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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Egyptian) In mythology, a snake goddess
Ujadet, Uajit, Udjit, Ujadit

Ualani (Hawaiian) Of the heavenly rain
Ualanie, Ualany, Ualaney,
Ualanee, Ualanea,
Ualania, Ualana

Udavine (American) A thriving woman
Udavyne, Udavina,
Udavyna, Udevine,
Udevyne, Udevina,

Udele (English) One who is wealthy; prosperous
Udelle, Udela, Udella,
Udelah, Udellah, Uda,

Uela (American) One who is devoted to God
Uelah, Uella, Uellah

Uganda (African) From the country in Africa
Ugandah, Ugaunda,
Ugaundah, Ugawnda,
Ugawndah, Ugonda,

Ugolina (German) Having a bright spirit; bright mind
Ugolinah, Ugoleena,
Ugoliana, Ugolyna,
Ugoline, Ugolyn, Ugolyne

Ulalia (Greek) Form of Eulalia, meaning “wellspoken”
Ulaliah, Ulalya, Ulalyah

Ulan (African) Firstborn of twins
Ulann, Ulanne

Ulima (Arabic) One who is wise and astute
Ulimah, Ullima, Ulimma,
Uleema, Uleama, Ulyma,
Uleima, Uliema

Ulla (German) A willful woman
Ullah, Ullaa, Ullai, Ullae

Uma (Hindi) Mother; in mythology, the goddess of beauty and sunlight
Umah, Umma

Umberla (French) Feminine form of Umber; providing shade; of an earth color
Umberlah, Umberly,
Umberley, Umberlee,
Umberleigh, Umberli,
Umberlea, Umberlie

Ummi (African) Born of my mother
Ummie, Ummy, Ummey,
Ummee, Umi

Unity (American) Woman who upholds oneness; togetherness
Unitey, Unitie, Uniti,
Unitee, Unitea, Unyty,
Unytey, Unytie

Ura (Indian) Loved from the heart
Urah, Urra

Ural (Slavic) From the mountains
Urall, Urale, Uralle

Urbai (American) One who is gentle
Urbae, Urbay, Urbaye

Urbana (Latin) From the city; city dweller
Urbanah, Urbanna,
Urbane, Urbania,
Urbanya, Urbanne

Uriela (Hebrew) The angel of light
Uriella, Urielle, Uriel,
Uriele, Uriell

Urta (Latin) Resembling the spiny plant

Utah (Native American) People of the mountains; from the state of Utah

Uzoma (African) One who takes the right path
Uzomah, Uzomma,

Uzzi (Hebrew / Arabic) God is my strength / a strong woman
Uzzie, Uzzy, Uzzey,
Uzzee, Uzi, Uzie, Uzy,

Girl names, and unique baby names