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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(German) The chosen one; singled out
Valah, Valla

Valda (Teutonic / German) Spirited in battle / famous ruler
Valdah, Valida, Velda,
Vada, Vaida, Vayda, Vaeda

Valdis (Norse) In mythology, the goddess of the dead
Valdiss, Valdys, Valdyss

Valencia (Spanish) One who is powerful; strong; from the city of Valencia
Valenciah, Valyncia,
Valencya, Valenzia,
Valancia, Valenica,
Valanca, Valecia

Valentina (Latin) One who is vigorous and healthy
Valentinah, Valentine,
Valenteena, Valenteana,
Valentena, Valentyna,
Valantina, Valentyne

Valerie (Latin) Feminine form of Valerius; strong and valiant
Valeri, Valeree, Valerey,
Valery, Valarie, Valari,
Valeria, Vallery

Vandani (Hindi) One who is honorable and worthy
Vandany, Vandaney,
Vandanie, Vandanee,
Vandania, Vandanya

Vanessa (Greek) Resembling a butterfly
Vanessah, Vanesa, Vannesa,
Vannessa, Vanassa, Vanasa,
Vanessia, Vanysa, Yanessa

Vanity (English) Having excessive pride
Vanitey, Vanitee, Vaniti,
Vanitie, Vanitty, Vanyti,
Vanyty, Vanytie

Vanmra (Russian) A stranger; from a foreign place

Varda (Hebrew) Resembling a rose
Vardah, Vardia, Vardina,
Vardissa, Vardita, Vardysa,
Vardyta, Vardit

Varuna (Hindi) Wife of the sea
Varunah, Varuna, Varun,
Varunani, Varuni

Vashti (Persian) A lovely woman
Vashtie, Vashty, Vashtey,

Vasta (Persian) One who is pretty

Vasteen (American) A capable woman
Vasteene, Vastiene, Vastien,
Vastein, Vasteine, Vastean,

Vasuda (Hindi) Of the earth
Vasudah, Vasudhara,
Vasundhara, Vasudhra,

Vayu (Hindi) A vital life force; the air

Vedette (French) From the guard tower
Vedete, Vedett, Vedet,
Vedetta, Vedeta

Vedi (Sanskrit) Filled with wisdom
Vedie, Vedy, Vedey, Vedee,
Vedea, Vedeah

Vega (Latin) A falling star

Vellamo (Finnish) In mythology, the goddess of the sea
Velamo, Vellammo

Ventana (Spanish) As transparent as a window
Ventanah, Ventanna,
Ventane, Ventanne

Venus (Greek) In mythology, the goddess of love and beauty
Venis, Venys, Vynys,
Venusa, Venusina, Venusia

Veradis (Latin) One who is genuine; truthful
Veradise, Veradys, Veradisa,
Verdissa, Veradysa, Veradyssa,
Veradisia, Veraditia

Verda (Latin) Springlike; one who is young and fresh
Verdah, Verdea, Virida,
Verdy, Verdey, Verde, Verdi,

Verenase (Swedish) One who is flourishing
Verenese, Verennase,
Vyrenase, Vyrennase,
Vyrenese, Verenace,

Veronica (Latin) Displaying her true image
Veronicah, Veronic,
Veronicca, Veronicka,
Veronika, Veronicha,
Veronique, Veranique,

Vesna (Slavic) Messenger; in mythology, the goddess of spring
Vesnah, Vezna, Vesnia,

Vespera (Latin) Evening star; born in the evening
Vesperah, Vespira, Vespeera,
Vesperia, Vesper

Vevila (Gaelic) Woman with a melodious voice
Vevilah, Veveela, Vevyla,
Vevilla, Vevylla, Vevylle,
Vevyle, Vevillia

Vibeke (Danish) A small woman
Vibekeh, Vibeek, Vibeeke,
Vybeke, Viheke

Vibhuti (Hindi) Of the sacred ash; a symbol
Vibuti, Vibhutie, Vibhutee

Victoria (Latin) Victorious woman; winner; conqueror
Victoriah, Victorea,
Victoreah, Victorya,
Victorria, Victoriya,
Vyctoria, Victorine, Tory

Vidya (Indian) Having great wisdom

Viet (Vietnamese) A woman from Vietnam
Vyet, Viett, Vyett, Viette,

Vigilia (Latin) Wakefulness; watchfulness
Vigiliah, Vygilia, Vygylia,
Vijilia, Vyjilia

Vignette (French) From the little vine
Vignete, Vignet, Vignetta,
Vignett, Vigneta, Vygnette,
Vygnete, Vygnet

Vilina (Hindi) One who is dedicated
Vilinah, Vileena, Vileana,
Vylina, Vyleena, Vyleana,
Vylyna, Vilinia

Villette (French) From the small village
Vilette, Villete, Vilete, Vilet,
Vilett, Villet, Villett, Vylet

Vimala (Indian) Feminine form of Vamal; clean and pure
Vimalah, Vimalia, Vimalla

Vincentia (Latin) Feminine form of
Vincent; conquerer; triumphant
Vincentiah, Vincenta,
Vincensia, Vincenzia,
Vyncentia, Vyncyntia,
Vyncenzia, Vycenzya

Violet (French) Resembling the purplishblue flower
Violett, Violette, Violete,
Vyolet, Vyolett, Vyolette,
Vyolete, Violeta

Virginia (Latin) One who is chaste; virginal; from
the state of Virginia
Virginiah, Virginnia,
Virgenya, Virgenia, Virgeenia,
Virgeena, Virgena, Ginny

Virtue (Latin) Having moral excellence, chastity, and goodness
Virtu, Vyrtue, Vyrtu,
Vertue, Vertu

Viveka (German) Little woman of the strong fortress
Vivekah, Vivecka, Vyveka,
Viveca, Vyveca, Vivecca,
Vivika, Vivieka

Vivian (Latin) Lively woman
Viv, Vivi, Vivienne, Bibiana

Vixen (American) A flirtatious woman
Vixin, Vixi, Vixie, Vixee,
Vixea, Vixeah, Vixy, Vixey

Vlasta (Slavic) A friendly and likeable woman
Vlastah, Vlastia, Vlastea,
Vlastiah, Vlasteah

Voleta (Greek) The veiled one
Voletah, Voletta, Volita,
Volitta, Volyta, Volytta,
Volet, Volett

Volva (Scandinavian) In mythology, a female shaman
Volvah, Volvya, Volvaa,
Volvae, Volvai, Volvay,

Vondila (African) Woman who lost a child
Vondilah, Vondilla,
Vondilya, Vondilia,
Vondyla, Vondylya

Vonna (French) Form of Yvonne, meaning “young archer”
Vonnah, Vona, Vonah,
Vonnia, Vonnya, Vonia,
Vonya, Vonny

Vonshae (American) One who is confident
Vonshay, Vonshaye,

Vor (Norse) In mythology, an omniscient goddess
Vore, Vorr, Vorre

Vulpine (English) A cunning woman; like a fox
Vulpyne, Vulpina, Vulpyna

Vyomini (Indian) A gift of the divine
Vyominie, Vyominy,
Vyominey, Vyominee,
Vyomyni, Vyomyny,
Viomini, Viomyni

Girl names, and unique baby names