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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Hebrew) From the temple mound
Gabbathah, Gabbathe,
Gabatha, Gabbathia,
Gabbathea, Gabathia,

Gabrielle (Hebrew) Feminine form of Gabriel; heroine of God
Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele,
Gabriell, Gabriella,
Gabriellen, Gabriellia, Gabrila

Gaira (Scottish) A petite woman
Gayra, Gara, Gairia,
Gairea, Gaera

Galena (Greek) Feminine form of Galen; one who is calm and peaceful
Galene, Galenah, Galenia,

Galiana (Arabic) The name of a Moorish princess
Galianah, Galianna,
Galianne, Galiane, Galian,
Galyana, Galyanna,

Galila (Hebrew) From the rolling hills
Galilah, Gelila, Gelilah,
Gelilia, Gelilya, Glila,
Glilah, Galyla

Galilee (Hebrew) From the sacred sea
Galileigh, Galilea, Galiley,
Galily, Galili, Galilie

Galina (Russian) Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Galinah, Galyna, Galynah,
Galeena, Galeenah, Galine,
Galyne, Galeene

Gamma (Greek) The third letter of the Greek alphabet

Garbi (Basque) One who is pure; clean
Garbie, Garby, Garbey,
Garbee, Garbea, Garbeah

Gardenia (English) Resembling the sweetsmelling flower
Gardeniah, Gardenea,
Gardeneah, Gardeniya,
Gardynia, Gardynea,
Gardena, Gardyna

Garima (Indian) A woman of importance
Garimah, Garyma,
Gareema, Garymah,
Gareemah, Gareama,
Gareamah, Gariema

Garnet (English) Resembling the dark-red gem
Garnette, Granata,
Grenata, Grenatta

Gasha (Russian) One who is well-behaved
Gashah, Gashia, Gashea,
Gashiah, Gasheah

Gath-rimmon (Hebrew) Refers to the pomegranate press

Gavina (Latin) Feminine form of Gavin; resembling the white falcom; woman from Gabio
Gavinah, Gaveena,
Gaveenah, Gavyna,
Gavynah, Gavenia,
Gavenea, Gaveana

Gaza (Hebrew) Having great strength
Gazah, Gazza, Gazzah

Gazit (Hebrew) Of the cut stone
Giza, Gizah, Gisa, Gisah

Geila (Hebrew) One who brings joy to others
Geela, Geelah, Geelan,
Geilah, Geiliya, Geiliyah,
Gelisa, Gellah

Gemma (Latin) As precious as a jewel
Gemmalyn, Gemmalynn,
Gem, Gema, Gemmaline,

Generosa (Spanish) One who is giving, generous
Generosah, Generose,
Generosia, Generosea,

Genevieve (French) White wave; fair-skinned
Genavieve, Geneve, Geneveeve,
Genevie, Genivee, Genivieve,
Gennie, Genny, Jinelle

Genista (Latin) Resembling the broom plant
Genistah, Geneesta,
Ginista, Genysta, Ginysta,
Gynysta, Geneasta,

Georgia (Greek) Feminine form of George; one who works the earth; from the state of Georgia
Georgeann, Georgeanne,
Georgina, Georgena,
Georgene, Georgetta,
Georgette, Georgiana, Jeorjia

Geranium (Latin) Resembling the flower; a crane
Geranyum, Geranum

Gerardine (English) Feminine form of Gerard; one who is mighty with a spear
Gerarda, Gerardina,
Gerardyne, Gererdina,
Gerardyna, Gerrardene,
Gerhardina, Gerhardine

Gerizim (Hebrew) From the mountains
Gerizima, Gerizime,
Gerizimia, Gerizimea,
Gerizym, Gerizyme,
Gerizyma, Gerizymea

Gertrude (German) Adored warrior
Geertruide, Geltruda,
Geltrudis, Gert, Gerta, Gerte,
Gertie, Gertina, Trudy

Gethsemane (Hebrew) Worker of the oil press
Gethsemanie, Gethsemana,
Gethsemani, Gethsemaney,
Gethsemany, Gethsemanee,

Gezana (Spanish) Refers to the doctrine of incarnation
Gezanah, Gezanna,
Gezania, Gezanea, Gezane,
Gizana, Gizane, Gizania

Gibeah (Hebrew) From the hill town
Gibea, Gibia, Gibiah,
Gibeon, Gibeona, Gibeonea,
Gibeonia, Gibeoneah

Gimbya (African) Daughter born to royalty; a princess
Gimbyah, Gimbiya,
Gimbeya, Gimbaya,
Gimbiyah, Gimbayah,

Gina (Japanese / English) A silvery woman / form of Eugenia, meaning “a wellborn
woman”; form of Jean, meaning “God is gracious”
Geana, Geanndra, Geena,
Geina, Gena, Genalyn,
Geneene, Genelle

Ginger (English) A lively woman; resembling the spice
Gingee, Gingie, Ginjer,
Gingea, Gingy, Gingey, Gingi

Ginny (English) Form of Virginia, meaning “one who is chaste; virginal”
Ginnee, Ginnelle, Ginnette,
Ginnie, Ginnilee, Ginna,
Ginney, Ginni

Giona (Italian) Resembling the bird of peace
Gionah, Gionna, Gyona,
Gyonna, Gionnah, Gyonah,

Giovanna (Italian) Feminine form of
Giovanni; God is gracious
Geovana, Geovanna,
Giavanna, Giovana,
Giovani, Giovanni,
Giovanie, Giovanee

Giselle (French) One who offers her pledge
Gisel, Gisela, Gisella, Jiselle

Gita (Hindi / Hebrew) A beautiful song / a good woman
Gitah, Geeta, Geetah,
Gitika, Gatha, Gayatri,
Gitel, Gittel

Gitana (Spanish) A gypsy woman
Gitanah, Gitanna,
Gitannah, Gitane

Githa (Anglo-Saxon) A gift from God

Gizem (Turkish) A mysterious woman
Gizim, Gizam, Gizym,
Gizema, Gizima, Gizyma,

Gjalp (Norse) In mythology, a frost giantess

Gladys (Welsh) Form of Claudia, meaning “one who is lame”
Gladdis, Gladdys, Gladi,
Gladis, Gladyss, Gwladys,
Gwyladyss, Gleda

Glenna (Gaelic) From the valley between the hills
Gleana, Gleneen, Glenene,
Glenine, Glen, Glenn,
Glenne, Glennene

Glenys (Welsh) A holy woman
Glenice, Glenis, Glennice,
Glennis, Glennys

Godfreya (German) Feminine form of Godfrey; having the peace of God
Godfredya, Gotfreya,
Godafrid, Godafryd

Godiva (English) Gift from God
Godivah, Godgifu, Godyva,

Golda (English) Resembling the precious metal
Goldarina, Goldarine,
Goldee, Goldi, Goldie,
Goldina, Goldy, Goldia

Gordana (Serbian /Scottish) A proud woman /one who is heroic
Gordanah, Gordanna,
Gordania, Gordaniya,
Gordanea, Gordannah,
Gordaniah, Gordaniyah

Gormghlaith (Irish) Woman of sorrow
Gormghlaithe, Gormley,
Gormly, Gormlie, Gormli,
Gormlee, Gormleigh

Grace (Latin) Having God’s favor; in mythology, the Graces were the personification of beauty,
charm, and grace
Gracee, Gracella, Gracelynn,
Gracelynne, Gracey, Gracia,
Graciana, Gracie

Granada (Spanish) From the Moorish kingdom
Granadda, Grenada,

Greer (Scottish) Feminine form of Gregory; one who is alert and watchful
Grear, Grier, Gryer

Gregoria (Latin) Feminine form of Gregory; one who is alert and watchful
Gregoriana, Gregorijana,
Gregorina, Gregorine,
Gregorya, Gregoryna,
Gregorea, Gregoriya

Greip (Norse) In mythology, a frost giantess

Greta (German) Resembling a pearl
Greeta, Gretal, Grete, Gretel,
Gretha, Grethe, Grethel, Gretna

Grid (Norse) One who is peaceful; in mythology, a frost giantess

Grimhild (Norse) In mythology, a witch
Grimhilde, Grimhilda,
Grimild, Grimilda, Grimilde

Griselda (German)A grayhaired battle maid; one who fights the dark battle
Grezelda, Grizelda, Criselda

Griswalda (German) Woman from the gray woodland
Griswalde, Grizwalda,
Grizwalde, Griswald,

Guadalupe (Spanish) From the valley of wolves
Guadelupe, Lupe, Lupita

Gudny (Swedish) One who is unspoiled
Gudney, Gudni, Gudnie,
Gudne, Gudnee, Gudnea,

Gudrun (Scandinavian) A battle maiden
Gudren, Gudrid, Gudrin,
Gudrinn, Gudruna,
Gudrunn, Gudrunne,

Guinevere (Welsh) One who is fair; of the white wave; in mythology, King Arthur’s queen
Guenever, Guenevere,
Gueniver, Guenna,
Guennola, Guinever,
Guinna, Gwen

Guiseppina (Italian) Feminine form of Guiseppe; the Lord will add
Giuseppyna, Giuseppa,
Giuseppia, Giuseppea,
Guiseppie, Guiseppia,
Guiseppa, Giuseppina

Gula (Babylonian) In mythology, a goddess
Gulah, Gulla, Gullah

Gulielma (German) Feminine form of Wilhelm; determined protector
Guglielma, Guillelmina,
Guillielma, Gulielmina,

Gulinar (Arabic) Resembling the pomegranate
Gulinare, Gulinear,
Gulineir, Gulinara,
Gulinaria, Gulinarea

Gullveig (Norse) In mythology, a dark goddess
Gullveiga, Gullveige,
Gulveig, Gulveiga, Gulveige

Gwawr (Welsh) Born with the morning light

Gwendolyn (Welsh) One who is fair; of the white ring
Guendolen, Guendolin,
Guendolinn, Guendolynn,
Guenna, Gwen, Gwenda,
Gwendaline, Wendy

Gwyneth (Welsh) One who is blessed with happiness
Gweneth, Gwenith,
Gwenyth, Gwineth,
Gwinneth, Gwinyth,
Gwynith, Gwynna

Gytha (English) One who is treasured

Girl names, and unique baby names