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Girl names, and unique baby names

Girl names, and unique baby names

(Hebrew) One who has been oppressed; in the Bible, one of David’s wives

Macanta (Gaelic) A kind and gentle woman
Macan, Macantia,
Macantea, Macantah

Machi (Taiwanese) A good friend
Machie, Machy, Machey,
Machee, Machea

Mackenna (Gaelic) Daughter of the handsome man
Mackendra, Mackennah,
McKenna, McKendra,
Makenna, Makennah

Mackenzie (Gaelic) Daughter of a wise leader; a fiery woman; one who is fair
Mackenzey, Makensie,
Makenzie, M’Kenzie,
McKenzie, Meckenzie,
Mackenzee, Mackenzy

Macy (French) One who wields a weapon
Macee, Macey, Maci, Macie,
Maicey, Maicy, Macea, Maicea

Mada (Arabic) One who has reached the end of the path

Madana (Ethiopian) One who heals others
Madayna, Madaina, Madania,
Madaynia, Madainia

Maddox (English) Born into wealth and prosperity
Madox, Madoxx, Maddoxx

Madeline (Hebrew) Woman from Magdala
Mada, Madalaina,
Madaleine, Madalena,
Madalene, Madalyn,
Madalynn, Maddelena,

Madhavi (Indian) Feminine form of Madhav; born in the springtime
Madhavie, Madhavee,
Madhavey, Madhavy,

Madhu (Indian) As sweet as honey
Madhul, Madhula, Madhulika,
Madhulia, Madhulea

Madini (Swahili) As precious as a gemstone
Madinie, Madiny, Madiney,
Madinee, Madyny, Madyni,
Madinea, Madynie

Madison (English) Daughter of a mighty warrior
Maddison, Madisen,
Madisson, Madisyn, Madyson

Madoline (English) One who is accomplished with the stringed instrument
Mandalin, Mandalyn,
Mandalynn, Mandelin,
Mandellin, Mandellyn,
Mandolin, Mandolyn

Madonna (Italian) My lady; refers to the Virgin Mary
Madonnah, Madona,

Maeve (Irish) An intoxicating woman
Mave, Meave, Medb, Meabh

Mafuane (Egyptian) Daughter of the earth
Mafuann, Mafuanne,
Mafuana, Mafuanna

Magnolia (French) Resembling the flower
Magnoliya, Magnoliah,
Magnolea, Magnoleah,
Magnoliyah, Magnolya,

Mahal (Native American) A tender and loving woman
Mahall, Mahale, Mahalle

Mahari (African) One who offers forgiveness
Maharie, Mahary, Maharey,
Maharee, Maharai,
Maharae, Maharea

Maheona (Native American) A medicine woman
Maheo, Maheonia, Maheonea

Mahesa (Indian) A powerful and great lady

Mahira (Arabic) A clever and adroit woman
Mahirah, Mahir, Mahire,
Mahiria, Mahirea,
Maheera, Mahyra, Mahiera

Maia (Latin / Maori) The great one; in mythology, the goddess of spring / a brave warrior
Maiah, Maya, Mya, Maja

Maida (English) A maiden; a virgin
Maidel, Maidie, Mayda,
Maydena, Maydey, Mady,
Maegth, Magd

Maiki (Japanese) Resembling the dancing flower
Maikie, Maikei, Maikki,

Maimun (Arabic) One who is lucky; fortunate
Maimoon, Maimoun

Maimuna (Arabic) One who is trustworthy
Maimoona, Maimouna

Maine (French) From the mainland; from the state of Maine

Maiolaine (French) As delicate as a flower
Maiolainie, Maiolani,
Maiolaney, Maiolany,
Maiolanee, Maiolayne,

Maisara (Arabic) One who lives an effortless life
Maisarah, Maisarra,

Maisha (African) Giver of life
Maysha, Maishah, Mayshah,
Maesha, Maeshah

Maisie (Scottish) Form of Margaret, meaning “resembling a pearl”
Maisee, Maisey, Maisy,
Maizie, Mazey, Mazie,
Maisi, Maizi

Maitreya (Sanskrit) One who offers love to all
Maitreyah, Maetreya,
Maitraya, Maetraya

Majaliwa (Swahili) Filled with God’s grace
Majaliwah, Majalewa,
Majalywa, Majalewah,

Majaya (Indian) A victorious woman

Majime (Japanese) An earnest woman

Makala (Hawaiian) Resembling myrtle
Makalah, Makalla, Makallah

Makani (Hawaiian) Of the wind
Makanie, Makaney, Makany,
Makanee, Makanea

Makareta (Maori) Form of Margaret, meaning “resembling a pearl / the child of light”
Makaretah, Makarita,

Makea (Finnish) One who is sweet
Makeah, Makia, Makiah

Makeda (African) A queenly woman; greatness

Makelina (Hawaiian) Form of Madeline, meaning “woman from
Makelinah, Makeleena,
Makelyna, Makeleana,
Makeline, Makelyne,
Makeleane, Makeleene

Makena (African) One who is filled with happiness
Makenah, Makeena,
Makeenah, Makeana,
Makeanah, Makyna,
Makynah, Mackena

Malak (Arabic) A heavenly messenger; an angel
Malaka, Malaika, Malayka,
Malaeka, Malake, Malayk,
Malaek, Malakia

Malati (Indian) Resembling a fragrant flower
Malatie, Malaty, Malatey,
Malatee, Malatea

Malcomina (Scottish) Feminine form of Malcolm; devotee of St. Columba
Malcomeena, Malcomyna,
Malcominia, Malcominea,
Malcomena, Malcomeina,
Malcomiena, Malcomeana

Malcsi (Hungarian) An industrious woman
Malcsie, Malcsee, Malcsey,
Malcsy, Malksi, Malksie,
Malksy, Malksee

Maleda (Ethiopian) Born with the rising sun

Mali (Thai / Welsh) Resembling a flower /form of Molly, meaning “star of the sea / from the
sea of bitterness”
Malie, Malee, Maleigh,
Maly, Maley

Malika (Arabic) Destined to be queen
Malikah, Malyka, Maleeka,
Maleika, Malieka, Maliika,

Malina (Hawaiian) A peaceful woman
Malinah, Maleena,
Maleenah, Malyna,
Malynah, Maleina,
Maliena, Maleana

Malinka (Russian) As sweet as a little berry
Malinkah, Malynka,
Maleenka, Malienka,
Maleinka, Maleanka

Maluna (Hawaiian) One who rises above
Maloona, Malunia,
Malunai, Maloonia,
Maloonai, Malouna,
Malounia, Malounai

Malva (Greek) One who is soft and slender
Malvah, Malvia, Malvea

Mana (Polynesian) A charismatic and prestigious woman

Manal (Arabic) An accomplished woman
Manala, Manall, Manalle,
Manalla, Manali

Manami (Japanese) Having a love of the ocean
Manamie, Manamy,
Manamey, Manamee,

Mangena (Hebrew) As sweet as a melody
Mangenah, Mangenna,

Manyara (African) A humble woman

Maola (Irish) A handmaiden
Maoli, Maole, Maolie,
Maolia, Maoly, Maoley,
Maolee, Maolea

Mapenzi (African) One who is dearly loved
Mpenzi, Mapenzie,
Mapenze, Mapenzy,
Mapenzee, Mapenzea

Maram (Arabic) One who is wished for
Marame, Marama,
Marami, Maramie,
Maramee, Maramy,
Maramey, Maramea

Marcella (Latin) Dedicated to Mars, the God of war
Marcela, Marsela, Marsella,
Maricela, Maricel

Marcia (Latin) Feminine form of Marcus; dedicated to Mars, the god of war
Marcena, Marcene,
Marchita, Marciana,
Marciane, Marcianne,
Marcilyn, Marcilynn

Marde (Latin) A woman warrior
Mardane, Mardayne

Mardea (African) The lastborn child

Marenda (Latin) An admirable woman

Margaret (Greek /Persian) Resembling apearl / the child of light
Maighread, Mairead, Mag,
Maggi, Maggie, Maggy,
Maiga, Malgorzata, Megan,
Marwarid, Marjorie,
Marged, Makareta

Marged (Welsh) Form of Margaret, meaning “resembling a pearl / the child of light”
Margred, Margeda, Margreda

Maria (Spanish) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Mariah, Marialena,
Marialinda, Marialisa,
Maaria, Mayria, Maeria,

Mariamne (Hebrew) A rebellious woman
Mamre, Meria

Mariane (French) Blend of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness,” and Ann, meaning “a woman graced with God’s favor”
Mariam, Mariana, Marian,
Marion, Maryann,
Maryanne, Maryanna,

Marietta (French) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Mariette, Maretta, Mariet,
Maryetta, Maryette,

Marika (Danish) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Marieke, Marijke, Marike,
Maryk, Maryka

Mariko (Japanese) Daughter of Mari; a ball or sphere
Maryko, Mareeko, Marieko,

Marilyn (English) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Maralin, Maralyn,
Maralynn, Marelyn,
Marilee, Marilin, Marillyn,

Marissa (Latin) Woman of the sea
Maressa, Maricia, Marisabel,
Marisha, Marisse, Maritza,
Mariza, Marrissa

Marjam (Slavic) One who is merry
Marjama, Marjamah,
Marjami, Marjamie,
Marjamy, Marjamey,
Marjamee, Marjamea

Marjani (African) Of the coral reef
Marjanie, Marjany,
Marjaney, Marjanee,
Marjean, Marjeani,
Marjeanie, Marijani

Marjorie (English) Form of Margaret, meaning “resembling a pearl / the child of light”
Marcharie, Marge, Margeree,
Margery, Margerie, Margery,
Margey, Margi

Marlene (German) Blend of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness,” and
Magdalene, meaning “woman from Magdala”
Marlaina, Marlana,
Marlane, Marlayna,
Marlayne, Marleen,
Marleena, Marleene

Marlis (German) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Marlisa, Marliss, Marlise,
Marlisse, Marlissa, Marlys,
Marlyss, Marlysa

Marlo (English) One who resembles driftwood
Marloe, Marlow, Marlowe,

Marmara (Greek) From the sparkling sea
Marmarra, Marmarah,

Marsala (Italian) From the place of sweet wine
Marsalah, Marsalla,

Martha (Aramaic) Mistress of the house; in the Bible, the sister of Lazarus and Mary
Maarva, Marfa, Marhta,
Mariet, Marit, Mart,
Marta, Marte

Marvina (English) Feminine form of Marvin; friend of the sea
Marvinah, Marveena,
Marveene, Marvyna,
Marvyne, Marvadene,
Marvene, Marvena

Marwarid (Arabic) Form of Margaret, meaning “resembling a pearl / the child of light”
Marwaareed, Marwareed,
Marwaryd, Marwaryde,

Mary (Latin / Hebrew) Star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness
Mair, Mal, Mallie, Manette,
Manon, Manya, Mare,
Maren, Maria, Marietta,
Marika, Marilyn, Marlis,
Maureen, May, Mindel,
Miriam, Molly, Mia

Maryweld (English) Mary of the woods
Marywelde, Marywelda,
Mariweld, Mariwelde,

Masami (African /Japanese) A commanding woman / one who is truthful
Masamie, Masamee,
Masamy, Masamey,

Mashaka (African) A troublemaker; a mischievous woman
Mashakah, Mashakia,
Mashake, Mashaki,
Mashakie, Mashaky,
Mashakey, Mashakee

Ma’sma (Arabic) One who is innocent

Massachusetts (Native American) From the big hill; from the state of Massachusetts
Massachusetta, Massa,
Massachute, Massachusta

Mastura (Arabic) One who is pure; chaste
Mastoora, Masturah,
Masturia, Masturiya,
Mastooria, Mastoura,

Matana (Hebrew) A gift from God
Matanah, Matanna,
Matannah, Matai

Matangi (Hindi) In Hinduism, the patron of inner thought
Matangy, Matangie, Matangee,
Matangey, Matangea

Matsuko (Japanese) Child of the pine tree

Maureen (Irish) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Maura, Maurene,
Maurianne, Maurine,
Maurya, Mavra, Maure, Mo

Mauve (French) Of the mallow plant

Maven (English) Having great knowledge
Mavin, Mavyn

Maverick (American) One who is wild and free
Maverik, Maveryck,
Maveryk, Mavarick, Mavarik

Mavis (French) Resembling a songbird
Mavise, Maviss, Mavisse,
Mavys, Mavyss, Mavysse

Mawunyaga (African) God is great

May (Latin) Born during the month of May; form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea /from the sea of bitterness”
Mae, Mai, Maelynn, Maelee,
Maj, Mala, Mayana, Maye

Maya (Indian / Hebrew) An illusion; a dream / form of Maia, meaning “the great one / a brave warrior”

Mayumi (Japanese) One who embodies truth, wisdom, and beauty
Mayumie, Mayumee,
Mayumy, Mayumey,

Mazarine (French) Having deep-blue eyes
Mazareen, Mazareene,
Mazaryn, Mazaryne,
Mazine, Mazyne, Mazeene

Mazhira (Hebrew) A shining woman
Mazhirah, Mazheera,
Mazhyra, Mazheira,
Mazhiera, Mazheara

McKayla (Gaelic) A fiery woman
McKale, McKaylee,
McKaleigh, McKay,
McKaye, McKaela

Meara (Gaelic) One who is filled with happiness

Medea (Greek) A cunning ruler; in mythology, a sorceress
Madora, Medeia, Media,
Medeah, Mediah, Mediya,

Medini (Indian) Daughter of the earth
Medinie, Mediny, Mediney,
Medinee, Medinea

Meditrina (Latin) The healer; in mythology, goddess of health and wine
Meditreena, Meditryna,

Medora (Greek) A wise ruler
Medoria, Medorah,
Medorra, Medorea

Medusa (Greek) In mythology, a Gorgon with snakes for hair
Medoosa, Medusah,
Medoosah, Medousa,

Meenakshi (Indian) Having beautiful eyes

Megan (Welsh) Form of Margaret, meaning “resembling a pearl / the child of light”
Maegan, Meg, Magan,
Magen, Megin, Maygan,
Meagan, Meaghan

Mehalia (Hebrew) An affectionate woman
Mehaliah, Mehalea,
Mehaleah, Mehaliya,

Meishan (Chinese) One who is virtuous and beautiful
Meishana, Meishawn,
Meishaun, Meishon

Meiwei (Chinese) One who is forever enchanting

Melangell (Welsh) A sweet messenger from heaven
Melangelle, Melangela,
Melangella, Melangele,

Melanie (Greek) A darkskinned beauty
Malaney, Malanie, Mel,
Mela, Melaina, Melaine,
Melainey, Melana

Meli (Native American) One who is bitter
Melie, Melee, Melea,
Meleigh, Mely, Meley

Melia (Hawaiian / Greek) Resembling the plumeria /of the ash tree; in mythology,
a nymph
Melidice, Melitine, Meliah,
Meelia, Melya

Melika (Turkish) A great beauty
Melikah, Melicka, Melicca,
Melyka, Melycka, Meleeka,

Melinda (Latin) One who is sweet and gentle
Melynda, Malinda, Malinde,
Mallie, Mally, Malynda,
Melinde, Mellinda, Mindy

Melisande (French) Having the strength of an animal
Malisande, Malissande,
Malyssandre, Melesande,
Melisandra, Melisandre,
Melissande, Melissandre

Melissa (Greek) Resembling a honeybee; in mythology, a nymph
Malissa, Mallissa, Mel,
Melesa, Melessa, Melisa,
Melise, Melisse

Melita (Greek) As sweet as honey
Malita, Malitta, Melida,
Melitta, Melyta, Malyta,
Meleeta, Meleata

Melka (Polish) A darkskinned beauty

Melody (Greek) A beautiful song
Melodee, Melodey, Melodi,
Melodia, Melodie, Melodea

Menula (Lithuanian) Born beneath the moon
Menulah, Menoola,
Menoolah, Menoula,

Mephaath (Hebrew) A lustrous woman
Mephath, Mephatha,

Merana (American) Woman of the waters
Meranah, Meranna,

Mercer (English) A prosperous merchant

Meredith (Welsh) A great ruler; protector of the sea
Maredud, Meridel,
Meredithe, Meredyth,
Meridith, Merridie,
Meradith, Meredydd

Meribah (Hebrew) A quarrelsome woman

Merope (Greek) In mythology, one of the Pleiades
Meropi, Meropie, Meropy,
Meropey, Meropee, Meropea

Meroz (Hebrew) From the cursed plains
Meroza, Merozia, Meroze

Merry (English) One who is lighthearted and joyful
Merree, Merri, Merrie,
Merrielle, Merrile, Merrilee,
Merrili, Merrily

Mertice (English) A wellknown lady
Mertise, Mertyce, Mertyse,
Mertysa, Mertisa, Mertiece,

Merton (English) From the village near the pond
Mertan, Mertin, Mertun

Mesopotamia (Hebrew) From the land between two rivers
Mesopotama, Mesopotamea

Metea (Greek) A gentle woman
Meteah, Metia, Metiah

Metin (Greek) A wise counselor
Metine, Metyn, Metyne

Metis (Greek) One who is industrious
Metiss, Metisse, Metys,
Metyss, Metysse

Mettalise (Danish) As graceful as a pearl
Metalise, Mettalisse,
Mettalisa, Mettalissa

Mhina (African) A delightful lady
Mhinah, Mhinna, Mhena,

Mia (Israeli / Latin) Who is like God? / form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of
Miah, Mea, Meah, Meya

Michaela (Celtic, Gaelic, Hebrew, English, Irish) Feminine form of Michael; who is like God?
Macaela, MacKayla,
Makayla, Mak, Mechaela,
Meeskaela, Mekea, Micaela

Michelle (French) Feminine form of Michael; who is like God?
Machelle, Mashelle,
M’chelle, Mechelle,
Meechelle, Me’Shell,
Meshella, Mischa

Michewa (Tibetan) Sent from heaven

Michima (Japanese) Possessing beautiful wisdom

Michri (Hebrew) Gift from God
Michrie, Michry, Michrey,
Michree, Michrea

Mide (Irish) One who is thirsty
Meeda, Mida

Midori (Japanese) Having green eyes
Midorie, Midory, Midorey,
Midoree, Midorea

Mignon (French) One who is cute and petite
Mignonette, Mignonne,
Mingnon, Minyonne,

Mikaili (African) A godly woman
Mikailie, Mikayli, Mikali,
Mikaylie, Mikalie

Mila (Slavic) One who is industrious and hardworking
Milaia, Milaka, Milla,

Milan (Latin) From the city in Italy; one who is gracious

Milanka (Croatian) A sweet young woman
Milankaa, Milankai,
Milanke, Milankia,
Mylanka, Mylanke

Milena (Slavic) The favored one
Mileena, Milana, Miladena,
Milanka, Mlada, Mladena

Miliana (Latin) Feminine of Emeliano; one who is eager and willing
Milianah, Milianna,
Miliane, Miliann, Milianne

Milima (Swahili) Woman from the mountains
Milimah, Mileema, Milyma

Millo (Hebrew) Defender of the sacred city
Milloh, Millowe, Milloe

Miloslava (Russian) Feminine form of Miloslav; having the favor and glory of the people
Miloslavah, Miloslavia,

Mima (Hebrew) Form of Jemima, meaning “our little dove”
Mimah, Mymah, Myma

Minda (Native American, Hindi) Having great knowledge
Mindah, Mynda, Myndah,
Menda, Mendah

Mindel (Hebrew) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Mindell, Mindelle, Mindele,
Mindela, Mindella

Mindy (English) Form of Melinda, meaning “one who is sweet and gentle”
Minda, Mindee, Mindi,
Mindie, Mindey, Mindea

Ming Yue (Chinese) Born beneath the brigh moon

Mingmei (Chinese) A bright and beautiful girl

Minjonet (French) Resembling the small blue flower
Minjonett, Minjonete,
Minjonette, Minjoneta,

Minka (Teutonic) One who is resolute; having great strength
Minkah, Mynka, Mynkah,
Minna, Minne

Minowa (Native American) One who has a moving voice
Minowah, Mynowa,

Minuit (French) Born at midnight

Miracle (American) An act of God’s hand
Mirakle, Mirakel, Myracle,

Miranda (Latin) Worthy of admiration
Maranda, Myranda, Randi

Mirai (Basque / Japanese) A miracle child / future
Miraya, Mirari, Mirarie,
Miraree, Mirae

Miremba (Ugandan) A promoter of peace
Mirembe, Mirem, Mirembah,
Mirembeh, Mirema

Miriam (Hebrew) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Mariam, Maryam, Meriam,
Meryam, Mirham, Mirjam,
Mirjana, Mirriam

Mirinesse (English) Filled with joy
Miriness, Mirinese, Mirines,
Mirinessa, Mirinesa

Mirit (Hebrew) One who is strong-willed

Miroslava (Slavic) Feminine form of Miroslav; one who basks in peaceful glory
Miroslavia, Miroslavea,
Myroslava, Myroslavia,

Mischa (Russian) Form of Michelle, meaning “who is like God?”

Mistico (Italian) A mystical woman
Mistica, Mystico, Mystica,
Mistiko, Mystiko

Misumi (Japanese) A pure, beautiful woman
Misumie, Misumee, Misumy,
Misumey, Misumea

Mitali (Indian) A friendly and sweet woman
Mitalie, Mitalee, Mitaleigh,
Mitaly, Mitaley, Meeta,

Mitexi (Native American) Born beneath the sacred moon
Mitexie, Mitexee, Mitexy,
Mitexey, Mitexa, Mitexea

Miya (Japenese) From the sacred temple

Miyo (Japanese) A beautiful daughter

Mizar (Hebrew) A little woman; petite
Mizarr, Mizarre, Mizare,
Mizara, Mizaria, Mizarra

Mliss (Cambodian) Resembling a flower
Mlissa, Mlisse, Mlyss,
Mlysse, Mlyssa

Mocha (Arabic) As sweet as chocolate

Modesty (Latin) One who is without conceit
Modesti, Modestie,
Modestee, Modestus,
Modestey, Modesta,
Modestia, Modestina

Moesha (American) Drawn from the water
Moisha, Moysha, Moeesha,
Moeasha, Moeysha

Mohini (Indian) The most beautiful
Mohinie, Mohinee, Mohiny,
Mohiney, Mohinea

Moladah (Hebrew) A giver of life

Molly (Irish) Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea / from the sea of bitterness”
Moll, Mollee, Molley, Molli,
Mollie, Molle, Mollea, Mali

Mona (Gaelic) One who is born into the nobility
Moina, Monah, Monalisa,
Monalissa, Monna, Moyna,
Monalysa, Monalyssa

Monahana (Gaelic) A religious woman
Monahanah, Monahanna,

Moncha (Irish) A solitary woman

Monica (Greek / Latin) A solitary woman / one who advises others
Monnica, Monca, Monicka,
Monika, Monike

Monique (French) One who provides wise counsel
Moniqua, Moneeque,
Moneequa, Moneeke,
Moeneek, Moneaque,
Moneaqua, Moneake

Monisha (Hindi) Having great intelligence
Monishah, Monesha,
Moneisha, Moniesha,
Moneysha, Moneasha

Monroe (Gaelic) Woman from the river
Monrow, Monrowe, Monro

Monserrat (Latin) From the jagged mountain

Montana (Latin) Woman of the mountains; from the state of Montana
Montanna, Montina,
Monteene, Montese

Morcan (Welsh) Of the bright sea
Morcane, Morcana,
Morcania, Morcanea

Moreh (Hebrew) A great archer; a teacher

Morgan (Welsh) Circling the bright sea; a sea dweller
Morgaine, Morgana,
Morgance, Morgane,
Morganica, Morgann,
Morganne, Morgayne

Morguase (English) In Arthurian legend, the mother of Gawain
Marguase, Margawse,
Morgawse, Morgause,

Morina (Japanese) From the woodland town
Morinah, Moreena,
Moryna, Moriena, Moreina,

Mubarika (Arabic) One who is blessed
Mubaarika, Mubaricka,
Mubaryka, Mubaricca,

Mubina (Arabic) One who displays her true image
Mubeena, Mubinah,
Mubyna, Mubeana,

Mudan (Mandarin) Daughter of a harmonious family
Mudane, Mudana,
Mudayne, Mudaine,
Mudann, Mudaen,

Mufidah (Arabic) One who is helpful to others
Mufeeda, Mufeyda, Mufyda,
Mufeida, Mufieda, Mufeada

Mugain (Irish) In mythology, the wife of the king of Ulster
Mugayne, Mugaine, Mugane,
Mugayn, Mugaen, Mugaene,
Mugaina, Mugayna

Muirne (Irish) One who is dearly loved

Mukantagara (Egyptian) Born during a time of war

Mukarramma (Egyptian) One who is honored and respected
Mukarama, Mukaramma,

Munay (African) One who loves and is loved
Manay, Munaye, Munae,

Munazza (Arabic) An independent woman; one who is free
Munazzah, Munaza,

Murata (African) A beloved friend
Muraty, Muratia, Murati,
Muratie, Muratee, Muratea

Muriel (Irish) Of the shining sea
Merial, Meriel, Merrill,
Miureall, Murial, Muriella,
Murielle, Merill

Murphy (Celtic) Daughter of a great sea warrior
Murphi, Murphie,
Murphey, Murphee, Murfi,
Murfy, Murfie, Murphea

Musoke (African) Having the beauty of a rainbow

Mutehhara (Arabic) One who is pure; chaste
Mutehara, Mutehharah,
Muteharra, Muteharah

Myisha (Arabic) Form of Aisha, meaning “lively; womanly”
Myesha, Myeisha, Myeshia,
Myiesha, Myeasha

Myrina (Latin) In mythology, an Amazon
Myrinah, Myreena, Myreina,
Myriena, Myreana

Myrrh (Egyptian) Resembling the fragrant oil

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