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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Finnish) Feminine form of Jukka; God is gracious
Jakkina, Jaakkinah,
Jaakina, Jakina, Jakyna,
Jakeena, Jadeana

Jacey (American) Form of Jacinda, meaning “resembling the hyacinth”
Jacee, Jacelyn, Jaci, Jacine,
Jacy, Jaicee, Jaycee, Jacie

Jacinda (Spanish) Resembling the hyacinth
Jacenda, Jacenia, Jacenta,
Jacindia, Jacinna, Jacinta,
Jacinth, Jacintha, Jacey

Jacqueline (French) Feminine form of Jacques; the supplanter
Jackie, Xaquelina, Jacalin,
Jacalyn, Jacalynn, Jackalin,
Jackalinne, Jackelyn,
Jacketta, Jackette

Jaddua (Hebrew) One who is well-known
Jadduah, Jadua, Jaduah

Jade (Spanish) Resembling the green gemstone
Jada, Jadeana, Jadee,
Jadine, Jadira, Jadrian,
Jadrienne, Jady, Jaden

Jaden (Hebrew / English) One who is thankful to God / form of Jade, meaning “resembling the green gemstone”
Jadine, Jadyn, Jadon,
Jayden, Jadyne, Jaydyn,
Jaydon, Jaydine

Jadwige (Polish) One who is protected in battle
Jadwyge, Jadwig, Jadwyg,
Jadwiga, Jadwyga, Jadriga,
Jadryga, Jadreega

Jadzia (Polish) A princess; born into royalty
Jadziah, Jadzea, Jadzeah,
Jadziya, Jadziyah, Jadzya,

Jae (English) Feminine form of Jay; resembling a jaybird
Jai, Jaelana, Jaeleah,
Jaeleen, Jaelyn, Jaenelle,
Jaenette, Jaya

Jael (Hebrew) Resembling a mountain goat
Jaella, Jaelle, Jayel, Jaela,
Jaele, Jayil

Jaen (Hebrew) Resembling an ostrich
Jaena, Jaenia, Jaenea,

Jaffa (Hebrew) A beautiful woman
Jaffah, Jafit, Jafita

Jahath (Hebrew) Recognizing the importance of a union
Jahathe, Jahatha

Jalila (Arabic) An important woman; one who is exalted
Jalilah, Jalyla, Jalylah,
Jaleela, Jaleelah, Jalil,
Jaleala, Jalealah

Jamaica (American) From the island of springs
Jamaeca, Jamaika,
Jemaica, Jamika, Jamieka,
Jameika, Jamyka, Jemayka

Jamie (Hebrew) Feminine form of James; she who supplants
Jaima, Jaime, Jaimee,
Jaimelynn, Jaimey, Jaimi,
Jaimie, Jaimy

Janan (Arabic) Of the heart and soul

Jane (Hebrew) Feminine form of John; God is gracious
Jaina, Jaine, Jainee, Janey,
Jana, Janae, Janaye, Jandy,

Janis (English) Feminine form of John; God is gracious
Janice, Janeece, Janess,
Janessa, Janesse, Janessia,
Janicia, Janiece

Jarah (Hebrew) A sweet and kind woman

Jasher (Hebrew) One who is righteous; upright
Jashiere, Jasheria, Jasherea,
Jashera, Jashiera

Jasmine (Persian) Resembling the climbing plant with fragrant flowers
Jaslyn, Jaslynn, Jasmeen,
Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasminda,
Jasmyn, Jasmyne

Javiera (Spanish) Feminine form of Xavier; one who is bright; the owner of a new home
Javierah, Javyera, Javyerah,
Javeira, Javeirah

Jean (Hebrew) Feminine form of John; God is gracious
Jeanae, Jeanay, Jeane,
Jeanee, Jeanelle, Jeanetta,
Jeanette, Jeanice, Gina

Jecoliah (Hebrew) All things are possible through the Lord
Jecolia, Jecolea, Jecoleah,
Jecholia, Jekolia, Jecoliya,
Jekoliya, Jekolea

Jehaleleel (Hebrew) One who praises God
Jehalelel, Jahaleleil, Jehaleliel,
Jehalelyl, Jehaleleal

Jehonadab (Hebrew) The Lord gives liberally
Jemima (Hebrew) Dovelike
Jamima, Mima

Jemma (English) Form of Gemma, meaning “as precious as a jewel”
Jemmah, Jema, Jemah, Jemmalyn,
Jemalyn, Jemmalynn, Jemalynn

Jena (Arabic) Our little bird

Jendayi (Egyptian) One who is thankful
Jendayie, Jendayey,
Jendayee, Jendaya,
Jendayia, Jendayea

Jennifer (Welsh) One who is fair; a beautiful girl
Jenefer, Jeni, Jenifer, Jeniffer,
Jenn, Jennee, Jenni, Jen, Jenna

Jeorjia (American) Form of Georgia, meaning “one who works the earth; a farmer”
Jeorgia, Jeorja, Jorja,
Jorjette, Jorgette, Jorjeta,
Jorjetta, Jorgete

Jereni (Slavic) One who is peaceful
Jerenie, Jereny, Jereney,

Jermaine (French) Woman from Germany
Jermainaa, Jermane,
Jermayne, Jermina,
Jermana, Jermayna,
Jermaen, Jermaena

Jessica (Hebrew) The Lord sees all
Jess, Jessa, Jessaca, Jessaka,
Jessalin, Jessalyn, Jesse,
Jesseca, Yessica

Jethetha (Hebrew) Feminine form of Jetheth; a princess
Jethethia, Jethethea,

Jethra (Hebrew) Feminine form of Jethro; the Lord’s excellence; one who has plenty; abudance
Jethrah, Jethria, Jethrea,
Jethriya, Jeth, Jethe

Jetta (Danish) Resembling the jet-black lustrous gemstone
Jette, Jett, Jeta, Jete, Jettie,
Jetty, Jetti, Jettey

Jewel (French) One who is playful; resembling a precious gem
Jewell, Jewelle, Jewelyn,
Jewelene, Jewelisa, Jule,
Jewella, Juelline

Jezebel (Hebrew) One who is not exalted; in the Bible, the queen of Israel punished by God
Jessabell, Jetzabel, Jezabel,
Jezabella, Jezebelle, Jezibel,
Jezibelle, Jezybell

Jie (Chinese) One who is pure; chaste

Jiera (Lithuanian) A lively woman
Jierah, Jyera, Jyerah, Jierra,

Jifunza (African) A selflearner
Jifunzah, Jifoonza,
Jifoonzah, Jifounza,

Jimmi (English) Feminine form of Jimmy; she who supplants
Jimi, Jimmie, Jimie, Jimmy,
Jimmey, Jimmee, Jimmea,

Jin (Japanese / Chinese) A superior woman / a golden child; one who is elegant

Jinelle (Welsh) Form of Genevieve, meaning “white wave; fair-skinned”
Jinell, Jinele, Jinel, Jynelle,
Jynell, Jynele, Jynel

Jinx (Latin) One who performs charms or spells
Jynx, Jinxx, Jynxx

Jiselle (American) Form of Giselle, meaning “one who offers her pledge”
Jisell, Jisele, Jisela, Jizelle,
Joselle, Jisella, Jizella,

Jo (English) Feminine form of Joseph; God will add
Jobelle, Jobeth, Jodean, Jodelle,
Joetta, Joette, Jolinda, Jolisa

Joakima (Hebrew) Feminine form of Joachim; God will judge
Joachima, Joaquina,
Joaquine, Joaquima

Jocasta (Greek) In mythology, the queen of Thebes who married her son
Jocastah, Jokasta, Jokastah,
Jockasta, Joccasta

Jocelyn (German / Latin) From the tribe of Gauts /one who is cheerful, happy
Jocelin, Jocelina, Jocelinda,
Joceline, Jocelyne, Jocelynn,
Jocelynne, Josalind

Joda (Hebrew) An ancestor of Christ

Jokim (Hebrew) Blessed by God
Jokima, Jokym, Jokyme,
Jokeem, Jokimia, Jokimea,
Joka, Jokeam

Jolan (Greek) Resembling a violet flower
Jola, Jolaine, Jolande,
Jolanne, Jolanta, Jolantha,
Jolandi, Jolanka

Jolene (English) Feminine form of Joseph; God will add
Joeline, Joeleen, Joeline,
Jolaine, Jolean, Joleen,
Jolena, Jolina

Jonina (Israeli) Resembling a little dove
Joninah, Jonyna, Jonynah,
Joneena, Joneenah, Jonine,
Jonyne, Joneene

Jorah (Hebrew) Resembling an autumn rose

Jord (Norse) In mythology, goddess of the earth

Jordan (Hebrew) Of the down-flowing river; in the Bible, the river where Jesus was baptized
Jardena, Johrdan, Jordain,
Jordaine, Jordana, Jordane,
Jordanka, Jordann

Josephine (French) Feminine form of Joseph; God will add
Josefina, Josephene, Jo, Josie,

Jovana (Spanish) Feminine form of Jovian; daughter of the sky
Jeovana, Jeovanna,
Jovanna, Jovena, Jovianne,
Jovina, Jovita, Joviana

Joy (Latin) A delight; one who brings pleasure to others
Jioia, Jioya, Joi, Joia, Joie,
Joya, Joyann, Joyanna

Joyce (English) One who brings joy to others
Joice, Joyceanne, Joycelyn,
Joycelynn, Joyse, Joyceta

Jozachar (Hebrew) God has remembered
Jozachare, Jozachara,
Jozacharia, Jozacharea

Judith (Hebrew) Woman from Judea
Judithe, Juditha, Judeena,
Judeana, Judyth, Judit,
Judytha, Judita, Hudes

Julia (Latin) One who is youthful; daughter of the sky
Jiulia, Joleta, Joletta, Jolette,
Julaine, Julayna, Julee,
Juleen, July

July (Latin) Form of Julia, meaning “one who is youthful; daughter of the sky”; born during the month of July

June (Latin) One who is youthful; born during the month of June
Junae, Junel, Junelle,
Junette, Junita, Junia

Justice (English) One who upholds moral rightness and fairness
Justyce, Justiss, Justyss,
Justis, Justus, Justise

Juturna (Latin) In mythology, goddess of fountains and springs
Jutorna, Jutourna

Jwahir (African) The golden woman
Jwahyr, Jwaheer, Jwahear

Jyotsna (Indian) Woman of the moonlight

Girl names, and unique baby names