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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(American) Form of Sabrina, meaning “a legendary princess”
Cabrinah, Cabrinna,
Cabreena, Cabriena,
Cabreina, Cabryna,
Cabrine, Cabryne

Cabriole (French) An adorable girl
Cabriolle, Cabrioll, Cabriol,
Cabryole, Cabryolle,
Cabryoll, Cabryol, Cabriola

Cacalia (Latin) Resembling the flowering plant
Cacaliah, Cacalea,

Caden (English) A battle maiden
Cadan, Cadin, Cadon

Cadence (Latin) Rhythmic and melodious; a musical woman
Cadena, Cadenza, Cadian,
Cadienne, Cadianne,
Cadiene, Caydence, Cadencia

Cadhla (Irish) A beautiful woman

Caesaria (Greek) Feminine form of Caesar; an empress
Caesariah, Caesarea,
Caesareah, Caezaria,
Caezariah, Caezarea,
Caezareah, Cesaria

Caia (Latin) One who rejoices
Cai, Cais

Cainwen (Welsh) A beautiful treasure
Cainwenn, Cainwenne,
Cainwin, Cainwinn,
Cainwinne, Cainwyn,
Cainwynn, Cainwynne

Cairo (African) From the city in Egypt

Calais (French) From the city in France

Calantha (Greek) Resembling a lovely flower
Calanthe, Calanthia, Calanthiah,
Calantheah, Calanthea

Cale (Latin) A respected woman
Cayl, Cayle, Cael, Caele,
Cail, Caile

Caledonia (Latin) Woman of Scotland
Caledoniah, Caledoniya,
Caledona, Caledonya, Calydona

California (Spanish) From paradise; from the state of California

Calise (Greek) A gorgeous woman
Calyse, Calice, Calyce

Calista (Greek) Most beautiful; in mythology, a nymph who changed into a bear and then into the Great Bear constellation
Calissa, Calisto, Callista,
Calyssa, Calysta, Calixte,
Colista, Collista

Calla (Greek) Resembling a lily; a beautiful woman

Callie (Greek) A beautiful girl
Caleigh, Callee, Kali, Kallie

Calligenia (Greek) Daughter born with beauty
Caligenia, Calligeniah,
Caligeniah, Callygenia,
Calygenia, Calligenea,

Caltha (Latin) Resembling a yellow flower
Calthah, Calthia, Calthiah,
Caltheah, Calthea

Calybe (Greek) In mythology, a nymph who was the wife of Laomedon

Calypso (Greek) A woman with secrets; in mythology, a nymph who captivated Odysseus for seven years

Camassia (American) One who is aloof
Camassiah, Camasia,
Camasiah, Camassea,
Camasseah, Camasea,

Cambay (English) From the town in India
Cambaye, Cambai, Cambae

Camdyn (English) Of the enclosed valley
Camden, Camdan,
Camdon, Camdin

Cameron (Scottish) Having a crooked nose
Cameryn, Camryn, Camerin,
Camren, Camrin, Camron

Camilla (Italian) Feminine form of Camillus; a ceremonial attendant; a noble virgin
Camile, Camille, Camila,
Camillia, Caimile, Camillei,
Cam, Camelai

Campbell (Scottish) Having a crooked mouth
Campbel, Campbelle,

Canace (Greek) Born of the wind

Candace (Ethiopian /Greek) A queen / one who is white and glowing
Candice, Candiss, Candyce,
Candance, Candys,
Candyss, Candy

Candida (Latin) Whiteskinned
Candide, Candy

Candra (Latin) One who is glowing

Candy (English) A sweet girl; form of Candida, meaning “white-skinned”; form of Candace, meaning “a queen / one who is white and glowing”
Candey, Candi, Candie,
Candee, Candea, Candeah

Caneadea (Native American) From the horizon
Caneadeah, Caneadia,

Canika (American) A woman shining with grace
Canikah, Caneeka,
Canicka, Canyka, Canycka,
Caneekah, Canickah,

Canisa (Greek) One who is very much loved
Canisah, Canissa, Canysa,
Caneesa, Canyssa

Cannes (French) A woman from Cannes

Cantabria (Latin) From the mountains
Cantabriah, Cantebria,
Cantabrea, Cantebrea

Capeka (Slavic) Resembling a young stork
Capekah, Capecca,

Caprina (Italian) Woman of the island Capri
Caprinah, Caprinna,
Capryna, Capreena,
Caprena, Capreenah,
Caprynah, Capriena

Cara (Italian / Gaelic) One who is dearly loved / a good friend
Carah, Caralee, Caralie,
Caralyn, Caralynn, Carrah,
Carra, Chara

Carissa (Greek) A woman of grace
Carisa, Carrisa, Carrissa,

Carla (Latin) Feminine form of Carl; a free woman
Carlah, Carlana, Carlee,
Carleen, Carleigh, Carlena,
Carlene, Carletta

Carlessa (American) One who is restless
Carlessah, Carlesa, Carlesah

Carmel (Hebrew) Of the fruitful orchid
Carmela, Carmella, Karmel

Carmen (Latin) A beautiful song
Carma, Carmelita,
Carmencita, Carmia,
Carmie, Carmina,
Carmine, Carmita

Carna (Latin) In mythology, a goddess who ruled the heart

Carni (Latin) One who is vocal
Carnie, Carny, Carney,
Carnee, Carnea, Carneah,
Carnia, Carniah

Carol (English) Form of Caroline, meaning “joyous song”; feminine form of Charles; a small, strong woman
Carola, Carole, Carolle,
Carolla, Caroly, Caroli,
Carolie, Carolee

Caroline (Latin) Joyous song; feminine form of Charles; a small, strong woman
Carol, Carolina, Carolan,
Carolann, Carolanne,
Carolena, Carolene,
Carolena, Caroliana

Carrington (English) A beautiful woman; a woman of Carrington
Carington, Carryngton,

Carson (Scottish) Son of the marshland
Carsan, Carsen, Carsin

Caryatis (Greek) In mythology, goddess of the walnut tree
Carya, Cariatis, Caryatiss,
Cariatiss, Caryatys, Cariatys,
Caryatyss, Cariatyss

Carys (Welsh) One who loves and is loved
Caryss, Carysse, Caris, Cariss,
Carisse, Cerys, Ceryss, Cerysse

Cascadia (Latin) Woman of the waterfall
Cascadiya, Cascadea, Cascata

Casey (Greek, Irish) A vigilant woman
Casie, Casy, Caysie, Kasey

Cason (Greek) A seer
Cayson, Caison, Caeson

Cassandra (Greek) An unheeded prophetess; in mythology, King Priam’s daughter who foretold the fall of Troy
Casandra, Cassandrea,
Cassaundra, Cassondra,
Cass, Cassy, Cassey, Cassi

Casta (Spanish) One who is pure; chaste
Castah, Castalina, Castaleena,
Castaleina, Castaliena,
Castaleana, Castalyna, Castara

Catherine (English) One who is pure; virginal
Catharine, Cathrine,
Cathryn, Catherin,
Catheryn, Catheryna,
Cathi, Cathy, Katherine

Cathresha (American) One who is pure
Cathreshah, Cathreshia,
Cathreshiah, Cathreshea,
Cathresheah, Cathrisha,
Cathrishah, Cathrysha

Catrice (Greek) A wholesome woman
Catrise, Catryce, Catryse,
Catreece, Catreese, Catriece,
Catriese, Catreice

Cavana (Irish) Feminine form of Cavan; from the hollow
Cavanna, Cavanah,
Cavania, Cavaniya,
Cavanea, Cavannah

Cayenne (French) Resembling the hot and spicy pepper

Cecilia (Latin) Feminine form of Cecil; one who is blind; patron saint of music
Cecelia, Cecile, Cecilee,
Cicely, Cecily, Cecille, Cecilie,
Cicilia, Sheila, Silka, Sissy

Celand (Latin) One who is meant for heaven
Celanda, Celande,
Celandia, Celandea

Celandine (English) Resembling a swallow
Celandyne, Celandina,
Celandyna, Celandeena,
Celandena, Celandia,

Celeste (Latin) A heavenly daughter
Celesta, Celestia, Celesse,
Celestiel, Celisse, Celestina,
Celestyna, Celestine

Celina (Latin) In mythology, one of the daughters of Atlas who was turned into a star of the Pleiades constellation; feminine form of Celino; of the heavens; form of Selena, meaning “of the moon”
Celena, Celinna, Celene,
Celenia, Celenne, Celicia,
Celinda, Calina

Celka (Latin) A celestial being
Celkah, Celki, Celkie, Celkee,
Celkey, Celky, Celkea, Celkeah

Celosia (Greek) A fiery woman; burning; aflame
Celosiah, Celosea, Celoseah

Cera (French) A colorful woman
Cerah, Cerrah, Cerra

Cerina (Latin) Form of Serena, meaning “having a peaceful disposition”
Cerinah, Ceryna, Cerynah,
Cerena, Cerenah, Ceriena,
Cerienah, Cereina

Cerise (French) Resembling the cherry

Chadee (French) A divine woman; a goddess
Chadea, Chadeah, Chady,
Chadey, Chadi, Chadie

Chai (Hebrew) One who gives life
Chae, Chaili, Chailie,
Chailee, Chaileigh, Chaily,
Chailey, Chailea

Chailyn (American) Resembling a waterfall
Chailynn, Chailynne,
Chaelyn, Chaelynn,
Chaelynne, Chaylyn,
Chaylynn, Chaylynne

Chakra (Arabic) A center of spiritual energy

Chalette (American) Having good taste
Chalett, Chalet, Chalete,
Chaletta, Chaleta

Chalina (Spanish) Form of Rosalina, meaning “resembling a gentle horse / resembling the beautiful and meaningful flower”
Chalinah, Chalyna, Chaleena,
Chalena, Charo, Chaliena,
Chaleina, Chaleana

Chameli (Hindi) Resembling jasmine
Chamelie, Chamely, Chameley,
Chamelee, Chamelea,
Chameleah, Chameleigh

Chan (Sanskrit) A shining woman

Chana (Hebrew) Form of Hannah, meaning “having favor and grace”
Chanah, Channa,
Chaanach, Chaanah,
Chanach, Channah

Chance (American) One who takes risks
Chanci, Chancie, Chancee,
Chancea, Chanceah,
Chancy, Chancey

Chanda (Sanskrit) An enemy of evil
Chandy, Chaand, Chand,
Chandey, Chandee, Chandi,
Chandie, Chandea

Chandra (Hindi) Of the moon; another name for the goddess Devi
Chandara, Chandria,
Chaundra, Chandrea,

Chanel (French) From the canal; a channel
Chanell, Chanelle, Channelle,
Chenelle, Chenel, Chenell

Channary (Cambodian) Of the full moon
Channarie, Channari,
Channarey, Channaree,
Chantrea, Chantria

Chantrice (French) A singer
Chantryce, Chantrise, Chantryse

Chapawee (Native American) Resembling a beaver
Chapawi, Chapawie,
Chapawy, Chapawey,
Chapawea, Chapaweah

Charbonnet (French) A giving and loving woman
Charbonay, Charbonaye,
Charbonae, Charbonai,
Charbonnay, Charbonnae,

Charisma (Greek) Blessed with charm
Charismah, Charizma,
Charizmah, Charysma,
Charyzma, Karisma

Charlesia (American) Feminine form of Charles; small, strong woman
Charlesiah, Charlesea,
Charleseah, Charlsie, Charlsi,
Charlsy, Charlsey, Charlsee

Charlshea (American) Filled with happiness
Charlsheah, Charlshia,

Charnee (American) Filled with joy
Charny, Charney, Charnea,
Charneah, Charni, Charnie

Charnesa (American) One who gets attention
Charnesah, Charnessa,

Charsetta (American) An emotional woman
Charsett, Charsette,
Charset, Charsete, Charseta

Chartra (American) A classy lady

Charu (Hindi) One who is gorgeous
Charoo, Charou

Charumat (Hindi) An intelligent and beautiful woman
Charoomat, Charoumat

Chasia (Hebrew) One who is protected; sheltered
Chasiah, Chasea, Chaseah,
Chasya, Chasyah

Chasidah (Hebrew) A religious woman; pious
Chasida, Chasyda,

Chateria (Vietnamese) Born beneath the moonlight
Chateriah, Chaterea,
Chatereah, Chateriya,

Chavi (Egyptian) A precious daughter
Chavie, Chavy, Chavey,
Chavee, Chavea, Chaveah

Chavon (Hebrew) A giver of life
Chavonne, Chavonn,
Chavona, Chavonna

Chazona (Hebrew) A prophetess
Chazonah, Chazonna,

Cheche (African) A small woman

Chedra (Hebrew) Filled with happiness

Cheer (American) Filled with joy

Cheifa (Hebrew) From a safe harbor
Cheifah, Cheiffa, Cheiffah

Chekia (American) A saucy woman
Cheekie, Checki, Checkie,
Checky, Checkey, Checkee,
Checkea, Checkeah

Chelone (English) Resembling a flowering plant

Chelsea (English) From the landing place for chalk
Chelcie, Chelsa, Chelsee,
Chelseigh, Chelsey, Chelsi,
Chelsie, Chelsy

Chemarin (French) A dark beauty
Chemarine, Chemaryn,
Chemareen, Chemarein,

Chemda (Hebrew) A charismatic woman

Chenille (American) A soft-skinned woman
Chenill, Chenil, Chenile,
Chenilla, Chenila

Chephzibah (Hebrew) Her father’s delight

Cherika (French) One who is dear
Chericka, Cheryka,
Cherycka, Cherieka,
Cheriecka, Chereika,
Chereicka, Cheryka

Cherry (English) Resembling a fruit-bearing tree
Cherrie, Cherri, Cherrey,
Cherree, Cherrea, Cherreah

Chesney (English) One who promotes peace
Chesny, Chesni, Chesnie,
Chesnea, Chesneah,

Cheyenne (Native American) Unintelligible speaker
Chayanne, Cheyane,
Cheyene, Shayan, Shyann

Chiante (Italian) Resembling the wine
Chianti, Chiantie, Chiantee,
Chianty, Chiantey, Chiantea

Chiara (Italian) Daughter of the light
Chiarah, Chiarra, Chiarrah

Chiba (Hebrew) One who loves and is loved
Chibah, Cheeba, Cheebah,
Cheiba, Cheibah, Chieba,
Chiebah, Cheaba

Chickoa (Native American) Born at daybreak
Chickoah, Chikoa, Chikoah

Chidi (Spanish) One who is cheerful
Chidie, Chidy, Chidey,
Chidee, Chidea, Chideah

Chidori (Japanese) Resembling a shorebird
Chidorie, Chidory,
Chidorey, Chidorea,
Chidoreah, Chidoree

Chikira (Spanish) A talented dancer
Chikirah, Chikiera,
Chikierah, Chikeira,
Chikeirah, Chikeera,
Chikeerah, Chikyra

Chiku (African) A talkative girl

Chinara (African) God receives
Chinarah, Chinarra,

Chinue (African) God’s own blessing
Chinoo, Chynue, Chynoo

Chiriga (African) One who is triumphant
Chyriga, Chyryga, Chiryga

Chislaine (French) A faithful woman
Chislain, Chislayn,
Chislayne, Chislaen,
Chislaene, Chyslaine,
Chyslain, Chyslayn

Chitsa (Native American) One who is fair
Chitsah, Chytsa, Chytsah

Chizoba (African) One who is well-protected
Chizobah, Chyzoba,

Chloe (Greek) A flourishing woman; blooming
Clo, Cloe, Cloey, Chloë

Cho (Japanese) Resembling a butterfly

Chofa (Polish) An ablebodied woman
Chofah, Choffa, Choffah

Christina (English) Follower of Christ
Christinah, Cairistiona,
Christine, Christin,
Christian, Christiana,
Christiane, Christianna,

Chuki (African) Born during an unpleasant time
Chukie, Chuky, Chukey,
Chukee, Chukea, Chukeah

Chula (Native American) Resembling a colorful flower
Chulah, Chulla, Chullah

Chulda (Hebrew) One who can tell fortunes

Chun (Chinese) Born during the spring

Chyou (Chinese) Born during autumn

Ciara (Irish) A dark beauty
Ceara, Ciaran, Ciarra,
Ciera, Cierra, Ciere, Ciar,

Cidrah (American) One who is unlike others
Cidra, Cydrah, Cydra

Cinnamon (American) Resembling the reddishbrown spice
Cinnia, Cinnie

Ciona (American) One who is steadfast
Cionah, Cyona, Cyonah

Claennis (Anglo-Saxon) One who is pure
Claenis, Claennys, Claenys,
Claynnis, Claynnys,
Claynys, Claynyss

Clancey (American) A light-hearted woman
Clancy, Clanci, Clancie,
Clancee, Clancea, Clanceah

Clara (Latin) One who is famously bright
Clarie, Clarinda, Clarine,
Clarita, Claritza, Clarrie,
Clarry, Clarabelle, Claire,

Clarice (French) A famous woman; also a form of Clara, meaning “one who is famously bright”
Claressa, Claris, Clarisa,
Clarise, Clarisse, Claryce,
Clerissa, Clerisse

Claudia (Latin / German /Italian) One who is lame
Claudelle, Gladys

Clelia (Latin) A glorious woman
Cloelia, Cleliah, Clelea,
Cleleah, Cloeliah, Cloelea,

Clementine (French) Feminine form of Clement; one who is merciful
Clem, Clemence, Clemency,
Clementia, Clementina,
Clementya, Clementyna,

Cleodal (Latin) A glorious woman
Cleodall, Cleodale, Cleodel,
Cleodell, Cleodelle

Cleopatra (Greek) A father’s glory; of the royal family
Clea, Cleo, Cleona, Cleone,
Cleonie, Cleora, Cleta,

Clever (American) One who is quick-witted and smart

Cloris (Greek) A flourishing woman; in mythology, the goddess of flowers
Clores, Clorys, Cloriss,
Clorisse, Cloryss, Clorysse

Cloud (American) A lighthearted woman
Cloude, Cloudy, Cloudey,
Cloudee, Cloudea,
Cloudeah, Cloudi, Cloudie

Clydette (American) Feminine form of Clyde, meaning “from the river”
Clydett, Clydet, Clydete,
Clydetta, Clydeta

Clymene (Greek) In mythology, the mother of Atlas and Prometheus
Clymena, Clymyne,
Clymyn, Clymyna,
Clymeena, Clymeina,
Clymiena, Clymeana

Clytie (Greek) The lovely one; in mythology, a nymph who was changed into a sunflower
Clyti, Clytee, Clyty, Clytey,
Clyte, Clytea, Clyteah

Co (American) A jovial woman

Coahoma (Native American) Resembling a panther

Coby (Hebrew) Feminine form of Jacob; the supplanter
Cobey, Cobi, Cobie, Cobee,
Cobea, Cobeah

Cochava (Hebrew) Having a starlike quality
Cochavah, Cochavia,
Cochavea, Cochaviah,

Coffey (American) A lovely woman
Coffy, Coffe, Coffee, Coffea,
Coffeah, Coffi, Coffie

Coira (Scottish) Of the churning waters
Coirah, Coyra, Coyrah

Colanda (American) Form of Yolanda, meaning “resembling the violet flower”
Colande, Coland, Colana,
Colain, Colaine, Colane,
Colanna, Corlanda

Cole (English) A swarthy woman; having coal-black hair
Col, Coal, Coale, Coli,
Colie, Coly, Coley, Colee

Colemand (American) An adventurer
Colmand, Colemyan,
Colemyand, Colmyan,

Colette (French) Victory of the people
Collette, Kolette

Coligny (French) Woman from Cologne
Coligney, Colignie, Coligni,
Colignee, Colignea,

Colisa (English) A delightful young woman
Colisah, Colissa, Colissah,
Colysa, Colysah, Colyssa,

Colola (American) A victorious woman
Colo, Cola

Comfort (English) One who strengthens or soothes others
Comforte, Comfortyne,
Comfortyna, Comforteene,
Comforteena, Comfortene,
Comfortena, Comfortiene

Conary (Gaelic) A wise woman
Conarey, Conarie, Conari,
Conaree, Conarea,

Concordia (Latin) Peace and harmony; in mythology, goddess of peace
Concordiah, Concordea,
Concord, Concorde,

Coneisha (American) A giving woman
Coneishah, Coniesha,
Conieshah, Conysha,
Conyshah, Coneesha,
Coneeshah, Coneasha

Constanza (American) One who is strong-willed
Constanzia, Constanzea

Consuela (Spanish) One who provides consolation
Consuelia, Consolata,
Consolacion, Chela,
Conswela, Conswelia,
Conswelea, Consuella

Contessa (Italian) A titled woman; a countess
Countess, Contesse,
Countessa, Countesa, Contesa

Cooper (English) One who makes barrels

Copper (American) A redheaded woman
Coper, Coppar, Copar

Coppola (Italian) A theatrical woman
Copola, Copolla, Coppolla,
Coppo, Copla

Coral (English) Resembling the semiprecious sea growth; from the reef
Coralee, Coralena, Coralie,
Coraline, Corallina,
Coralline, Coraly, Coralyn

Corazon (Spanish) Of the heart
Corazana, Corazone,

Cordelia (Latin) A goodhearted woman; a woman of honesty
Cordella, Cordelea, Cordilia,
Cordilea, Cordy, Cordie,
Cordi, Cordee

Corey (Irish) From the hollow; of the churning waters
Cory, Cori, Coriann,
Corianne, Corie, Corri,
Corrianna, Corrie

Corgie (American) A humorous woman
Corgy, Corgey, Corgi,
Corgee, Corgea, Corgeah

Coriander (Greek) A romantic woman; resembling the spice
Coryander, Coriender,

Corinthia (Greek) A woman of Corinth
Corinthiah, Corinthe,
Corinthea, Corintheah,
Corynthia, Corynthea,

Corky (American) An energetic young woman
Corki, Corkey, Corkie,
Corkee, Corkea, Corkeah

Cornelia (Latin) Feminine form of Cornelius; referring to a horn
Cornalia, Corneelija,
Cornela, Cornelija,
Cornelya, Cornella,
Cornelle, Cornie

Cota (Spanish) A lively woman
Cotah, Cotta, Cottah

Coty (French) From the riverbank
Cotey, Coti, Cotie, Cotee,
Cotea, Coteah

Courtney (English) A courteous woman; courtly
Cordney, Cordni, Cortenay,
Corteney, Cortland, Cortnee,
Cortneigh, Cortney, Courteney

Covin (American) An unpredictable woman
Covan, Coven, Covyn, Covon

Coy (English) From the woods, the quiet place
Coye, Coi

Cree (Native American) A tribal name
Crei, Crey, Crea, Creigh

Creirwy (Welsh) One who is lucky

Creola (American) Daughter of American birth but European heritage
Creole, Creolla, Criole,
Criola, Criolla, Cryola,

Cressida (Greek) The golden girl; in mythology, a woman of Troy
Cressa, Criseyde, Cressyda,

Criselda (American) Form of Griselda, meaning “a gray-haired battle maid; one who fights the dark battle”
Cricelda, Cricely, Crisel,
Criseldis, Crisella, Criselle,
Criselly, Crishelda

Crishona (American) A beautiful woman
Crishonah, Cryshona,
Cryshonah, Crishonna,
Crishonnah, Cryshonna,

Crisiant (Welsh) As clear as a crystal
Crisiante, Crisianta,
Crysiant, Crysyant,
Crysianta, Crysiante,
Crysyanta, Crysyante

Cristos (Greek) A dedicated and faithful woman
Crystos, Christos, Chrystos

Cullodina (Scottish) From the mossy ground
Cullodena, Culodina,
Culodena, Cullodyna,

Cushaun (American) An elegant lady
Cushawn, Cusean,
Cushauna, Cushawna,
Cuseana, Cooshaun,
Cooshauna, Cooshawn

Cwen (English) A royal woman; queenly
Cwene, Cwenn, Cwenne,
Cwyn, Cwynn, Cwynne,
Cwin, Cwinn

Cylee (American) A darling daughter
Cyleigh, Cyli, Cylie, Cylea,
Cyleah, Cyly, Cyley

Cyrene (Greek) In mythology, a maiden-huntress loved by Apollo
Cyrina, Cyrena, Cyrine,
Cyreane, Cyreana, Cyreene,

Czigany (Hungarian) A gypsy girl; one who moves from place to place
Cziganey, Czigani,
Cziganie, Cziganee,
Cziganea, Cziganeah

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