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Boy names, and unique baby names

Boy names, and unique baby names

(French) Resembling a small cow
Vachele, Vachell

Vachlan (English) One who lives near water

Vadar (Dutch) A fatherly man
Vader, Vadyr

Vadhir (Spanish) Resembling a rose
Vadhyr, Vadheer

Vadim (Russian) A goodlooking man
Vadime, Vadym, Vadyme,
Vadeem, Vadeeme

Vai (Teutonic) A mighty ruler

Vaijnath (Hindi) Refers to Lord Shiva
Vaejnath, Vaijnathe, Vaejnathe

Valdemar (German) A well-known ruler
Valdemarr, Valdemare,
Valto, Valdmar, Valdmarr,
Valdimar, Valdimarr

Valentine (Latin) One who is strong and healthy
Val, Valentin, Valentino,
Valentyne, Ualan

Valerian (Latin) One who is strong and healthy
Valerien, Valerio, Valerius,
Valery, Valeryan, Valere,
Valeri, Valerii

Valin (Hindi) The monkey king

Valle (French) From the glen

Valri (French) One who is strong
Valrie, Valry, Valrey, Valree

Vance (English) From the marshland

Vanderveer (Dutch) From the ferry
Vandervere, Vandervir,
Vandervire, Vandervyr,

Vandy (Dutch) One who travels; a wanderer
Vandey, Vandi, Vandie, Vandee

Vandyke (Danish) From the dike

Vanir (Norse) Of the ancient gods

Varante (Arabic) From the river

Vardon (French) From the green hill
Varden, Verdon, Verdun,
Verden, Vardun, Vardan,
Verddun, Varddun

Varg (Norse) Resembling a wolf

Varick (German) A protective ruler
Varrick, Warick, Warrick

Varius (Latin) A versatile man
Varian, Varinius

Variya (Hindi) The excellent one

Vasava (Hindi) Refers to Indra

Vaschel (Hebrew) From the small ash tree

Vashon (American) The Lord is gracious
Vashan, Vashawn, Vashaun,
Vashone, Vashane, Vashayn,

Vasin (Indian) A great ruler
Vasine, Vaseen, Vaseene,
Vasyn, Vasyne

Vasuki (Hindi) In Hinduism, a serpent king
Vasukie, Vasuky, Vasukey,
Vasukee, Vasukea

Vasuman (Indian) Son born of fire

Vasyl (Slavic) A king
Vasil, Vassil, Wasyl

Vatsa (Indian) Our beloved son

Vatsal (Indian) One who is affectionate

Velimir (Croatian) One who wishes for great peace
Velimeer, Velimyr, Velimire,
Velimeere, Velimyre

Velyo (Bulgarian) A great man
Velcho, Veliko, Velin, Velko

Vere (French) From the alder tree

Verge (Anglo-Saxon) One who owns four acres

Vernon (French) From the alder-tree grove
Vern, Vernal, Vernard,
Verne, Vernee, Vernen,
Verney, Vernin

Verrill (French) One who is faithful
Verill, Verrall, Verrell, Verroll,
Veryl, Veryll, Verol, Verall

Vibol (Cambodian) A man of plenty
Viboll, Vibole, Vybol, Vyboll,

Vid (Hungarian) Form of Vito, meaning “one who gives life”
Vida, Vidas, Vidal

Vidal (Spanish) A giver of life
Videl, Videlio, Videlo,
Vidalo, Vidalio, Vidas

Vidar (Norse) Warrior of the forest; in mythology, a son of Odin

Vien (Vietnamese) One who is complete; satisfied

Viho (Native American) One who ranks as chief

Vincent (Latin) One who prevails; the conquerer
Vicente, Vicenzio, Vicenzo,
Vin, Vince, Vincens,
Vincente, Vincentius

Vinod (Indian) One who is a pleasure

Viorel (Romanian) Resembling the bluebell
Viorell, Vyorel, Vyorell

Vipin (Indian) From the forest
Vippin, Vypin, Vypyn, Vyppin,
Vyppyn, Vipyn, Vippyn

Vipul (Indian) A man of plenty
Vypul, Vipull, Vypull,
Vipool, Vypool

Virag (Hungarian) Resembling a flower

Virgil (Latin) The staff-bearer
Verge, Vergil, Vergilio,
Virgilio, Vergilo, Virgilo,

Virginius (Latin) One who is pure; chaste
Virginio, Virgino

Virote (Thai) A powerful man

Vit├ęz (Hungarian) A courageous warrior

Vito (Latin) One who gives life
Vital, Vitale, Vitalis, Vitaly,
Vitas, Vitus, Vitali, Vitaliy, Vid

Vitus (Latin) Giver of life

Vladimir (Slavic) A famous prince
Vladamir, Vladimeer,
Vladimyr, Vladimyre,
Vladamyr, Vladamyre,
Vladameer, Vladimer

Vladislav (Slavic) One who rules with glory

Volodymyr (Slavic) To rule with peace

Vulcan (Latin) In mythology, the god of fire
Vulkan, Vulckan

Vyacheslav (Russian) Form of Wenceslas, meaning “one who receives more glory”

Boy names, and unique baby names