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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Hebrew) Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Iakovus, Iakoves, Iakovas,
Iakovis, Iakovys

Ian (Gaelic) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Iain, Iaine, Iayn, Iayne,
Iaen, Iaene, Iahn

Iavor (Bulgarian) From the sycamore tree
Iaver, Iavur, Iavar, Iavir,

Ibrahim (Arabic) Form of Abraham, meaning “father of a multitude; father of nations”
Ibraheem, Ibraheim,
Ibrahiem, Ibraheam, Ibrahym

Ichabod (Hebrew) The glory has gone
Ikabod, Ickabod, Icabod,
Ichavod, Ikavod, Icavod,
Ickavod, Icha

Ichtaca (Nahuatl) A secretive man
Ichtaka, Ichtacka

Ida (Anglo-Saxon) A king

Idi (African) Born during the holiday of Idd
Idie, Idy, Idey, Idee, Idea

Ido (Arabic / Hebrew) A mighty man / to evaporate
Iddo, Idoh, Iddoh

Idris (Welsh) An eager lord
Idrys, Idriss, Idrisse, Idryss,

Iefan (Welsh) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Iefon, Iefen, Iefin, Iefyn,
Iefun, Ifan, Ifon, Ifen

Ifor (Welsh) An archer
Ifore, Ifour, Ifoure

Igasho (Native American) A wanderer
Igashoe, Igashow, Igashowe

Ignatius (Latin) A fiery man; one who is ardent
Ignac, Ignace, Ignacio,
Ignacius, Ignatious, Ignatz,
Ignaz, Ignazio

Igor (Scandinavian /Russian) A hero / Ing’s soldier

Ihit (Indian) One who is honored
Ihyt, Ihitt, Ihytt

Ihsan (Arabic) A charitable man
Ihsann, Ihsen, Ihsin, Ihsyn,
Ihson, Ihsun

Ike (Hebrew) Form of Isaac, meaning “full of laughter”
Iki, Ikie, Iky, Ikey, Ikee,

Iker (Basque) A visitor
Ikar, Ikir, Ikyr, Ikor, Ikur

Ilario (Italian) A cheerful man
Ilareo, Ilariyo, Ilareyo, Ilar,
Ilarr, Ilari, Ilarie, Ilary

Ilhuitl (Nahuatl) Born during the daytime

Illanipi (Native American) An amazing man
Illanipie, Illanipy, Illanipey,
Illanipee, Illanipea

Iluminado (Spanish) One who shines brightly
Illuminado, Iluminato,
Illuminato, Iluminados,
Iluminatos, Illuminados,

Imaran (Indian) Having great strength
Imaren, Imaron, Imarun,
Imarin, Imaryn

Inaki (Basque) An ardent man
Inakie, Inaky, Inakey,
Inakee, Inakea, Inacki,
Inackie, Inackee

Ince (Hungarian) One who is innocent

Indiana (English) From the land of the Indians;
from the state of Indiana
Indianna, Indyana,

Ingemar (Scandinavian) The son of Ing
Ingamar, Ingemur, Ingmar,
Ingmur, Ingar, Ingemer,

Inger (Scandinavian) One who is fertile
Inghar, Ingher

Ingo (Scandinavian /Danish) A lord / from the meadow
Ingoe, Ingow, Ingowe

Ingram (Scandinavian) A raven of peace
Ingra, Ingrem, Ingrim,
Ingrym, Ingrum, Ingrom,
Ingraham, Ingrahame,

Iniko (African) Born during troubled times
Inicko, Inico, Inyko, Inycko,

Iorwerth (Welsh) A handsome lord
Ioworth, Iowerthe, Ioworthe,
Iowirth, Iowirthe, Iowyrth,

Iranga (Sri Lankan) One who is special

Irenbend (Anglo-Saxon) From the iron bend

Irwin (English) A friend of the wild boar
Irwinn, Irwinne, Irwyn,
Irwynne, Irwine, Irwen,
Irwenn, Irwenne

Isaac (Hebrew) Full of laughter
Ike, Isaack, Isaak, Isac,
Isacco, Isak, Issac, Itzak,

Isaiah (Hebrew) God is my salvation
Isa, Isaia, Isais, Isia, Isiah,
Issiah, Izaiah, Iziah

Iseabail (Hebrew) One who is devoted to God
Iseabaile, Iseabayl, Iseabyle,
Iseabael, Iseabaele

Isham (English) From the iron one’s estate
Ishem, Ishom, Ishum,
Ishim, Ishym, Isenham,
Isenhem, Isenhim

Isidore (Greek) A gift of Isis
Isador, Isadore, Isidor,
Isidoro, Isidorus, Isidro,
Issy, Izidor

Iskander (Arabic) Form of Alexander, meaning “a helper and defender of mankind”
Iskinder, Iskandar, Iskindar,
Iskynder, Iskyndar, Iskender,

Isser (Slavic) One who is creative
Issar, Issir, Issyr, Issor, Issur

Istu (Native American) As sweet as sugar
Istue, Istoo, Istou

Istvan (Hungarian) One who is crowned
Istven, Istvin, Istvyn, Istvon,

Iulian (Romanian) A youthful man
Iulien, Iulio, Iuleo

Ivan (Slavic) Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”
Ivann, Ivanhoe, Ivano,
Iwan, Iban, Ibano, Ivanti,

Ives (Scandinavian) The archer’s bow; of the yew wood
Ivair, Ivar, Iven, Iver, Ivo,
Ivon, Ivor, Ivaire

Ivy (English) Resembling the evergreen vining plant
Ivee, Ivey, Ivie, Ivi, Ivea,

Iyar (Hebrew) Surrounded by light
Iyyar, Iyer, Iyyer

Boy names, and unique baby names