Belesama

Bellona (Latin) In mythology, the goddess of war
Bellonah, Belona, Bellonna,
Belonna, Bellonia, Belonia

Bem (African) A peaceful woman

Bena (Native American) Resembling a pheasant
Benah, Benna, Bennah

Benigna (Spanish) Feminine form of Benigno; one who is kind; friendly

Benjamina (Hebrew) Feminine form of Benjamin; child of my right hand
Benjameena, Benyamina,
Benyameena, Benjameana,
Benyameana, Benjamyna,

Bennu (Egyptian) Resembling an eagle

Beomia (Anglo-Saxon) Battle maid
Beomiya, Bemia, Beorhthilde,
Beorhthild, Beorhthilda,
Beomea, Beomeah

Bernice (Greek) One who brings victory
Berenisa, Berenise, Berenice,
Bernicia, Bernisha, Berniss,
Bernyce, Bernys

Bertha (German) One who is famously bright and beautiful
Berta, Berthe, Berth, Bertina,
Bertyna, Bertine, Bertyne,

Bertilda (English) A luminous battle maiden
Bertilde, Bertild

Bertrade (English) An intelligent advisor
Bertraide, Bertrayde,
Bertraed, Beortbtraed,
Bertraid, Bertrayd,

Beryl (English) Resembling the pale-green precious stone
Beryll, Berylle, Beril, Berill,

Bess (English) Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful; God’s promise”
Besse, Bessi, Bessie, Bessy,
Bessey, Bessee, Bessea

Beth (English) Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful; God’s promise”

Bethany (Hebrew) From the house of figs
Bethan, Bethani, Bethanie,
Bethanee, Bethaney,
Bethane, Bethann,

Beyonce (American) One who surpasses others
Beyoncay, Beyonsay,
Beyonsai, Beyonsae,
Beyonci, Beyoncie,
Beyoncee, Beyoncea

Bha (Indian) Having a starlike quality

Bibiana (Italian) Form of Vivian, meaning “lively woman”
Bibiane, Bibianna,
Bibianne, Bibiann, Bibine

Bijou (French) As precious as a jewel

Bikita (African) Resembling an anteater
Bikitah, Bikyta, Bykita,
Bykyta, Bikeyta, Bikeita,
Bikieta, Bikeata

Billie (English) Feminine form of William; having a desire to protect
Billi, Billy, Billey, Billee,
Billeigh, Billea, Billeah

Binga (German) From the hollow
Bingah, Bynga, Binge,
Bynge, Bingeh, Byngeh

Bisgu (Anglo-Saxon) A compassionate woman
Bisgue, Bysgu, Bysgue

Bixenta (Basque) A victorious woman

Blaine (Scottish / Irish) A saint’s servant / a thin woman
Blayne, Blane, Blain,
Blayn, Blaen, Blaene

Blair (Scottish) From the field of battle
Blaire, Blare, Blayre, Blaer,
Blaere, Blayr

Blake (English) A dark beauty
Blayk, Blayke, Blaik, Blaike,
Blaek, Blaeke

Blimah (Hebrew) One resembling a blossom
Blima, Blime, Blyma,

Blondell (French) A fairhaired woman
Blondelle, Blondele,
Blondene, Blondel,
Blondela, Blondella

Blythe (English) Filled with happiness
Blyth, Blithe, Blith

Bo-bae (Korean) A treasured child

Bodgana (Polish) A gift of God
Bodganah, Bodganna,
Bodgane, Bodgann,
Bodganne, Bogna,
Bohdana, Bohdanna

Bonamy (French) A very good friend
Bonamey, Bonami,
Bonamie, Bonamee,
Bonamei, Bonamea,

Bonnie (English) Pretty face
Boni, Bona, Bonea,
Boneah, Bonee

Borgny (Norwegian) One who offers help
Borgney, Borgni, Borgnie,
Borgnee, Borgnea, Borgneah

Boudicca (Celtic) A victorious queen
Boudicea, Bodiccea,
Bodicea, Bodicia

Bradana (Scottish) Resembling the salmon
Bradanah, Bradanna,
Bradan, Bradane, Bradann,
Bradanne, Braydan,

Brady (Irish) A large-chested woman
Bradey, Bradee, Bradi,
Bradie, Bradea, Bradeah

Braima (African) Mother of multitudes
Braimah, Brayma, Braema,
Braymah, Braemah

Brandy (English) A woman wielding a sword; an alcoholic drink
Brandey, Brandi, Brandie,
Brandee, Branda, Brande,
Brandelyn, Brandilyn

Brann (Welsh) A ravenlike woman
Branne, Bran

Braulia (Spanish) One who is glowing
Brauliah, Braulea,
Brauleah, Brauliya,

Brazil (Spanish) Of the ancient tree
Brasil, Brazile, Brazille,
Brasille, Bresil, Brezil,
Bresille, Brezille

Brencis (Slavic) Crowned with laurel

Brenda (Irish) Feminine form of Brendan; a princess; wielding a sword
Brynda, Brinda, Breandan,
Brendalynn, Brendolyn,
Brend, Brienda

Brenna (Welsh) A ravenlike woman
Brinna, Brenn, Bren,
Brennah, Brina, Brena,

Brianna (Irish) Feminine form of Brian; from the high hill; one who ascends
Breanna, Breanne, Breana,
Breann, Breeana,
Breeanna, Breona, Breonna

Brice (Welsh) One who is alert; ambitious

Bridget (Irish) A strong and protective woman; in mythology, goddess of fire, wisdom, and poetry
Bridgett, Bridgette, Briget,
Brigette, Bridgit, Bridgitte,
Birgit, Birgitte

Brilliant (American) A dazzling and sparkling woman

Brimlad (Anglo-Saxon) From the seaway
Brymlad, Brimlod, Brymlod

Briseis (Greek) In mythology, the Trojan widow abducted by Achilles
Brisys, Brisa, Brisia, Brisha,
Brissa, Briza, Bryssa, Brysa

Brittany (English) A woman from Great Britain
Britany, Brittanie,
Brittaney, Brittani,
Brittanee, Britney, Britnee,

Brook (English) From the running stream
Brooke, Brookie, Brooklyn,
Brooklynn, Brooklynne

Brunhild (German) A dark and noble battle maiden; in Norse mythology, queen of the alkyries
Brunhilde, Brunhilda,
Brunnehild, Brunnehilde,
Brunnehilda, Brynhild,
Brynhilde, Brynhilda

Bupe (African) A hospitable woman

Buthaynah (Arabic) From the soft sand; having soft skin
Buthayna, Buthainah,
Buthaina, Buthana,

Girl names, and unique baby names