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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(Korean) A kind and gentle man

Uaithne (Gaelic) One who is innocent; green
Uaithn, Uaythne, Uaythn,
Uathne, Uathn, Uaethne,

Ualan (Scottish) Form of Valentine, meaning “one who is strong and healthy”
Ualane, Ualayn, Ualayne,
Ualen, Ualon

Uba (African) One who is wealthy; lord of the house
Ubah, Ubba, Ubbah

Uberto (Italian) Form of Hubert, meaning “having a shining intellect”
Ulberto, Umberto

Udath (Indian) One who is noble

Uddam (Indian) An exceptional man

Uddhar (Indian) One who is free; an independent man
Uddharr, Udhar, Udharr

Udell (English) From the valley of yew trees
Udale, Udel, Udall, Udayle,
Udayl, Udail, Udaile, Udele

Udi (Hebrew) One who carries a torch
Udie, Udy, Udey, Udee,

Udup (Indian) Born beneath the moon’s light
Udupp, Uddup, Uddupp

Udyan (Indian) Of the garden
Uddyan, Udyann,

Ugo (Italian) A great thinker

Uland (English) From the noble country
Ulande, Ulland, Ullande,
Ulandus, Ullandus

Ulhas (Indian) Filled with happiness
Ulhass, Ullhas, Ullhass

Ull (Norse) Having glory; in mythology, god of justice and patron of agriculture
Ulle, Ul, Ule

Ulmer (German) Having the fame of the wolf
Ullmer, Ullmar, Ulmarr,
Ullmarr, Ulfmer, Ulfmar,

Ultman (Indian) A godly man
Ultmann, Ultmane

Umrao (Indian) One who is noble

Unai (Basque) A shepherd
Unay, Unaye, Unae

Unathi (African) God is with us
Unathie, Unathy, Unathey,
Unathee, Unathea

Uncas (Native American) Resembling a fox
Unkas, Unckas

Ungus (Irish) A vigorous man

Unique (American) Unlike others; the only one
Unikue, Unik, Uniqui,
Uniqi, Uniqe, Unikque,
Unike, Unicke

Uolevi (Finnish) Form of Olaf, meaning “the remaining of the ancestors”
Uolevie, Uolevee, Uolevy,
Uolevey, Uolevea

Upchurch (English) From the upper church

Uranus (Greek) In mythology, the father of the Titans
Urainus, Uraynus, Uranas,
Uraynas, Urainas, Uranos,
Uraynos, Urainos

Uri (Hebrew) Form of Uriah, meaning “the Lord is my light”
Urie, Ury, Urey, Uree, Urea

Uriah (Hebrew) The Lord is my light
Uri, Uria, Urias, Urija,
Urijah, Uriyah, Urjasz,

Urjavaha (Hindu) Of the Nimi dynasty

Urtzi (Basque) From the sky
Urtzie, Urtzy, Urtzey,
Urtzee, Urtzea

Usbeorn (English) A divine warrior

Usher (Latin) From the mouth of the river
Ushar, Ushir, Ussher,
Usshar, Usshir

Ushi (Chinese) As strong as an ox
Ushie, Ushy, Ushey, Ushee,

Utah (Native American) People of the mountains; from the state of Utah

Utsav (Indian) Born during a celebration
Utsavi, Utsave, Utsava,
Utsavie, Utsavy, Utsavey,
Utsavee, Utsavea

Utt (Arabic) One who is kind and wise

Uzi (Hebrew) Having great power
Uzie, Uzy, Uzey, Uzee,
Uzea, Uzzi, Uzzie, Uzzy

Uzima (African) One who is full of life
Uzimah, Uzimma,
Uzimmah, Uzyma,
Uzymma, Uyziema,
Uzeima, Uzeema

Uzziah (Hebrew) The Lord is my strength
Uzzia, Uziah, Uzia,
Uzzya, Uzzyah, Uzyah,
Uzya, Uzziel

Boy names, and unique baby names